Sep 20, 2009

Jews .. Enemies or Friends?

When some ignorants call Muslims as "Haters of Jews", and that Islam is allegedly inviting its followers to hate and "kill" Jews, we can find in America a very special image of coexistence between Muslims and Jews refuting all these false claims..

[Place: Reston, Virginia state]
[Time: In Ramadan month]
When all Muslims worship God and make charity, and all mosques are filled up by the praisers of God. When there weren't enough space in mosques, Muslims resorted to a Jewish synagogue renting its social hall to praise Allah!

Torah copies beside Zakat collecting boxes, and Jewish symbols beside the Muslim prayers, and "Allahu Akbar" beside the verses of the Torah. It's a remarkable image of cultural understanding and cooexisetence that must be encouraged not fought against by the enemies of peace.

Commenting on this event, a member of Al-Azhar foundation welcomed praying in the Jewish synagogues, confirming that Sharia rules allow praying in all places whether it's a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue.

Muhammad Majed, Imam of the mosque, says; "The cooperation between the mosque and the Jewish synagogues clearly reveals the nature of the relation between Muslims and non-Muslims in the West", Majed adds;"There is a social dimension in that which is represented in the cooperation between Muslims and Jews in common cases. This cooperation surpasses the hosting of prayers to organizing lectures and dialogue between religions."

Robert Nosanchuk, the rabbi of the synagogue, said; "You really only get to know someone when you invite them into your home ... you learn to recognize their faces.You learn the names of their children" Nosanchuk adds;"When we told the visitors of the synagogue, who knew before about our cooperation with the mosque, they welcomed that cooperation which is considered to be an appliance for our values."

This event isn't an exceptional one, but Muslim Friday prayers were made along the last 7 years in Churches, and in Jewish synagogue since 1.5 years. The mosque hosted one of the survivors of the Nazi Holocaust who was rescued by the Albanian Muslims. And hosted too the breakfast of the Jewish Easter.

These great images of wonderful coexistence are represented in Sharia rules that are extracted from Qur'an and Sunna..

In Qur'an we can realize from Chapter 60, verse 8 that it's recommended and encouraged to deal kindly and justly with non-Muslims who don't fight against Muslims. "Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just." And that it's allowed according to Chapter 5, verse 5 to share non-Muslims food, eat on one table, and to make the most powerful social tie ever i.e. marriage. "This day are (all) things good and pure made lawful unto you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you and yours is lawful unto them. (Lawful unto you in marriage) are (not only) chaste women who are believers, but chaste women among the People of the Book, revealed before your time,- when ye give them their due dowers, and desire chastity, not lewdness, nor secret intrigues if any one rejects faith, fruitless is his work, and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all spiritual good)." In another verse, we can find a prohibition of reviling them so as to guarantee an atmosphere of comfort and peace. "Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest they out of spite revile Allah in their ignorance. Thus have We made alluring to each people its own doings. In the end will they return to their Lord, and We shall then tell them the truth of all that they did." 6:108

If we read Sunnah books we can realize how the prophet of Islam, Muhammad SAW, organized the relation between Muslims and Jews (People of the Book). We can see him standing in respect for a funeral of a Jewish man passing in front of him, telling his followers; "Isn't it a soul!". We can see him visiting a sick Jewish neighbor, however he was throwing rubbish in front of his door. When he immigrated to Medina, the first thing to do was to sign a convention between all the factors of Medina people including Jews. The basic articles in the convention between the prophet and the Jews of Medina were; Muslims have their own religion and Jews have their own religion, Both parties must defend against those who attack the parties of the convention, Between the parties is the advise and good not rancor, Victory is for the oppressed, The convention doesn't protect any oppressor. Very just, and very tolerant.

Conclusion; According to the teachings of Islam; sharing Jews and Christians the food and drink, visiting them in their homes, giving them presents and even marrying them are permitted and recommended manners.


Anonymous said...

Good post Mohamed,

It is nice to hear of such understanding between American Jews and Muslims.


Mohamed said...

Thanks Rory,

I hope that love and peace prevails instead of violence and hatred.


Love & Peace, What a lovely dream!

In The U.S., the mass-murderer Khalid Sheikh Mohammad has alerted his attorneys that he intends to defend himself!

In American Jurisprudence there is an old saying, ..."a defendant that insists on defending himself has a fool for a client." reb



Read - Romans 13.4

Peace to all. reb

S...S...... said...

Mohamed, Rory,

"It is nice to hear of such understanding between American Jews and Muslims."

I'll second that. Interesting to note that the only reaction by warmongering SNAKE to something positive such as your article is brandishing the argument of a muslim murderer in the States. It is well known that there is no such thing as a white christian murderer in the US, oh no sir!

Poor Reb, he must be foaming at the mouth. Fancy that: people promoting inter-religious tolerance and putting it into practice! A "lovely dream" come true ... damn, can't have that, right Reb? That might undermine your christian crusade aimed at eradicating all muslims and their evil religion.

Anonymous said...

Hi S***S******,

Good to hear from you, yeah there is a note of desperation in Reb recently, especially judging by the number of comments he is making on his own blog.
Furthermore he thinks Foreman was a better boxer than Ali (based on religious persuasion no doubt), which is odd considering the fact that Ali beat Foreman in their only encounter.


Mohamed said...


Welcome back to my blog, and..

I agree with the major idea in your comment.

"Good must be welcomed by good."

Sorry for editing your nickname, but don't worry, your comment wasn't touched.



Mohamed said...


What a mess! I think we should schedule commenting on this blog. ;)

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Peace & Love will be achieved ONLY WHEN we encourage examples like that image of wonderful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims. If we did, then the world will be a better place to live in.

But if we didn't, and just ignored them, focusing only on the bad examples.. then Peace will be just an unreachable dream!

I really wonder of your comment. You did not bother yourself mentioning a positive comment on that good example of harmony between Muslims and non-Muslims.
Yes, maybe that Khalid Mohammad kill others, but that Islamic mosque is LOVING others.

That's true that Muslims are misunderstood in the West because of all that violence that is made by the name of Islam. But we can still find good examples representing Islam as it should be. That post is a good example, Moez Masoud is a good example, Verses of the Qur'an 60:8, 5:5, 6:108 are good examples, Fatwas of American Fiqh Council are good examples.

