Feb 15, 2011

"If I wasn't an Egyptian .. I would dream to be an Egyptian"

"Which is better, to be born in an advanced country, or to be born in a non-advanced country?

The second answer is the correct one. Why?

Because a person who is born in an advanced country will take every advantage for granted, he will make no effort to obtain his rights. But in a non-advanced country you will fight to obtain your rights and to make your country better, you will feel the sweetness of victory."

I heard these words years ago, but I only felt them these days.

No one can describe the proud and happiness that fill the hearts of millions of Egyptians and Arabs in Egypt, Arab countries and around the world. It's a historical achievement compared to the greatest and most proud revolutions of peoples. The people decided to change the regime, and the people changed the regime.

Along thousands of years, Egypt was ruled by "god" rulers, "sons of gods", kings, and militant rulers. Few were just rulers, some were good and many were oppressors, but none of them was chosen by the Egyptian people. Even in the 1952 revolution, when the king of Egypt was overthrown, it was a movement that came from the army then supported by the people. But now, for the first time since the time of the Pharaoh, it's made by the Egyptian people and then supported by the army.

It's a great revolution that revealed to the world the real Egyptian. Positive, Civilized, Peaceful, United, Immovable, Brave, Technological and even Humorous are all descriptions of those who made this revolution succeed..

Positive: For years, young men were considered as useless and negative who don't have a perspective for the future. Elder were totally surprised of what young men have achieved in 18 days.

Civilized: Over 2 million Egyptians existed in Tahrir Square and nearby streets, and other millions protested in streets of Egypt. In 25th Jan, protesters offered flowers and clapped hailing the men of police. Ground under their feet was perfectly clean. No harassment was made against any girl or woman. Hotels and restaurants were safe. Some mega stores were stolen by thieves and some police corrupt members, but the noble people returned the stolen goods. Protesters in Tahrir square shared food, drink and sleeping tents. Female protesters were hosted in the apartments of the neighborhood.

Peaceful: Protesters around Egypt chanted repeatedly: "Peaceful demonstrations!" and they were truly peaceful! The clashes happened only when the hired men of the regime went down to the streets to fight and kill the peaceful protesters. But when those hired men disappeared, violence disappeared.

United: Demonstrations started on 25th Jan by hundreds of young men and young women who are members on social network groups, but by the end of the day all social classes shared in the demonstrations. Young and old, male and female, rich and poor, employed and unemployed, urban and rural, computer experts and ignorants, Muslim and Christian. Egyptian people was united for the first time since long years on one target.

Immovable & Brave: Along the 18 days, I thought with every new sunrise that protesters will give up and return home, but they never. They faced rubber bullets, tear gas bombs, Molotov cocktails, whips, horses, camels, stones and arrests. Over 300 were killed, many lost their eyes, and many were injured, but they never gave up. Doctors in the Field Hospital in Tahrir square tell about young men who were injured and healed many times, every time they return after receiving medical treatment to defend with their companionship!

Technological: Facebook and Twitter were the main motivation of the revolution by providing the tools for young men to gather, exchange perspectives, share images and videos, and plan to marches. Also, cellphones were eyes and ears that made the world see the crimes of the regime against protesters that lead at the end to light up the excitement of protesters.

Humorous: Egyptian is known for his sense of humor, even when he is changing the dictator regime and making a revolution he is making jokes. Funny scenes were made inside Tahrir square mocking the symbols of corruption and bad life circumstances. Jokes spread also on Facebook, Twitter and among normal people. An Egyptian will always be an Egyptian. :)

It is a great revolution that will inspire mankind for decades. I am proud to live on this land, at this time, and to be a member of this generation that started a revolution that will change, maybe, the whole world forever.



Mohamed - The Egyptian people understandably take pride in the outcome of the 18 days of rioting, with the well-equipped army firmly in charge. Bravo!

However, I would caution you that not all revolutions turn out well.

When the Shah of Iran was deposed, the exiled Grand Ayatollah Khomenei was ready to move in with a brutal theocracy, and used excitable students, with little chance for diverse opinions. That is the price people must pay today with Ahmadinejad's plan to dominate the Middle East with purchased Nuke Technology!

If educated Iranians dare to voice disagreement with authority, they are imprisoned, beaten, or they will surely die in the streets in large numbers.

I worry that this is only the beginning of more revolutions; where more innocents will die.

This is the price a great nation could pay if they totally rely on a
rigid theocratic governance. Once they have power, they will not give it up!

A secular education, allowing religious instruction (see 1st Amendment)'freedom of religions' (plural) is without a doubt, the best foundation for any nation!

Thank you for allowing this short comment, Mohamed.

___ ___


Mohamed - A second thought, please.

All newly freed people believe that their newly found joy will continue; however these rights and freedoms are usually paid for in blood, by patriots.

