Oct 23, 2009

Why Islam?

A young American Muslim, talking about Islamic religion..

Quotes from the video;

"I think Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world, not just by non-Muslims, but by Muslims as well."

"And unfortunately their actions and behaviors reflect their lake of understanding. And finally you have people who twist the verses of Qur'an. The in result is a lot confused people and a lot of confusion about what Islam really teaches."

"Prove to me that this book is perfect, just like its creator, and then I'll follow it. Otherwise if the book has even one error, it proves this has been edited or written by men."

"I became Muslim before 9-11, before all this propaganda. If you watched TV long enough, you'd believe this religion is a religion of fanatics. With actions that are not based on reason or rationality."

"Islam teaches you to think, and reflect. To observe the world around you."

"Have you ever tried memorizing a book cover to cover?"

"And the Qur'an challenges men to write a book like it if he's in doubt that this book is actually from the Creator, to prove it's a book cannot be written by a human being."

"What Islam really teaches? What Muslims really believe in? Well, first of, delete everything you've heard in the Media, because Muslims are not nonsense. And all these people who try to spread hatred by copying&pasting texts out of context, those people have no idea what thy're talking about. I'll tell you what we Muslims really believe in."

"What is the meaning of the word "Muslim"? He's the one who submits to God."

"And not even Muslims have a free ticket to paradise. Each person will be judged for their intentions and their actions."

"Now, all the stuff I've been talking to you about maybe some different of what you've seen or heard about Muslims. Maybe as because of the actions of some Muslims out there. Some who are just Muslims by name, representing Islam, and if you compared their actions to what Islam really teaches, you'll notice that they have nothing to do with each other."

"Thanks to God, Allah showed me Islam before He showed me Muslims."

"Five to eight Million Muslim live here in the United States. If Islam really preaches violence, then ask yourself "Where is the violence?" "

"So all the "kill all of the infidels" stuff is nonsense, because if they were true, how it was used in Christians who lived generations after generations for 1400 years in the middle east, .. and they still live in the middle east. Think about it!"


no_slappz said...

Ali, the young muslim convert in the video asks the usual straw-man questions that are common to the non-logic of Islam.

If Islam is violent, he asks, how is it that Jews and Christians live in the middle east.

First, his entire view and belief in Islam is tied to his belief that non-muslims are on the wrong road.

Second, with respect to why Jews and Christians still live in the middle east, well, because they have bigger guns.

As we know, muslims are incompetent and inept at many endeavors -- including the operation of a large military force.

Iran and Iraq fought each other for 8 years, producing a death toll of about a million.

EIGHT YEARS of fighting -- and nobody won! Amazing.

Then the US arrived in Kuwait and kicked the crap out of Iraq's military in 100 hours.

However, since Saddam was foolish enough to ask for another beating, US forces destroyed his total military in six weeks.

After several middle east wars, the muslim nations learned that Israel can beat any of the surrounding muslim nations to a bloody pulp.

With respect to Christians living in the middle east, the only sizeable number are in Lebanon.

However, as we know, Lebanon is controlled by Hezbollah, which gets its orders and financing from Iran, plus a little help from Syria.

Anyway, Ali makes it clear that muslims dislike non-muslims. Moreover, Ali is sadly ignorant of technology and how muslims have been technically backward for a 1,000 years.

For some bizarre reason he, like most muslims, believes the answers to all life's questions are found in the Koran.

He jabbers about the muslim reality that every muslim reads and interprets the Koran in his own way, then says that most people misinterpret the book.

In other words, he's confident that few people claiming to be muslim are actually real muslims. By claiming this, he's acknowledging that Islam is about as false as a religion can be since no one really knows what it is.

Mohamed said...


However I'm sure you aren't here to make a civilized discussion, but instead to express your hatred, but I'll respond for only one reason. The reason is that some of those who don't know about Islamic religion believe these lies, they read it and swallow it. So, I'll correct few things..

You said talking about Baba Ali; '.. his entire view and belief in Islam is tied to his belief that non-muslims are on the wrong road. '

Well, he never talked about non-Muslims in that video, but that phrase that Islam don't order to kill non-Muslims. So, your words about 'his belief that non-muslims are on the wrong road' are nonsense.

You said that you think that Jews and Christians can live in the Middle East because they have bigger guns!

So, you think that Muslims and non-Muslims are living in permanent armed conflict?!!

When I and Mr. reb are making efforts to reach to a Common Word between Muslims and non-Muslims, when Dr. Ali Gomaa, grand Mofti of Egypt is participating in meetings and conferences to unite the efforts towards moderation and cooperation among Muslims and non-Muslims, when American Fiqh Council is condemning terrorism, etc. When all that is happening, you want, instead of shaking the hands, pointing the guns against each other!!