Showing the bad examples of Muslims, and hiding the good examples will help nobody, but expanding the gab between Muslims and non-Muslims.

There are two paths;
1st: Ignoring the good examples, focusing only on the bad ones. Result>> A dark Future, More Violence.
2nd: Encouraging the good examples, Shaking the stretched hand of peace. >> More Peace, More Coexistence.

What's your choice?

Anonymous said...


Yeah I posted the comment twice, once without the bad language, I think you were editing the other comment at the same time :)


Anonymous said...


On this subject there is an interesting story from the Philippians "Running Priest goes on Fasting to Save the Grand Mosque" on a blog I follow. There is a plan to knock down a mosque to build amongst other things, a casino.

The local catholic community is really trying to help the Muslim community save the mosque.


So-called "white-christian murderers" are condemned in christian theology; the Libyan leader Moammar Qa-daffi regime welcomes the PanAm 103 bomber home as a national hero. reb



Mohamed - The S/H blog uses fact-based reason and logic when discussing important issues;

My detractors use ugly words & nazi, racist, fascist, dirty language.

Tap S***S****** for the evidence.


Observe, then make a prudent decision.


Val�rie said...

Mohamed and Rory,

Thank you both for 2 wonderful stories of people of different religions trying to bridge the gaps and make this world a better world.

Yes, S***S******, I am not surprised that the only thing that SNAKE thinks of when reading these 2 beautiful examples of hope, is that he is not interested at all in people making peace; all he wants is hatred against muslims, that is is "raison d'�tre", he wants war against them.

It is hilarious to read SNAKE talking about his censored blog being based on reason and logic: the only reason and logic I read there is inbread hatred against the muslim world and calling for its destruction.

And Rory, you are right saying SNAKE is desperate: half the comments on his pityful hateful blog are from himself. He loves talking to himself so much that in every one of his article, he posts a comment straight away to make it look like there is a discussion happening. It is really quite grotesque.

And he loves his Ammenialist friend so much and he is such a ****** ********* that every time he talks to him he calls him "Sir Ammenialist"; it is so ridiculous that it makes me LOL and *** ** ** *******, espcially because Ammenialist, well, you have to read his blog, but this guy is a completely ****** person - no wonder SNAKE loves him like he was his *******.

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I don't care what is said away from my blog, away from my control. I ONLY care for the discussions and the language used on my blog.

So, ..

a) If "SS" is reviling you on other blogs, so it's the responsibility and rules of these blog's owners, Not Me, Not Mine!

b) On this blog I have the rules of; 1)Making Discussions, Not Stone-Throwing Battles, 2) Not Exchanging Personal Reviles Between The Parties Of A Discussion. 3) Keeping The Reasonable Limit Of Respect Between All Visitors Of The Blog. Nobody can use bad language on my blog. The opposite of that happened on your blog; No respect-based discussions, No evidence-based debate.

C) If you're complaining from reviles that were directed personally to you, then why you wonder when I quit that "debate" with that anonymous guy so-called, Amillenilaist when he\she used more filthy language than racist, fascist, nazi etc? You know what I mean! I think it's a Double-Standard perspective from you.

d) All insults whether by you, or by other visitors to anybody are edited without any changes to comments. I don't moderate all the comments, but I welcome all people from different perspectives but I keep the core of the comments cleaned from any insults.

e) You can discuss with me and ignore those who "insult" you. You didn't answer my last comment.

I stated a comment directed to you starting with; Mr. reb, Peace & Love .. September 21, 2009 5:52 PM .. What is your response?

Mohamed said...


At first, welcome back to my blog after your angry "Abandon" ;) to the blog weeks ago after my last editing for your comments.

Second, I think we can make our own story of bridging the gaps and make this world a better place. We're not of the same religions and cultural backgrounds, but we can surpass all differences.

I hope that my editing for your comments don't annoy you. I'm just trying to keep a comfortable atmosphere to discuss in. I tried discussing in an atmosphere of hatred and insults on Snake Hunter blog's with that anonymous guy, Amillenialist, and it didn't work, I had to quit it. That's why I'm trying to avoid repeating that failure experiment on my blog. So, I edit only the comments that I feel that they may offend other visitors.

Honestly, I can notice a step forward in your last comment than the comments before. I just had to edit some words that may offend readers.

I wish not to retouch your next comment. :)


Mohamed said...


Thanks for the link.

I liked that priest and the non-Muslim community who are protesting only to defend .. A Right! Regardless of whose right it is!

Mohamed said...

You know, Mr. reb,

Thinking of your previous comments on my blog, I could find that;

In a post entitled "CHILDREN OF GAZA UNDER ATTACK", JAN 9, 2009 about the terrorist Israeli attacks over Gaza during the last Christmas celebrations, when about 1330 persons were killed because of the Israeli horrible raids that continued for 22 days. The statistics were; 418 children, 108 women and 88 elderly were killed. Schools were targeted. Mosques were bombed. Medical crews were targeted. Ambulances were bombed. Thousands were maimed and disabled.

I even added photos of murdered children, extracted from the ruins of destroyed homes, blood covering their faces, brothers and sisters's bodies put together and bodies of children put over other children bodies! Photos that would break the heart, and make the eyes cry!

And your first comments were;

Hamas & PLO-Fatah, Shi'a & Sunni kill each other in sad Palestine...

Where Are HAMAS Leaders Hiding?


I really can't understand you! You are puzzling me!

Anonymous said...


This thread is getting very entertaining. I hope Mr. Snake comes by :-)




You've seen the vile words and thoughts on PorkiePas blog; yet, you feel forced to accept as 'fair-weather friends' the reprobate sources of that suspicious and shaky friendship, and that is a huge mystery.

I Did Not of many recent comments that actually named Mohamed, Amillennialist and "reb" as "NAZI"...with the hope that the three of us would...

"Kill Each Other!"

Ask your three honored guests to reveal the author of this ******-***** ********.

What Is Said Behind Your Back, and "away from your blog" I Can Prove - It might reveal a significant, and very disturbing...reality that you choose to ignore.
I am not insulted, nor am I complaining...about insults directed at me; I just consider the source, shrug and ignore it.