Freedom is not a permanent gift.

It must be closely guarded, by alert and aware citizens!

Tyrants are waiting quitely, always
ready to again grab power. Each generation is in jeopardy of losing everything to the next dictator. That's the lesson of eternal struggle between War & Peace, Good & Evil.

In the U.S. this generation is in the process of witnessing a very evil genius, a billionaire with the
huge appetite for power, hoping to fundamentally change all nations into a 'New World Order', and he spends $500,000,000 a year, buying media influence, and helping greedy politicians get elected. That's Power!

Money isn't bad, but the "love of money" is totally evil.

I've been tracking him for years with this computer, and half of our citizens don't even know his name! He calls himself 'The Shadow Government'. (Research it)

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Auntyem said...

That was a great article, Mohamed.

I especially liked the part about
"United: Demonstrations started on 25th Jan by hundreds of young men and young women who are members on social network groups, but by the end of the day all social classes shared in the demonstrations. Young and old, male and female, rich and poor, employed and unemployed, urban and rural, computer experts and ignorants, Muslim and Christian. Egyptian people was united for the first time since long years on one target".

Unity is the most important, because united you will stand, divided, the new peace and justice will fall.

Port Orchard, Washington State, USA


Mohamed - Since I am unfamiliar with muslim law, I have no idea how jurisprudence works in your Egyptian court system. In the U.S., -- > If any individual publicly slanders, defames, and lies about someone -- well,
that's a crime, and the injured person can sue the alleged liar in a civil justice court! Fact-based evidence is presented by both sides; it's called the "Discovery Phase".

If the judge rules 'For' the plaintiff (the accuser), the judge can award 'money damages' - to be paid by the alleged "Liar" to the injured person!

I will publish soon, a new Post, with this title...ARE YOU TOO BUSY?

If this article unfairly distorts the truth...if I have lied about my enemy, he can use it to clear his name and reputation, and he can ruin me, seize my assets!

I hope "uncle georgie" sues me!

___ ___

Anonymous said...

Yes - "It's a great article mohamed."

Mohamed said...

Snake Hunters,

When a people make a revolution, no one can force it any more to do what it dislikes.


Maybe Iranians made a revolution to be ruled that way, just as Americans made a revolution to be ruled by themselves not by United Kingdom.

On the other hand, when I think about it. Mubarak was supported and funded by USA and Europe, i.e. USA and Europe were supporting a tyrant. Why they are telling us now that they are happy of the revolution?!!! Is that what they call "Dirty Policy", or more politely, "Policy of Interests"?

Another thing, democracy is a flexible theory. It has hundreds of ways to be applied according to the country where it's applied. In America, democracy means to be able to critic the government, choose what to worship even a cow or fire, man-man and woman-woman marriage, freedom of press, political parties, etc. But in Egypt democracy will have a different way of application, we will see, but at least, democracy in Egypt won't allow man-man and woman-woman marriage!!

Mohamed said...

Madam Emilie,

Thanks. You're 100% correct.

We were told in the school a story about a wise man who gathered his sons and gave each of them one stick and asked every one of them to break his stick, they easily broke their sticks. Then he brought 10 sticks tied together and asked each of his sons to break them, and they all failed. He told them then that you're just like these sticks, when you are alone, you're easily defeated, but when you're together no one can defeat you.

Best Regards


Mohamed - Your last two comments have warmed my heart, and I feel privileged to be here on your blog!
Mohamed-Rory-AuntyEm-Loop Garoo, etc
Today is perhaps my last effort, hopefully my final post has been published on Snake Hunters this February 16th!

See ~- > 'ARE YOU TOO BUSY?'

Ninety-eight percent of my work has reached the end of the trail.

Now at last, with an ever-curious mind, I intend to return to history research, and occasionally
comment on my favorite "Links"

Adios! - reb
___ ___


Mohamed - I used your wonderful object lesson in our comment section, of the wise man advising his sons (on feb 16th) about 1 only stick, then 10 sticks!

Thank you. - reb
___ ___

Mohamed said...

Snake Hunters,

When you have committed a non-noble action towards the visitors of this blog and your own blog by trying to convince them that I have deleted one of your comments, however it's YOU who have deleted them at February 8, 2011 7:16 PM, and February 8, 2011 10:03 PM. And you refused to make things right...

For all of that, you won't be allowed anymore to share on this blog, until you do something to tell people the truth.

By: Mohamed Fadly
Editor of "Understanding Islam" blog

moonlitetwine said...

Hi Mohamed,

I copied and pasted this entry. I'll read it at home later tonight.

Have you been home or are you still at your studies?


Mohamed said...


Nice to hear from you.

I've finished my law studies. I'm now a freelancer graphic designer.

Looking forward to hear your feedback about this post.

Best Regards,