Few days ago, I meet a Christian neighbor, an old lady, we had a friendly short talk, that was ended by me saying; "May Allah bless you."

If you are talking about guns used among Muslims and non-Muslims, then I won't believe you. You know why? Because you're talking about my life, my community, not yours. I know my community better than you. I see love between Muslims and non-Muslims in Middle East, if you don't believe me. Come, go down from your ivory tower, come to Egypt to judge by yourself, not just hear and repeat what you hear or read.

You started your phrase in the 5th line by; 'As we know, ..'.

Wow, what is that thing that you all know?

Is it?!! '.. muslims are incompetent and inept at many endeavors'.

Now, I know you're an extremist.

Extremism = Blindness.

If you can't see a long history of successes of Muslims, then you're blind. You even can't admit that Muslims are some entity that must be respected. You wrote it 'muslims', not 'Muslims'!!
Here you're a short lesson; when we write a word that indicates some nationality or some religion, we write the first letter Capital. i.e Large Size. For more explanation, here you're few examples; if you want to write the word 'america', you must write it like that; 'America', not 'america'. If you want to write; 'christianity', you must write it like; 'Christianity' or 'Christians'.

Go Away You Extremist.

You said at the end of your comment; 'Anyway, Ali makes it clear that muslims dislike non-muslims.'

From where you understood that?!! He didn't talk about non-Muslims!! Or, are you concluding something from words, THAT YOU NEVER HEARD?!!


Is It Important Or Valuable To Discuss What A Young American Muslim Convert Believes, Without Any Question Of Where And From Whom He Received His Notions?
I think it preferable to present the best evidence from both sides of this important issue.

On October 1st, the S/H weblog published a fine article by Parvin Darabi titled "Ayatollah Exposed"
On October 15th, "A Common Word" by Mohamed Fadly, discussing the potentials of a 'Moderate Islam' and featuring Egypt's Grand Mufti Dr Ali Gomaa.
On November 1st, S/H's will present a series of authentic quotes from Islam's Holy Qura'n in an open 'Letter to Tom'

Let The Evidence Speak For Itself!


no_slappz said...


One of your many problems is complete ignorance of logic.

You do not understand the meaning of words and phrases. Unfortunately, your problem is a major muslim problem.

The non-logic of Ali is standard muslim circular reasoning.

You copied my statement:

"You said talking about Baba Ali; '.. his entire view and belief in Islam is tied to his belief that non-muslims are on the wrong road. '"

Ali, like you and all muslims, claims there is only one god, Allah. To you, Ali and all other muslims, this belief is a fact.

Ali himself said he had been on the wrong road until he discovered Islam.

On the other hand, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, among others, do NOT believe in Allah.

Hence, Ali, you and all muslims, believe non-muslims are on the wrong road.

You, Ali and all muslims believe non-muslims must become muslims to honor and serve Allah.

The muslim devotion to Islam is clear. Proof? Muslim governments. Countries ruled by the word of the Koran.

In your ignorance you are incapable of understanding the madness of creating a government based on the teachings of the Koran -- or any other religious text.

Meanwhile, the muslim world has contributed NOTHING to intellectual advancement of humanity for 1,000 years.

The muslim world manufactures NOTHING. There is no muslim car company. No muslim computer company. No muslim airplane company. No muslim pharmaceutical company.

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

So long since you last commented on the blog!

Yes, it's important and valuable to discuss what a young Muslim believes. Why? Because you think it's important and valuable to discuss the beliefs of extremists like Bin Laden, so it's more important and more valuable to discuss the beliefs of the majority moderates.

Don't you think that?

Mohamed said...


Ah, really?

"Proton", a Malaysian (a Muslim country) car company.

Is it good as a start?

no_slappz said...

mohamed, as always you show how little you know about the continuing failures of the muslim world.

Here are a few facts for you about the Proton.

The car was originally built from Mitsubishi parts. In other words, it is a Japanese car.

Second, as muslims took more control of the design and manufacture of more recent models, the quality has gone into the toilet.

Third, no other country in the world wants to import these unreliable vehicles. They are sold only in Indonesia.

Fourth, the only reason Indonesians buy them is because there is a huge tariff on vehicles imported to Indonesia. Before the tariff was cut, the Proton had a 60% market share. After the tariff was reduced, the Proton market share fell to 30%.

The tariff is going down again. When it does, the Proton market share will drop too.

Like I said, muslims can manufacture NOTHING. Building crappy cars that people are forced to buy is not a measure of success.

Meanwhile, it should embarrass you to see that the world's 1.5 billion muslims cannot build a car that runs well. Muhammad should be ashamed.

Now you know muslims cannot build cars. What will you learn next?