More importantly, I've just published S/H analysis of today's
United Nations General Assembly, featuring Prez Barack Obama and Muslim Dictator Moammar Gadaffi.

I Will Always Welcome Mohamed Fadly's Clear Thoughts, Opinions & Analysis, with a guaranteed right to publication. reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. Ralph,

a) Can't you see that you yourself is using "vile" words? You're so unfair!

b) You're demanding me to search for what is said on other blogs!! Let me tell you; I Don't Care.

c) Is it all about welcoming Mohamed Fadly on YOUR blog?

d) Why you ignored my comments; September 21, 2009 5:52 PM and September 23, 2009 5:32 PM? Can't you answer? You really can't make one successful discussion.


Please Mohamed - I DEMAND Nothing Of You!
I might offer a Valued Link to Anyone...

I prefer "honesty...over obvious flattery" to fool you. I get angry with people like that!

I am prepared & willing to PROVE what other sly people have said

About You...Behind Your Back!

I have 105 comments that I've withheld, many from 'Reprobate People'. If you have a Post Office Box Number, I'll send a few, to prove my integrity, & expose your false friends, with their dirty words.
Their own words will convict them!
Did I use a vile word? I am it 'reprobate' (reprobatus); if you believe that latin word is "vile", I'll promise not to use it again on your weblog.

I'll look through my posts - see if
I can find where I didn't answer. I spend hours each day at this keyboard - sometimes I get very tired - maybe, I didn't have a good enough answer for you. Sorry.

If you prefer, I will stay away from your blog; if you do not trust me; just say so. reb


Mohamed. IF - I should post a few quotes from the Holy Qur'an...that are clear evidence of just more bad behavior, or commands for ugly retribution & violence directed at non-believers...would these be considered by you to be "out of context"...or just a 'revile'.

Or, would it be clear evidence that some parts of the Qur'an need to be re-written, abrogated...for the 21st century?
Would you be in any danger for suggesting it, in Egypt, to your co-religionist Imam? reb


WHY would any "freedom-loving person"...especially a WOMAN, not invest a little time to secretly research the Truth About Islam, and see from the evidence in the Qur'an, how many muslims really..."feel about their women"?
I have a post, March 17th, "Now They Call Me Infidel" by Nonie Darwish! She was educated as a youth, in Gaza; her father an Egyptian general!

She is a brilliant woman, that speaks plainly to other women!

Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!



Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I can notice a try from you to calm down the atmosphere!

Anyway, I don't have a problem in calming down the conversation. That's good anyway.

There is at first little words that I must say;

Observing the discussion with you for the long period since you first commented on my blog -it was mocking Imams and Muslim prayers- I could notice that you're not really willing to know more about Islam & Muslims. You already have preconceived ideas about Muslims and you aren't ready to listen carefully to a Muslim. You aren't ready to "Change".

I wasn't an old man before to know how an old man would think and make his conclusions and perspectives, but I believe that all free minds can make very similar conclusions. Neutral minds are great gifts that we must use.

I can understand how a Western man who only dealt with one Muslim face to face, and another Muslim through the web, would see Muslims and think about Islamic beliefs. You're seeing tens of violent attacks around the world on your TV made by the name of Islam. You're continuously being frightened from Muslims as creatures who always want to force their culture by violence over other cultures. I can understand the atmosphere where you live. But..

If I were you, If I was continuously frightened from a culture, seeing violence made by its followers, killings made by the name of their God,
>>>> And on the other side, I can see the same culture spreading in my country, new converters to it, maybe my neighbor or my friend is believing in it, persons who have the same cultural background like me are converting to it.
>>>>>>>> I would wonder then; "There is something wrong!" I would question; What is that culture? What it's saying to its followers? Is it really preaching violence? If that's true, why people from my cultural background are convinced by it? What did they see that I can't see in that culture?

Mr. reb,
In the Crusade wars, Christian Europeans were being preached by their popes to "free the holy land", to kill the Muslims, hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed, their holy sign was the cross, they were yelling; "In the name of the Christ we're doing that."
Do that mean that Christianity preach violence? Do that mean that Christianity is a blood-thirsty religion to order its followers to kill hundreds of thousands of Muslims?
The answer is; No. The crazy Crusades did all of that because of their greed, and to achieve political targets, and to gain more prosperous land. They used religion to lead those thousands to kill Muslims and occupy their lands. Their extremism blinded them.

That's what I personally did with a different culture that was used to commit horrible violent crimes. I don't know if you can do the same with Islam!

Another thing; you said before that the anonymous Amilianlist knows better than me about Islam. Let me correct you..

Japanese say; "Tell me and I'll forget, Show me May I remember, Share me I'll learn"

A very wise saying! My point is that there are three steps to learn about something; a) Hearing About It, b) Seeing It, c) Practicing It.

Hearing, it's not enough.
Seeing, it's good, but not yet enough.
Practicing, that's it, that's what can make me understand it.

Mr. reb,
That anonymous guy ONLY heard about Islam, he only saw what he want to see. BUT, did he practice it? Did he live in a Muslim country? I'm not saying that he must convert to Islam to understand it, it's a big honor that God gives only to those whom He chooses, but I'm talking about a direct dealing with Muslims? About listening to Muslim scholars? Did he once live in a Muslim community? Did he do any of that?

As for me, I practice Islam, I read the Qur'an, I read the Hadith, I live in a Muslim community, surrounded by Muslims everywhere, I pray five times a day, I study Sharia.

These are all my credit to know more about my religion. I practice it, not just read about it. Believe me, there is a difference.

Mohamed said...

Now if you have read carefully all my words up, and understood them very well. Then answering your question about verses of Qur'an that are allegedly clear evidence of just more bad behavior, etc. I'll ask you very clear question, and depending on your answer will be my answer!

At first please read the following little story in the early beginning of prophet Muhammad's invitation to Islam..

