Feb 17, 2011

From Egypt With Love



Mohamed - I used your wonderful story of the wise man advising his sons with the story of the 1 only stick, easily broken, and the value of 10 sticks united.

In the U.S. we say:

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall."

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moonlitetwine said...

Thank you Mohamed.

I'm definately taking the love.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, 22 March, Gaza, 3 children killed while they were playing soccer in the streets of Gaza.

Will anyone care?

moonlitetwine said...


"Most (mothers apart) used to be part of a family structure and were, in the main, its lynchpin. After divorce or separation, many were ostracised from that family, deliberately and maliciously, and denied the opportunity to support the well-being of their children." MATCH Mothers Apart From Their Children

Will anyone know?


Moonlight Lady - What has happened to BlogOfBlogs did Rory fold it up?

It was very active when the old snakehunter added a little controversial spice.

And your blog...corn and oil futures? The times they are a-changin'. Hah! - reb
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Mohamed - Now I understand why you delete messages; you fear a 3 year
prison sentence, and sharing a jail cell with Maikel Nabil!

So much for muslim-style democracy;
you only have...Two Choices:

* A Secular Military Dictatorship

* A Brute Religious Dictatorship

Freedom of Speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion must be experienced to have an in-depth understanding and appreciation of
what it means to really be free of tyranny.

Good luck, my friend. - reb
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moonlitetwine said...

reb, good luck. Freedom is something a person lives be everyday.

Come to Iowa and take your shoes off. Walk down a stream. Sail a piece of popcorn down the stream. Watch it move along with the small current of the stream. Deliberately, don't touch the popcorn piece. Can you do these things? Be free, reb. Try it once. I love my home, the middle of the US.


Moonlite - I can't imagine it; my hours are filled 24/7. Between 10 to 1 AM I'm here at this keyboard, commenting on other blogs, doing research. I have no staff.

We sent a small donation to Japan:
1-800-SAL-ARMY -- 1-800-RED-CROSS

Nature has delivered a cruel blow;
U.S. Friends/Allies for 65 Years!

I am free...free to inform the sadly unaware; it's my gig. - reb
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