What about computers? Are there any muslim computers? What about consumer electronics? Has any muslim designed anything like an iPod? No.

And once again, there is no muslim art.

Have you ever read a novel?

no_slappz said...

In my previous post, I wrote "Indonesia" when I intended to write "Malaysia".


Mohamed - I don't believe that you have a small clue what I think or believe. Al Zawahiri & bin Laden are mere symptoms of a radical 1400 yr old kill-culture that vainly hopes to dominate all nations, all religions, all cultures through TERROR as commanded by Apostle Muhammad in Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220.

What is your view of "moderation", or is that just another muslim ploy, another stratagem of war?

Neither China, India, Israel, OR the U.S.A. will ever "feel themselves subdued and pay the Jizya" as prophesied in Qura'n 9:29...That's NEVER, Mohamed!

Pakistan is finally waking up to the threat in Waziristan, so those two old guys are most probably hiding out as honored guests in IRAN. Who cares about them? Do try focusing on things that are real.

Peace & Love? Another Idiotic Fairy-tale; Tell me all about it.


Mohamed said...


Don't bother yourself apologizing that you intended to write "Malaysia" instead of"Indonesia". I can fully understand what you intend to write, ONLY LIES. You lied about the facts, so it's expected that you lie about other things.

Proton is a Malaysian car company that was instituted in 1983. It started by only assembling Mitsubishi motors and spare parts. Little by little they gained the techniques and experiment. And finally they started their local production. Later they owned Lotus group, that allowed them more experiment and more techniques that was crowned by producing the beautiful Gen-2.

Proton exports to various markets such as; non-Arab markets; England, Australia, South Africa, and Arab markets, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates.

Now, stop your lies.

About you snaky question if I "ever read" a novel.

Well, I read for international writers like Charles Dickens, "Hard Times". And read also other books like, "Around The World In Eighty Days" and "Thirty-Nine Steps". For Arab writers I read for Taha Hussien, Ali Ahmed Ba Kathir, Naguib Mahfouz (A noble prize winner for Literature). At the moment I'm translating an English novel into Arabic.

no_slappz said...


From your response I see you do not understand financial information.

Proton sales are collapsing. Very few people are buying them these days, and it will not surprise me to see the company declare bankruptcy.

Anyway, as I said, it is shameful for muslims that there is only one car company in the world that exists in a muslim country. And the only muslim car company is on a path to failure, as its financial statements show.

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I noticed in your comment at November 2, 2009 6:19 AM that you quoted from the two main Muslim resources; Qur'an and Sunna citing the full reference of them.

It's really great! Now you are searching by yourself in Muslim resources that you can refer the quote by its verse number, surah number, hadith book, the volume, the book and hadith number. That's a good step forward.

You was saying before that you don't have the time to read Qur'an and Muslim books in full. When you're now reading Qur'an and Hadith books that deep way, then I think you will finally understand Islam from its main resources. Not from Baba Ali, not from Bin Laden, but from its holy resources.

When you finish reading Qur'an I'm looking forward to listening to your perspective, and if anything changed or not.

Take all your time reading Qur'an.




Mohamed - Did you read "Letter to Tom" {post} of November 1st?

These direct quotes from the Qura'n
points directly to the 1400 years
of war, and the ugly urge to dominate all cultures, all religions, until they "feel subdued"? It's ridiculous.

Are You Proud Of These Vicious Quotes that are responsible for, and have inflicted so much suffering, maiming, cut-off hands and feet, and countless grim deaths over 1400 years?

What Manner of Creator God is Pleased with this Blood-soaked, Glorified History of War?

Perspective, Mohamed? I had quite enough on November 4, 1979 in Tehran; and even more perspective on 9/11/ 2001, plus thousands of incidents and suicide bombings since that September morning... all around the world.

Perhaps it is you, Mohamed...that should read S/H last three posts!


no_slappz said...

Consider this:

The assassination of Robert Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan -- a Palestinian -- was the unannounced start of the muslim war against the US.

From RFK's death until September 10, 2001, muslim terrorists killed about 1,000 Americans.

The attacks occurred mostly outside the US. But the attacks targeted Americans.

However, other nationalities fared much worse than Americans in terrorist attacks perpetrated by muslims. Meanwhile, muslims killed each other with abnormal abandon. About a million muslims died in the Iran/Iraq War, which ended in a stalemate.

moonlitetwine said...

I notice, that there is no mention of the actions of Christianity to help the world become more civilized by being Christans. Many battles have been taken place all in the name of Christ. Cultures have been banned and native religious artifacts had been distroyed in the same name. Languages have be banned, also, in the name of Christ. Countries have been taken over - all in the name of Christ. Take one man, Charlemagn, Who took over the entire portion of Central Europe during the late 700s. His rule was complete, and he was very much a tyrant endorsed by the pope.