When prophet Muhammad started to invite pagans of Mecca to convert Islam, they started warring against him by all the possible means; torturing new Muslims, sieging them, boycotting them, expropriating their properties, and there were also a Media War aiming at defaming Muslims and their prophet. Pagans of Mecca were warning the tribes that come to Mecca for pilgrimage from hearing prophet Muhammad, describing him as a magician and a liar. When they warned Tufayl Ibn Amr, an Arab poem, he decided to put cotton in his ears so as not to hear the words of the prophet(!!). But when he heard the Qur'an, as a poem, he could realize that these words aren't of a man. He thought how fool is he, he can hear by himself and judge by himself if this man is a liar or not, AND HE REMOVED THE COTTON FROM HIS EARS, and listened to the prophet.

And now my question..

Do You Really Want To Understand These Verse From My Perspective As A Muslim Who Can Read Them And Is Aware Of Their Real Meanings And How They Were Applied? OR, .. You Have Preconceived Ideas That You Aren't Ready To Change?

Are you ready to remove the cotton from your ears?

Depending on your answer, I'll decide what to do next..

Anonymous said...


We are all ears!



Mohamed - Thank you for spending this much of your valuable time with me!

First, you have no idea how many years I have devoted to the study of many religions.

The Roman Catholic Faith & History can take many years to reach a simple, basic conclusion!

Then the different Protestant sects; the LDS "Mormons" with their Angel Moroni, and the Golden Plates...the Latter-Day Saints! "Pioneers of the Sage & Saddle"! Proud, sturdy people; good people!

Jehovah's Witnesses, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Seventh-Day Adventist, Unitarian & Agnostic!

Ask Me, serious questions about Any of their Doctrines; I'll try to give you a concise answer!

I question your judgement, because of your friends on your blog. It's my view. Don't you understand?

Amillennialist! What an amazing scholar he is! He must have spent his adult lifetime, searching hard for Spiritual Truth!

Mohamed Fadly: It's been a privilege to know such a bright/ sincere and moderate muslim. You have decent instincts; never seen with an attempt to deceive me; to use "taqiyaa". That's important.
I see gross imperfections in all men; all men & all religions - revealed by history books.

There is an Italian saying: If a Church, or a Priest grabs your mind..."Tu say en boca al lupo" -- You are in the Mouth of the Wolf! Hmmm.

Now, my friend Mohamed wishes me to spend another lifetime to study
his true god, allah! Well, I don't believe I have that much time left!

I am really not certain that there is any truth in the doctrine of rebirth...or reincarnation. It's another facinating study, filled with Hope of An Eternal Life, In Paradise, or for some, Hell.

Are your MB teachers infallible, Mohamed? Of course not; any man that Claims Infallibility, is a Liar!

I shall wither and die, a
skeptical, contented child. reb
It's 1:00 AM here, and I am tired, so I'll have a small apricot brandy, and go to bed. Goodnite.



If you wish a continuation, I have much more to say; perhaps tomorrow.

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Please read the following words very carefully..

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

When it's about correcting the misunderstanding to Islam, my religion, I can spend the whole of my life.

I'll say it again;

When there are tens of violent attacks against innocents made by the name of Islam, and on the other side the statistics prove that Islam is the most growing religion around the world!! Don't you think that there is something wrong..
If that's true that Islam preaches violence, so why it's spreading and is converted by more and more people around the world? People hate violence by their nature, what would make them convert a religion that is used to commit violence?!!

Don't this make you wonder? Aren't you amazed? Don't you feel that there is a missing piece of the puzzle?!!

For me, there are three possibilities to explain that "contradicting" scene;

>The first is that Islam really preaches violence, and all those who convert to Islam and see all that violence, are ALL violence lovers.

>>The second possibility is that Islam really preaches violence, but ALL those who convert to it are misguided about its "truth".

>>>The third and final possibility is that Islam is NOT preaching violence, and those who convert to it knew that the teachings of Islam and its core don't preach violence, and they understood that all that violence is not from Islam, but out of extremists who use Islam to justify their crimes.

Mohamed said...

Allow me please to provide my perspective about these three possibilities..

The first one is so illogical and so silly. The big number of non-Muslims who convert to Islam around the world every year are from very different backgrounds. It's illogical that ALL of them would approve on supporting violence and killing innocents. There is a story about the wild boxer, Tyson, after converting to Islam in prison, and in his first fight after releasing, and after winning the fight, he went directly to his opponent apologizing for injuring him during the fight. The point is that all those converters can't be ALL violent, but in contrary, Islam will change them to be more peaceful.

Mohamed said...

The second one may have some logic than the first, but it's wrong too. For the following reasons;
a) It's impossible to hide an apparent "fact" from Millions of people around the world.
b) Most of the converters don't convert before a long study and careful reading of Qur'an and Islamic books, so they know everything about Islam from its sources without outer influence, before their decision to convert Islam.
c) We can find that Muslims around the world are very keen on translating and supporting all the effrots made to spread the Qur'an and other Islamic source books to all other languages; English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Hebrew and so on. On the other hand, Muslims are translating Qur'an as it is, they don't change any verse i.e. they aren't hiding any thing.
d) Muslim books are available everywhere for anyone to purchase, i.e. sources are available for everyone who want to directly know about Islam.
e) After the violent attacks of 9-11, American markets recorded an obvious rise in the selling number of Qur'an copies. All of those who purchased these copies of Qur'an translation were able to know the teachings and beliefs of Muslims from its first source, the Qur'an, without any outer influence or "deceive".
f) There are many non-Muslim thinkers who studied Qur'an, Islamic history and prophet's life and they had positive perspectives about Islam and prophet Muhammad. Examples of them are;
-Michael Hart (The 100, A Ranking of the most influential Persons in History, New York, 1978),
-Alphonse de LaMartaine (Historie de la Turquie, Paris, 1854),
-Sir George Bernard Shaw (The Genuine Islam),
-Bosworth Smith (Muhammad and Muhammedanism, London, 1874),
-Mahatma Gandhi (Young India). He said about prophet Muhammad; "I wanted to know the best of one who holds today's undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind....I became more than convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to this friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle." [Source:> This Is Mohammad]
They said so, when they read about the prophet of Islam.

Mohamed said...

Now the third possibility. It's about misunderstanding and extremism. Is it possible? Can it be; Islam in its origin is a peaceful religion, but all these violent attacks that are made by his name are out of extremism and misunderstanding of its followers?
If we searched in history, we'll find that a similar thing happened to other religions. Christianity for example, hundreds of thousands of non-Christians, and even Christians, were killed by Christian extremists across history in the Crusade wars, Spain, Constantinople and in the Balkans. All that killing was made by the name of Christianity. But when we search in the texts of Christianity we can find a different thing, a message of peace.

