Apr 15, 2011

Great Success to Egyptian Revolution

Now, the Egyptians have really "made it"!!

With Mubarak, Egyptian former-president, now jailed waiting for a just trial, Egypt has surpassed many barriers and broke many rules that were put as rigid & unbreakable rules in the Arab world for decades. Rules that enforce full immunity on rulers and ban criticism against them.

Today we can see a great saying being achieved on ground..
"Past people was ruined because of this. They applied law to the poor and forgave the rich."
Prophet Muhammad said that more than 1400 years ago when a rich woman stole something, one of his companions was asked by the tribe of this woman to ask Prophet to forgive her. Prophet Muhammad denied and said that he will apply justice even on his own beloved daughter.

Yes, I'm glad that I could witness a criminal on his way for a just trial, even he is a former-president. From now on, no one will escape from justice.

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