Before Lady Moonlight is tempted to give us any more snipets of European history, I would suggest a turning back the clock 1400 years, reading a bit about Hinduism, and how India has suffered under the bloody heel of Islam's Qura'n long before the Christian "Crusades" and the Muslim "Counter-Crusades" of Saladin ravaged most of Europe.

Lady Moonlight - Go now to S/H "Links"...tap 'Thoughts of a Nationalist Indian'. Read it with an open mind - Invite your opinionated pen-pal Rory Wexford to join you...

it offers an entirely new avenue of thought; an improved reality perspective for both of you. reb

Mohamed said...

Snake Hunters,

What letter?

Do you mean the verses that you cut from Qur'an and pasted on your blog?

Do you mean the verses that you copied without making any research about them, or making any simple attempt to think about what they really tell in the overall view of Islamic teachings?

I talked alot about these verses on your blog, "Memorial Parade" post. I refer you to go there and read all what I said. But here you're few overall points;

a) The basic rule in how Muslims fight is; "Fight in the cause of Allah THOSE WHO FIGHT YOU, BUT do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors. " 2:190.

b) All other verses other than that applies only on those who fight against us i.e. when a verse says something like "Fight the infidels" it applies only on those who fight against Muslims. THE MAJOR MUSLIM SCHOLARS UNDERSTAND THIS VERY WELL.

c) THERE ARE NO TAXES IN ISLAMIC RELIGION. Instead, Muslims pay the Zakat, non-Muslims pay the Jizyah.

Snake Hunters,

You said before something about a "kill-culture". I don't understand exactly how would you describe something as "kill-culture" and another thing as a "peace-culture". In the lifetime of the prophet, do you know what is the number of all infidels who have been killed in all the battles between Muslims and infidels? LESS THAN 400.
Well, what is the number of the victims of any sole war in our recent ages? 8.000.000 in WWI, 60.000.000 in WII. (!!!)

68.000.000 Millions in only two wars, and on the other side only 400 in a lifetime!

Mr. reb,

Now, what is a "kill-culture"?!!


Mr. reb,

A liar is someone who knows the truth, but he changes it to satisfy his extremism. But an ignorant is someone who don't even know the truth.

You said; ".. the Muslim "Counter-Crusades" of Saladin ravaged most of Europe"

This short statement reveals one of two things; how you are very liar, or how you are very ignorant.

At first, Saladin never went into Europe! Did you read about him to say that he ravaged most of Europe? How ignorant!

Saladin was a brave Muslim Mojahid, who led the fighting against the brutal Crusade invasion of Muslim lands, (!!OF MUSLIM LANDS!!), THEY CONQUERED US ON OUR LANDS. He led various battles against terrorist Crusaders who committed massacres against Muslims, including the slaughter of 70.000 Muslim in 7 days inside Jerusalem in 1099.

The major battle was Hattin in 1187, when Muslims won that battle and opened Jerusalem, Saladin allowed all non-Muslims who wanted to leave the city to leave in peace, (HE DIDN'T KILL 70.000 OF THEM IN 7 DAYS), and those who would choose to stay were given the right of safety and the freedom of worshiping in their Churches.

When he was asked to demolish the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in revenge of what Crusaders did with Muslim holy places, he refused, and increased the number of Muslim guards on Churches so as to protect them.

A famous story of Saladin -that we were taught when we were young- is that one of his soldiers kidnapped a 3 months baby from his Christian mother, the Christian mother went to the Muslim leader, Saladin, and told him what happened, his eyes wept then he gave the orders to search for the baby and bring him immediately, the baby was given to the poor mother, then he gave her a horse to go back to the camp of the Crusades.


A last thing..

Have you finished reading the translation of the Qur'an that you already started?!!

no_slappz said...

mohamed, you wrote:

"A famous story of Saladin -that we were taught when we were young..."

In other words, a young person will believe any story he is told.

That aside, the history of Islam is well known. But ancient history is irrelevant. All that matters today is the behavior of people living NOW.

What are muslims doing today?

All muslim males oppress all muslim females.

All muslim governments have laws that oppress non-muslims.

All muslim nations are backward and opposed to freedom.

Almost all terrorists in the world are muslim.

The only people in the world who commit suicide bombings against muslims and non-muslims are muslims.

The only people in the world who are trying to destroy a democratic government in a muslim country are muslims attempting to destroy the democratic government now leading Iraq.

Mohamed said...

"All" and "The Only"

The words that are common when a fanatic would use when he talk about the thing that he\she opposes.

When you admit that the peaceful history of Islam is well-known from fair history books, so what's your problem?!!