My point is that, history recorded a religion to be misunderstood and was used by its extremist followers to commit horrible crimes. And it's the same now with Islam..
The acts of some Muslims who use the name of Islam to commit their crimes against innocents are a thing, and the teachings of Islam itself are a very different thing. A message of peace.

From my perspective I can say that the 3rd possibility is the logical explanation for that contradicting scene i.e. Violence Made By The Name Of Islam VS The Increasing Number Of Converters To Islam. Extremists are against the message of Islam.



Anonymous said...


Good comments, this is an interesting thread,



To My Young Friend Mohamed - Part I

What I say today is not meant to cause friction, but to expand your thoughts beyond current thinking and education. You would do well to print, or file this:

* For six decades, two nations have had the ability to destroy all
life on this planet - MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction. In 1962, it was very close.

* Once again, Islam is bringing mankind to the brink of self-destruction; these realities are based on the false notion That One Faith Is Monolithic, Infallible. It is not!

Within the Ummah, there are many obvious fractures; each with a variety of ambitious individualistic theories, motivations, and power-plays. So-called "moderate muslims" urge their "world community" to reject violence. Another obvious failure to communicate with the hell-bent suicidal jihadist.

* Shi'a vs Sunni; Fatah vs Hamas; Wahhabi vs al Queda, et al, etc. All agreements between these competing notions are temporary in nature, and in the long-run, unresolvable.

* IRAN poses the greatest danger today. Combined British, French, and U.S. Intelligence Sources have known about these secret facilities since 2005, under the Bush/Cheney Administration. In Tehran, where triggering devices for a nuclear detonation are manufactured at two sites, and also at Qom, as well as the long-known enrichment and bomb development that has continued for years at Natanz, in spite of the IAEA monitoring. If the Bully Iran Is First among the muslim nations that are allowed to achieve nuclear capability, they will very quickly dominate their neighboring muslim states. Both the Saudi Arabian King and the Egyptian Government are fully aware of this awesome threat!

Intellectual Muslims Around The World Might Know...
But Remain Silent.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

(more to come; I would like to continue uninterrupted please, and only if you wish.) reb



Part II - The Insane Urge To Inflict Death

The evidence is clear and unmistakable. The insane urge to inflict death and destruction on innocent humans around the world is on every continent. The callous indifference displayed by the pious muslim leadership in Islamic nations appears unforgivable.

It seems only white war-mongering fascist pig-racists claim that Islam has a problem with violence.

Right? Wrong?

Example From Pakistan where apostates are doomed, and women are burned alive for family honor.

Here's Why: "A manual of Islamic law certified by Al Hazar as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy says that retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally, and without right. However, 'not subject to retaliation is 'a father or mother(or their fathers and mothers) for killing their offspring, or their offsprings offspring.' (Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2)"

Or this: "Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers in fight, smite at their necks>" - Qur'an 474

And this: "We are clear of you...and have rejected you; and there has arisen between us and you an enmity and hatred forever, unless you believe in Allah, and Him alone." - Qur'an 60:4

One more: Fight those who do not believe in Allah or the Last Day, or acknowledge that Islam is the religion of Truth, even if they are Jews or Christians, until they submit to slavery to you willingly and feel themselves subdued." - Qur'an 9:29

The choices: Convert or die!

2;15 AM Eastern - Goodnite all. reb

Val�rie said...


"It seems only white war-mongering fascist pig-racists claim that Islam has a problem with violence.

Right? Wrong?

I don't know. Are you asking yourself the question?

Do you have anything positive to say about the wonderful story of tolerance Mohamed wrote in his article? Are you enclined to say "wow, isn't it great that in spite of all the intolerance and hatred, some people try to break the warmongering hatred barriers and construct something hopeful"?

Or is your only raison d'etre to hate muslims and their religion and continue the cycle of violence?

So far NOT ONE SINGLE comment from you has been something like "this is a wonderful story, and I hope it propagates and is an inspiration for more to come true". No, your only replies have been hateful replies against muslims.

I think you are very sick in the mind and should see a psychiatrist because it seems your health condition is not good for your age.

Greetings from Paris,

Mohamed said...

What is the difference between a Bee and a Fly?

When both of them enter a wonderful garden full of trees and colorful flowers everywhere, with a very tiny speck of dirt in the far corner of the garden..

The Bee will search for the most beautiful and the most wonderful smell flower. It'll find so much, everywhere.

The Fly will search for the dirtiest and the most distasteful smell dirt. It'll find very little in one place, but very satisfying for her.


The Bee & The Fly -

The Bee - Is One Of Mother Nature's Wonders, that pollinates many plants & trees that provides nutrition for we human beings.

The Lord, maketh his rain to fall upon the just, and upon the unjust.

The Fly - Congregates whereever there is an abundance of rotting garbage and foul-smelling things. The immature delights in using foul laguage (have you noticed?)

Humans Choose Their Environment.

Some choose their friends (or favorite blogs) carefully; Are these people truly informative, mature, in everything they say; wise, eager to teach positive things; expose dangerous doctrine that teaches about 'striking terror' into the hearts of non-believers "until they feel themselves subdued and pay the jizha" -

The seeking wise person, must consider all options - all of the evidences - before eagerly jumping to accept a bouquet of flowery words (peace & love) or a piece of candy from a smiling stranger.

Women especially, should be aware...and cautious in choosing friends. Accentuate The Positive...
Eliminate The Negative.

"By their many fruits ye shall know them." reb




Once upon a time...there was a very wealthy man that enjoyed travelling the world, seeing all of nature's greatest wonders.

On one of his trips, he decided to see for himself, the highest he traveled to Tibet to gather supplies for this great adventure. He hired pack-animals, and sturdy Sherpa guides, and he cautioned them to be careful with a case of his favorite 25 year-old French Brandy...and his puffy-whoofy sleeping bag...and his cigars!

Up the trail the caravan went, and finally arrived at the foot of the magnificent Mt. Everest!

His chief guide dismounted, and then helped his overweight visitor
off the poor animal's back. Then he declared, "Behold Sire, The Highest Mountain In All The World!"

The sweating traveller looked in the direction of the Sherpa's pointing finger and said, "Where? Oh Where Is It...I See Nothing!"
Moral: There are people like that.
They are shown a mountain of evidence, and yet, they choose to - 'Sit in the Seat of Denial' - they choose...IGNOR-ANCE!


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I'm afraid you didn't understand the point of my question about the Bee and the Fly.

In fact, the Fly is you. A Fly only searchs for the bad things, it's all what it cares about. On the other side, it will ignore all the beautiful things in a wonderful garden, it won't see the colorful flowers, it won't smell the wonderful smell of the flowers, it will ignore the wonderful bushes.

That's exactly how you do with your perspective about Islam. You only see the bad deeds of extremist Muslims, but you don't see the wonderful images of cooexistence that Muslims do. When you read the Qur'an -if you did- you'll see only the verses that tell us how to fight against those who we should fight against in war times, but you won't see -or will ignore- all the verses that tell Muslims how to deal kindly and justly with non-Muslims, share them the food, and marry from them, and to argue them with the most beautiful ways. You can see Bin Laden, but you can't see -or ignore- -or refuse to liten to- Moez Masoud & Amr Khaled. You can see Qaeda, but you can't see the American Fiqh Council with its Fatwa against attacking innocents.

However you're a fly when you talk about Muslims, you amaze me to convert to a bee when you talk about Americans..

You only see the American "democracy", 1st Amendement, Freedom, but you can't see how your American friends rape little Iraqi girls, how the Black Water kill Iraqis in streets -just for fun- by the name of the cross, how your American government killed hundreds of thousands of innocents by two pushes of two buttons just to revenge for an act of war against militant bases, the only way your American leaders could do to hide their defeat was to show their terror power against two cities killing 95% of the victims of civilians.

You're very unstable. Bee & Fly, that's you.

A little note:

Your comments about that recepie have been deleted. They're useless on this blog.
About your comment concerning value of women in Islam, its place isn't here, it'll put in its right place, a post talking about women in Islam, that I'm intending to make in a week.

Hold on!


Mohamed - regarding my use of...


and Your Perfect Right to Delete anything on your weblog, including...S/H quiet acceptable behavior; I am not offended. I merely resorted to this
technique ('the carrot menu') to slow down, baffle & frustrate the inane criticism of people (your recent guests) that use your comment section for personal attacks, often vicious and vulgar...on S/H perspectives.

Do you understand that?

I Have No Problem With Moderate Muslims Seeking Peaceful Solutions;
in fact, they are all too rare! I commend your efforts...It is Aggressive Islam that is hugely problematic, where 'peace & love' is only a fanciful dream.

I Believe...the real world today is on the brink of utter destruction; time is running out!

With the recent acquisition of nuclear tecnology, and its development by IRAN, I've yet to seen a single comment from you - mentioning that obvious threat...

Not A Single Word.

So, you and I have reached a point of disagreement; you choose to Defend Islam, and Snake Hunters will continue to focus on the most
immediate threats to world peace.

It' been a long, and until recently, a marvelous and informative friendship between us,

and I'm saddened to see it drawing to an end. Iran Must Be Stopped!

Best wishes, reb


Anonymous said...


The only person who has been commenting on this blog recently is you. So I ask you, who is insane?



Rory - You are truly "Underclass" in your ability to read carefully.

Take the time to slowly re-read my statement referring to this blog's recent friendships. (You might consult your dictionary.)

There is a profound difference in the two words 'insane' and "inane" in that basic book.

Inane is a adjective* describing a person, or a group, that seem...

* empty - silly - or lacking in significance. reb



Mohamed - You choose to use the "Bee & The Nasty Fly" Example, and Ignore the "Story Of A Mountain"! Why is that?
Sept 26, 09, 11:00 PM.
Mohamed - "tens of violent acts against innocents (by muslims"),
Sept 25, 09, 7:17 PM
S/H Answer: No Sir! It is 4,000 plus "violent incidents", small & large since 9/11, by jihadist warriors, around the world!

Mohamed - Chooses To Ignore...the on-going aggressive war-postering & Arrogance of IRAN; Never once comments on the IRANIAN threat to neighboring Sunni Muslims...not ever! Why?

Mohamed - Never seems to understand that this old man wishes well to ALL Moderate Muslims that have the courage to speak out clearly - About The Realities Of The Threat Posed By...IRAN! Mohamed Never Names IRAN...Not Once.
Now, that would be the "Moderate" I Would Find Worth Listening To, and Joining, and Praising With Gusto, And Joyous Applause!

I will not hold my breath 'til I see it on this weblog. Peace is still an illusive fantasy, but the effort was still worthwhile.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers - but they are still far too few in numbers among muslims, to impress the Gr. Ayatollah Khomeinei, or his little mouth-piece, IRAN.

What Say You, Mohamed?

2:27 AM Eastern Here. G'Night. reb


Mohamed - On Sept 25th, 12:30 AM

You accused the snake-hunter of
"mocking" muslim prayers. That is false.

If you will take the time to look back, it was the Lady from Paris that whined about the "call to prayer", and said it was 'too noisy, and it irritated her'...

As I recall, she also had some advise on how YOU should run YOUR WEBLOG...and how much better PorkyPas blog policy of "Anything Goes" and more "Freedom Of Speech" was done by WhyNot & Stiletto.

(I was amused at such brash arrogance, & rudeness.)

And you still wonder at the few restrictions on S/H's "Moderated" Blog?

Question: Is any blog so desperate for comments, that they would accept such rudeness, tolerate such bold inanity? I believe these things detract, rather than enhance your sincere efforts.

To Each, It's Really A Matter Of Choice.


ShitStirrer said...


"You accused the snake-hunter of "mocking" muslim prayers. That is false."

You really are a snake. One who lies, infers, distorts and is proud of it.

The "lady from Paris" you mention, Val�rie, since you are incapable of remembering her name, did NOT mock Mohamed's prayer. She merely said she found it annoying that sounds start automatically on a website, if only for the reason that if you visit 2 such websites, it results in a pityful cacophony, let alone if you happen to be playing a music CD at the same time.