You heart-blinded, the hint of teaching us such stories that we should do the same as these great noble Muslim knights did, to be merciful to the value of motherhood, regardless of religion.

What are Israeli students taught?

Do you think that..

-all Muslim males oppress Muslim females?

Oh, my God! But what about the Muslim "females" who win prizes for their scientific and literature achievements? Samira Mousa, Rasheeqa El-Reedy, Alees Kamal, Amany Lotfy, Zeinab Gazaly, etc.

-All muslim governments have laws that oppress non-muslims.

mmmm, but our Egyptian Finance and Environment ministers are both non-Muslims!!

-Almost all terrorists in the world are muslim.

Wow, did you count them and knew that? I don't care for what is your brain being fed on your TV.

-The only people in the world who commit suicide bombings against muslims and non-muslims are muslims.

What about Kamikazi?

Mohamed said...


It's enough now.

You won't be allowed any more to comment on this blog or any of my other blogs.

Here you're the reasons why I took that decision:

a) Your use of bad words and personal insults.

b) Your extremist way in judging.

c) The absence of any intention to make a fruitful discussion and civilized talk to the mind. You just want to express your blind hatred.

d) Your twisting and changing of the simple admitted truths of history and even the simple matters of logic. (I don't have much time to waste in teaching a child-mind like you.)

So, from now on, any comments from you will be deleted without any notification.

moonlitetwine said...


Personally, I cannot read entire text from some of your responders. They are too confusing and contrary to peacemaking among people.

But, I do enjoy discussion about differences in perception, when rational thought abounds.

So, thank you for not quitting this blog.

Mohamed said...


I agree that we may have many differences among us, even in the religion and cultural backgrounds, but however everything we must have something in common at the end. We love humanity, we hate wars, we hate killing innocents and violence.

We may not agree even about the deepest things that we believe in. Maybe I don't share you the belief in Christianity, and you also don't share me the belief in Islam. But we still can have civilized discussions, and exchanged respect.

Thanks for keeping in touch,



Mohamed - This old man read about the great warrior Saladin many decades ago, and my memory was faulty and inaccurate.

In a quick re-reading of that time so many centuries ago, it was Abd ar Rahman that begin the successful sacking, looting, and burning his way across Europe around 730 A.D., not Saladin. That time-span of war was about 750 years. That's my error.

A foolish mistake, not an intentional lie.

If you believe that it is wrong to
"cut and paste" the most evil and offensive, the most bloody and brutal...passages of your "holy" Qura'n, still demanding that all other cultures, all religions abjectly...

Submit, Pay the Jizya, Convert or Die...that's Islam's Gross Error, Islam's Ugly Problem, not mine.

I'll repeat: Neither India, China, Israel or the USA will Ever Submit To Such Nonsense; Wars Will Continue; The "God's of War" Have No Mercy.

To Pretend That They Do, Is The Mother Of All Lies! reb



Amillennialist banned. No_slappz banned; I suppose snake hunter is next?

Well Mohamed, you still have Rory,
S***Stirrer & Lady Moonlight; but never another Egyptian. (I've always wondered about that.)

I will of course keep your name on my 'Favorite Link Listing' in the hope that you may get others to read your blog. It's been
a good educational experience.

Come by S/H's anytime, Mohamed.

You know you are always welcome to comment. We admire discussions from moderate muslim spokesmen.


Mohamed said...

A fault?!!

Mr. reb,
This young man isn't a fool to believe that it was just a little mixing in the names. You have inside your heart a blind hatred against Muslims. You believe that there is Millions of terrorists among them (Wow, where is that?), You believe that their children are brought up to hate and are taught to kill non-Muslims, You believe that we are not to make peace but only war, You always attack Islam and Muslims.

Mr. reb, You aren't a fair person to be trusted. You describe dropping two nuclear bombs over two cities as a normal war reaction! You consider random killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians as a "war act". But you consider the life of the prophet as a "kill-culture", however it was only 400 the number of all those who have been killed in all his battles. You are so unfair.

Now what is your next accusation? Abd ar Rahman? Which one? There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims who are named as "Abd ar Rahman"! Which one of them did that successful sacking, looting, and burning?!!

Can't you stop for a moment directing accusations to Muslims, and try to understand the noble teachings of Islam that are derived from our holy book, the Qur'an?

Mohamed said...

Mr .reb,

When I read the words of you and your friends about how Muslims are killing non-Muslims, just because they are non-Muslims, then I read the accidents you cite to strengthen your false claims, I see immediately how you're contradicting yourselves.

In all what you cited, they were all random killings, when there is no chance to make sure of the religion of the victim i.e. the chance of killing Muslims in that random killing is not to be ignored. They are not killing others because of the religion.

It's the blind extremism that we condemn.