Something which Mohamed obviously reflected upon since he has since then changed his blog slightly and the prayer doesn't play automatically but by manual request from the visitor.

So you know where you can shove your under-the-belt false accusation, right?


"and how much better PorkyPas blog policy of "Anything Goes" and more "Freedom Of Speech" was done by WhyNot & Stiletto."

Your sentence is gramatically incorrect and in fact does not make any sense. As to "PorkyPas", if that's the level of ignorance and desperation you must resort to in order to insult other blogs, you're outdoing yourself. Or is it because the few braincells left you have have migrated to better pastures and you can't even spell the name of a blog you obviously spy on since you can quote the names of the 2 administrators of it?


"Is any blog so desperate for comments, that they would accept such rudeness, tolerate such bold inanity?"

Right. This has to be the joke of the century. "PorkyPas" has no links, no advertising and yet scores between 200 and 800 comments per article on average. Each day, there are more comments on it than there are in 3 months on your pitifully desperate-for-comments S/H blog - on which, by the way, more than 1/2 are your own. Like Val�rie says, you just love to talk to yourself, and Usually Highlighting It With Caps Just To Make Sure We Understand That You Are So Much More Important Than Anyone Else.

It's not even bordering on the grotesque, it's wallowing in it.

Speak of desperation, lol. What a joke you are!


It is rather staggering that you constantly brandish the first admendment about freedom of speech, then have the gall to criticize a TRULY FREE SPEECH blog such as PourquoiPas, while at the same time censoring 90% of what is submitted to yours.

You must be running for the biggest hypocrit of the year contest.

Ok, now... do you actually have anything positive to say about this article by Mohamed? You know like... ah hem ... "wow, this is such good news... in the wake of all this intolerance and hatred, right here in our great US of A, there are examples of hope for peace and tolerance, examples of not just theory, but examples of it put into practice"? No? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Good man S***Stirrer,

Vive La France, vive La Revolution!



Mohamed - The Evidence of Negative vs Positive has been presented to This Court of Law, here in Egypt.

The well-spoken S***Stirrer from
Sleezy PourquoiPas, is the very embodiment of all that is vile and crude, vulgar and salacious, vicious and their daily words and hate-filled behavior!

I Ask Mohamed... to carefully consider the choice of names here;

S/S is obviously a person with an education a bit above the average, that has clearly chosen the Negative Path...

Versus the Snake Hunter, That Exposes Venomous Reptiles, And The Most Harmful Of Progaganda Whenever Possible; Confronts Pure Evil, Like the Grand Ayatollah Khomeinei of IRAN.

His Predecessor (another sick Grand Ayatollah) has already been exposed to the light of day, by the Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation weblog...will receive more of it, and very soon.

The Evidence Is Clear; I rest my case.



ITEM: French President Sarcozi...

Is Furious with Obama for his foot-dragging over IRAN.

Viva La France!



I would remind any 'non-muslim peace-lover' that defends the Shi'a radicals of IRAN as "moderates" are demonstrating neither enlightenment or tolerance, but abysmal ignorance of the enemy.

Jihadists regularly use "taqiyaa", and their doctrine includes...

"War is deceit" - Bukhari,Volume 4,
Book 52, Number 268.
See: S/H Oct 1st Post for >
> > "Ayatollah Exposed". reb



Mohamed knows - That I have no quarrel with anyone that seeks Truth, that ernestly seeks a Creator, (Allah?) That Is Noble!

Absolute Power Over Women destroys the dignity of half of humanity!

Think about it.

I do have a problem with ordinary men who Claim to have prophetic powers; their actions and deeds will always betray them. They always seek power over the gullible, and absolute power will corrupt them!

What does the Qur'an say about all of your "fair-weather friends", Mohamed?

Well, you should pick up your book,
turn to where it begins..."Let not the believers..............for the final goal is to Allah"

Qur'an 3:28

Val�rie said...

ShitStirrer and Rory,

"You must be running for the biggest hypocrit of the year contest.

Ok, now... do you actually have anything positive to say about this article by Mohamed? You know like... ah hem ... "wow, this is such good news... in the wake of all this intolerance and hatred, right here in our great US of A, there are examples of hope for peace and tolerance, examples of not just theory, but examples of it put into practice"? No? I didn't think so.

Thank you, you said it so well.

"Good man S***Stirrer,

Vive La France, vive La Revolution!

LOL, I'm glad you think ShitStirrer said the right and truthful thing.

I can see that Snake is foaming at the mouth from his build-in hatred, and it makes me wonder why people like him are so full of hate and intolerance.

He is such an angry person he cannot see the beauty when there is one to see.

Anonymous said...


So nice to hear from you. Old SNAKEHUNTERS has again proved that he can only focus on negativity and hate.



IGNORE The Senseless Murder of the Honor Student in Chicago...

IGNORE The Serial Murders of protestors on the streets of IRAN!

Offer Platitudes of 'Peace & Love'



Leave It To Rory Stafford...

To comment on Winfred's rather confusing statement on S/H Oct 1st post >

and Totally ignore 'Right Truth', with Debbie Hamilton! Where's your courage & backbone, Rory? reb

Anonymous said...


I've no idea what you are going on about. Of course if you published my comments on your blog I might remember.



Rory - Not A Chance!

If you'd lay off sucking on that powerful "loco-weed" marihuana for just a week, it might improve your ability to think straight, and remember some important things!

Go feed your poor whining dog.


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Just few quick comments on your comments..

According to News Agencies, in California state, as a try to face their financial problems, they want to legalize the trade of marihuana, so as to collect its taxes!! What a weired product of American culture!!

You said; IGNORE The Senseless Murder of the Honor Student in Chicago... IGNORE The Serial Murders of protestors on the streets of IRAN!

What're you talking about?

I would say too;
"IGNORE that example of coexistence between Muslims & Jews.

IGNORE ALL examples of peaceful cooperation between Muslims and non-Muslims!

Offer A Reason For The Extremists To Be More Extremists"

You said too; Offer Platitudes of 'Peace & Love'
When you consider Peace & Love as "platitudes", then it's centuries until we'll see the world a better place.