Mohamed - We Should All Condemn Blind Extremism...along with ignor-ance of head-chopping, hand & foot choppings from opposite sides, crucifixion of headless bodies as a visible warning, suicide bombings around the world, stonings of women and young girls, murdering apostates, and making dhimmi-slaves of any non-believers...and the fond hope of dominating all other cultures by imposing rigid Shari'a Law.

Which Religion in the 21st Century does these terrible things to innocents in the name of 'The Creator'?

Is it Shintoism, Buddhism or Hindu? No. Maybe Judaism? (I don't think so),

Perhaps It's Just Blind Extremism!


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Is that all what you know about Islam and Muslims?

You have such a closed-mind and restricted eye that don't allow you to see the wonderful things in Islam and the great things Muslims have done.

Anyway, I believe you're an example of the extremists who don't fairly judge others. Extremism isn't only random killing, but the refusal to hear the other side is an image of extremism, in fact it's the origin of all extremism.

Have a nice day!


Mohamed - Your charge that I have "a closed mind & restricted eye" are easily disproved by the fact that I enthusiastically asked for your permission to publish Dr. Ali Gomaa's moderate response - "A Common Word" just weeks ago, was published in the faint hope that your Grand Egyptian Mufti's alleged efforts toward "Peaceful Solutions" in the Middle East would be fruitful, and might have an impact on Muslim extremist thinking.

Does this fact appear that I have a "closed mind, and a restricted eye", or that I seek a fair & balanced approach to world conditions?

Or, is it more likely that Mohamed himself is truly the one that suffers from his empty accusations of obvious blindness? reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Your republishing of the was a nice move. But when I see the effects of that post on your blog, I can figure out the truth. All the comments were hatred against Muslims. So, your republishing of the post didn't make its required effect.

Also, in your comment you said; "alleged efforts"! Well, when you think that it's just alleged efforts, not real ones that represent what Muslims really believe in, Why you re-published an alleged thing?


Mohamed ---

I'll take the risk of sounding redundant; once again...

It's best that I should assume the position of an "agnostic" (one who admits that "God" is in large measure, an unknown quantity.)
"There lies more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds". Tennyson.
Then, there is another hurdle for the skeptical mind, regarding Kitman or Taqiyaa, which you well know is "clever deception" permitted in your religious ideas in the Qura'n, to recruit new believers to your faith. That's dishonesty, Mohamed.
When I talk to a Mormon, or a Baptist, or a Roman Catholic, they are unmoveable. If I speak honestly to you, then Mohamed is Unmoveable, and quick to misjudge me; I understand that too. I am NOT filled with "hatred" for your faith! It's your inheritance, not your choice!

Your interpretation of what I think or believe, is false! You don't recognize an honestly given opinion when you see one.

You were educated by the Muslim Brotherhood, from infancy, by Islamic teachers and scholars, to maturity, by Sunni Imams, and they too are...UNMOVEABLE!

It's Your Culture, and I Reject It For It's Multiple Flaws. All Religious Doctines Have These Flaws; Some doctrines are Beneficial and Up-lifting, others are extremely harmful.

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.


"God" Defies Human Descriptions OF HIM, OR OF HIS CREATION.


On November 5th, 13 unarmed people were murdered, and dozens wounded, by a religious "nut-case" at Fort Hood, Texas. His Imam, al Alaki, is now hiding out in Yemen. He considers Nidal Hasan a muslim hero!

Would Mohamed like to give his opinion or judgement on that?



Mohamed - This makes 32 comments from only three people; only two comments from the Moonlight Lady, and nothing more from 'Rory' or his odd friends at PorquoisPas.
You never did answer my question about why we've never seen another moderate muslim on this weblog?!?

Without-Sir no_slappz-this place would be a dull spot indeed.

The welcome lamp is always ON for Friend Mohamed at S/H...if you'd like a little more action. reb

ShitStirrer said...


"The welcome lamp is always ON for Friend Mohamed at S/H...if you'd like a little more action. reb"

This has to be the joke of the century: S/H's blog... the most censored blog on the planet.

Mohamed, don't let yourself be bullied by SH. I may not agree with some of your opinions, but I can sense a certain desire for truth and fairness.

S/H, on the other hand is just full of bile.

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I won't answer your question because it has no answer. My blog is an open forum. If someone don't come, I won't know why he didn't come.

You said in your last comment somethings that need a comment from me..

You said; Taqiyaa, which you well know is "clever deception" permitted in your religious ideas in the Qura'n

I don't know where in Qur'an "Taqiyya"is permitted! Would you tell me where exactly you found, when you was reading Qur'an, some verse that permit deceiving others? I would be grateful if you told me where you, yourself, read it!


That's false. You either lie or don't know.

That's my faith, not yours. I know more about faith, more than you know about it. The same as, you know about your country culture, than I know about it.

If you want to know more about Islam you can read the basis of Islamic teachings, the Qur'an. Are you ready to do that, or you don't have enough time .. but to blindly accuse Muslims of false things?!!

You finally said; "On November 5th, 13 unarmed people were murdered, and dozens wounded, by a religious "nut-case" at Fort Hood, Texas. His Imam, al Alaki, is now hiding out in Yemen. He considers Nidal Hasan a muslim hero! Would Mohamed like to give his opinion or judgement on that?"

Well, I don't know why you focused on how that infamous Imam is considering him as a hero! He killed only 13 persons, I know many people who think that killing hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians in Japan as a heroic war act. Can you believe that?!! Barbaric!

Anyway, I told you time after a time that my religion teaches me the value of a human being, other than his beliefs.
".. if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. " 5:32
It's the value of human's life according to my religion. So, according to Shari'a this guy is considered as if he has slaughtered the whole people. He would be executed under the rule of Shari'a.

My personal opinion is derived from my belief, from Shari'a. This guy should be executed to prevent any future horrible incidents like that. No thing would justify that random killing of those innocents. In fact, the concept of random killing is a barbaric concept that I totally condemn.

Now, let me ask you what you think about the terroristic incident that happened in the same city, Killeen, Texas in 1991 when George Hennard, an American man drove a truck into a restaurant, then opened his fire killing 23 people who were having some drink. What is your opinion? Did you call in in its time, you was 66, a terrorist act?

Anonymous said...


Thanks fr posting the interesting video. I have a question.
Is it necessary to learn Arabic in order to memorize The Koran?



Mohamed - That's a hot one; rory wants to memorize the Qur'an. It looks like you have a new fish in your net. How sweet is that? reb

Anonymous said...

Did I say that I wanted to memorize the Quran? I just wondered was it necessary to do it in Arabic.

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Don't play kid, and answer immediately my questions in my comment November 13, 2009 10:01 PM.

moonlitetwine said...

I was wondering is anyone would come to this blog and write concerning the incident at Ft Hood.

In my opinion, the incident says more about conditions in the military than about Islamic extremmism. The media has been trying to point out, that state side conditions for troops are poor in some areas, such as at hospitals. Let us give the military some time to sort out how a doctor fell so far away from the service to his patients and his country. Then, there can be a new plan for handling the stress of military doctors and staff.

Mohamed said...


I wish you liked the video. This guy, Baba Ali, has a website of his own that talk about Islamic stuff in comic videos, Ummah Films. You may like to watch them too.

About your question, No, it's not necessary to learn Arabic to memorize Qur'an, however it's necessary to memorize it in Arabic pronunciation. The big majority of Muslims are non-Arabs, but they are able to memorize Qur'an. I think they do that through the transliteration.

You can listen to a non-Arab man, with blond hair, cannot speak in Arabic, but he pronounce the verses of Qur'an in Arabic that he already memorized just like any other person who speak Arabic. He makes no mistake. We those who speak Arabic will understand him, but maybe he don't understand. It's amazing!

The reason why they have to memorize Qur'an in Arabic pronunciation is that Qur'an is a holy book that was revealed in Arabic letters. Qur'an says; "And before this, was the Book of Moses as a guide and a mercy: And this Book confirms (it) in the Arabic tongue; to admonish the unjust, and as Glad Tidings to those who do right." 46:12
So, Qur'an is only that book written in Arabic that was revealed to prophet Muhammad across 23 years, 14 centuries ago. Any other translation in any other language is not to be considered as Qur'an, but just a translation of meanings of Qur'an.

I'd like to add that, Qur'an is the miracle of Islamic message. For more clarification, if the splitting of the sea was the miracle of prophet Moses, and turning clay into birds was the miracle of prophet Jesus, then Qur'an is the miracle of prophet Muhammad. There are two main reasons why Qur'an is the miracle of Islamic message; a) Islam is the last message from God to mankind, so there must be a timeless miracle that everyone can witness its singularity across the centuries and all the time. b) The people where Islam was first revealed were masters in poetry, so the miracle should have been of the same thing they understand. God challenged them to make something like it; "Let them then produce a recital like unto it,- If (it be) they speak the truth!" Qur'an 52:34 But they couldn't.
When Qur'an is a miracle itself, so every letter, every word are miracles themselves. So, when someone, i.e. some human translates it to another language, this translations isn't a miracle, because the translation is made by human, not revealed by God. Subsequently, we Muslims all read it as it was revealed by God.

If you're interested in the reasons why Qur'an is a miracle, we can discuss it!



Mohamed said...


I forget to ask you; Did you try to listen to Qur'an before?

If you're interested, you can visit this site; Tvquran.com/en/ It provides many recitation with many wonderful voices.

Anonymous said...


Thanks you for your clarification.
I do intend to start studying the Qur'an at some stage because I think it is important to understand Islam (why I follow this blog!) but at the moment I am learning the Lithuanian language so it may be some months before I am ready to make a study of the Qur'an, but I have bookmarked the site Tvquran.com/en/ for future reference.


Mohamed said...


It's really annoying that we Muslims after any crime committed by a Muslim have to defend ourselves. We're at once put in the cage of accusation, and have to provide the evidences that we're innocent!

We're too much, Muslims are more than 1.5 Milliard now. What is the possibility that 1 of the 1.500.000.000 would commit a crime? Plus the extremists who kill by the name of Islam. All that forces the moderate Muslims to be accused of all the bad things ever.

The western world is suffering from Islamophobia that they consider most of Muslims as killers! They just see the crimes made by Muslims, they just focus on what extremists do by the name of Islam. But when any non-Muslim terrorist commit a horrible crime, they can't see it, western Media don't focus on it.

Just few weeks ago, a German man stabbed an Egyptian Muslim woman in a German court, just because she covers her head, killing her and her embryo, and severely injured her husband. Her husband lost everything, even the feeling of sadness! That's extremism, did western Media focused on it?

no_slappz said...


You are a coward.

no_slappz said...

mohamed, you wrote:

"Now, let me ask you what you think about the terroristic incident that happened in the same city, Killeen, Texas in 1991 when George Hennard, an American man drove a truck into a restaurant, then opened his fire killing 23 people who were having some drink."

First, you need to give your definition of "terrorist incident".

Why is the 1991 shooting at the Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas a "terrorist incident"?

It was an act of mass murder committed by one man.

You also show that you do not know how to construct a logical argument. You follow the usual muslim way of linking irrelevant factors.

However, if you want to argue that George Hennard was insane AND that Major Hasan is insane, and the insanity is the common ground shared by the killers, then we must look into the nature of the insanity.

Here is what we find -- a small number of Americans commit murders in which the killer targets a group of innocent victims chosen simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

If that is your basis for claiming that killers like Hennard and Hasan are insane, then we must take another step and look at the number of mass murders committed by everyone on the planet.

What do we find? We find that muslims commit mass murder almost every day. The high rate of mass murder among muslims tells us that insanity is common among muslims, especially muslims who are fundamentalists.

Based on your belief that mass murder is caused by insanity and the high number of mass murders committed by muslims, we must conclude that Islam attracts insane people.


Mohamed - Your multiple questions on Nov 13 indicate that I do not have the answers that would satisfy
your questionings.

Therefore, I will refer you to a Hindu man that is far more eloquent, has far more intimate knowledge than this old snake hunter; he also asks Why, Why?

Perhaps you, and even some of your guests may enjoy reading our Nov 14 Post - Islam IS Different - It's an interesting perspective of undeniable history, with 1400 years of experience dealing with an ancient religion. It applies to every human of the 21st Century.

Dharmaveer asks questions too! Perhaps you will have the answers.

Mohamed's comments are always welcomed, always valued. reb

Mohamed said...

Ahha, the same way when Snake Hunters feels embarrassed to answer some hard question of me. He will say; "I do not have the answers that would satisfy your questionings"

You don't have an answer for my question about the massacre committed by that American man who killed 23 innocents. Why?

Because you're mind-restricted and half blind. You consider causing only less than 400 victims in all the battles of the prophet along his life as "kill-culture", but you consider killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese as a heroic war act. It's so barbaric and so unfair. You are half blind, and biased guy.

I didn't change my mind about you. You're an extremist guy who don't seek knowledge.

Anonymous said...


God bless your patience and tolerance for putting up with these trolls (no_slappz(probably a sock puppet for someone like Hugh), and Mr.Reb).

I would not have that level of tolerance.



Mohamed - I am never "embarrassed" to answer hard questions, but I am reluctant to answer foolish questions that are irrelevent or just plain silly. I have no details of the mass-murder of 23 innocents that you mentioned.

Multiple murders are usually committed by brutal criminals in the illegal drug business, by drug addicts, or by insane people.

The Mass-murder committed at Ft Hood on Nov 5th, was by a man with a degree in the medical field, with SOA on his business card, and that is an entirely different matter.

I understand that the acronym SOA is well known by most enforcement & intel agencies to mean "Soldier of Allah". Does that surprise you?

Is that a satisfactory answer...or do you consider that a blinded, hateful response?

Did you read our Nov 14 Post by Dharmaveer? He asks a very simple question, without deep rancor or embarrassment; he asks muslims Why?
What have we done?