On September 29, 2009 6:18 AM Mr. reb denied that he was mocking Muslim prayers, and accused Valerie of doing that.

Well, here you're what was said by Mr. reb and by Valerie..

SNAKE HUNTERS on January 13, 2007 9:19 AM on "My dear sons..go to hell" post said the following;
Get on your knees, five times each day, and I will tell you! When the little boy is twelve, he no longer asks questions...he's a Shahid! He will see Allah soon. Do not confuse him with Facts. .. Humbug! Nonsense.

Valerie on March 3, 2009 6:32 AM on "History vs Claims" post said the following..
Can you make your blog NOT play music automatically? It is very annoying when you are listening to a music CD to have a big cacophony everytime you look at a blog, and if you are looking at 2 or 3 blogs, you can imagine what it sounds like, LOLLL.

The taste of mocking is apparent in the words of Mr. reb. About Valerie's words, it wasn't a mocking, she was just asking me to stop the sound that plays automatically, maybe she didn't have the time to listen if it's a music or a recitation of the Qur'an, so she thought that it's a music. I personally face this problem when I browse various websites in the same time, and in many times it's annoying. Sometimes, it scares me when the speakers are off and I'm not expecting any sound.

Mohamed said...

You asked; What does the Qur'an say about all of your "fair-weather friends", Mohamed? Well, you should pick up your book, turn to where it begins..."Let not the believers..............for the final goal is to Allah" Qur'an 3:28

Didn't I answer that before? You're insisting to ignore my answers, Mr. reb.

Anyway, here you're my answer again.
When I pick up my holy book I found the following;

"This day are (all) things good and pure made lawful unto you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you and yours is lawful unto them. (Lawful unto you in marriage) are (not only) chaste women who are believers, but chaste women among the People of the Book, revealed before your time,- when ye give them their due dowers, and desire chastity, not lewdness, nor secret intrigues if any one rejects faith, fruitless is his work, and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all spiritual good)." Qur'an 5:5
It's called as "Kind Social Relationships".

"Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just. * Allah only forbids you, with regard to those who fight you for (your) Faith, and drive you out of your homes, and support (others) in driving you out, from turning to them (for friendship and protection). It is such as turn to them (in these circumstances), that do wrong." Qur'an 60: 8,9
It's called as "Balance & Justice In Treating Others".

"Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance." Qura'n 16:125
It's called as "Meaningful Dialogue (not verbal battles) With Others".

"O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). " 49:13
It's called as "Principle of Cooperation & Coexistence, Not Warring"

The verses need no explanation.

About the verse you mentioned parts of it.
"Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah. except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them. But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself; for the final goal is to Allah." Qur'an 3:28

It was revealed after an incident when some Muslims were befriending some unbelievers who wanted to make those Muslims disbelieve, they were inhibited to befriend them, but these Muslims refused. That's why this verse was revealed.
The point of the verse is "The Belief". It's clear from the mention of "..believers.." in the verse. It's all about protecting the belief of Muslims, if that "friendship" is aimed at making the Muslim disbelieve, then "Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers ..".
This verse is about the unbelievers who are fighting against Islam and aim at making Muslims disbelieve. But other unbelievers who don't want to make Muslims disbelieve, it's OK to deal with them kindly and justly.




Mohamed - I've said this before, and I'll repeat it now:

I Have No Quarrel with "moderate muslims" that try, ever so quietly, to silence the extreme radicals that wish only to kill innocents, and then play 'mind-games' with curious non-believers.

But there are too few moderates!

I did ask you to read about your tricky friends described in Qur'an 3:28.

You chose to answer with Qur'an 55 -!!! - then you add some nice thoughts.

Only later, you returned to Qur'an

It's Very Confusing!
Perhaps it's best that you stay happy, remain with your new friends, enjoy their company and adjust to their names; and keep talking about 'peace & love'.

I'll go back to S/H blog, and share real information about the vicious Grand Ayatollah Khomeini, his weird teachings about marriage,
divorce, and other "relationships" with women, and those little girls...


Some day soon, I hope you will recognize the Threat to the Middle East, from Ahmadinejad, and in the heart of his pious leader!

Will the Israeli "put out their lights", cause a regime change, in IRAN? Will our vast military force
help the Israeli, or must they 'go it alone? Also There's Syria, Hamas & Hizbullah...and What will Egypt & Saudi Arabia do then?

Is it Nuke Proliferation for the ENTIRE Middle East?


Have Fun, with Rory...and the Mud-Stirrer! Stop by, and discuss real issues, whenever you have the time.


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

You're very strange. You're saying that there are too few moderates!

I can't believe you. You know why?
Because you aren't ready to listen to the moderates who denounce all kinds of violence. When I recommended that you visit moderate Islamic websites, read moderate Islamic books, watch movies about moderate Muslims all what I got from you was;

Now, you want me to trust other muslim sources? Watch movies, read books? Find "IslamOnLine, Sultan, and Discover Islam." Are you serious? There are only so many hours in each day. I spend many hours each day on this computer now, doing my best.

It's so despairing to hear such words from a man who claims to be seeking knowledge. When you refuse to listen to moderate Muslims, shut your mind, close your ears then you can't conclude that they are few. They are too much, but you refuse to listen to them, you can't see them.

I'm asking you..
In the problem of Danish cartoons, what did you hear in your news?!! Burning embassies, angry words, etc. Well, did you hear about Amr Khaled, Ragheb Sergany, Moez Massoud, Habib Gafry companied by Muslim youth who went to Denmark in a conference with non-Muslim Danish youth. No?!!
When you keep ignoring such examples of understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, then it's your own problem.

"Knowledge Is A Great Gift, ONLY For Those Who Deserve It. Seek Knowledge, And You Deserve It."

About Iran , and it's allegedly nuclear bombs..
It's very wired that you're terrified from an assumption that Iran may have nuclear bombs in the future, when a terrorist entity like Israel is already having an arsenal of nuclear bombs, illegal bombs, phosphorus bombs, DIME bombs.

In 13 January, 2009, the Israeli minister of Foreign Affairs declared in a speech with Israeli students in an Israeli university that the solution for Gaza "problem" is ready. Israelis must do the same as Americans did with Japanese in WWII. Dropping a nuclear bomb over Gaza, and .. problem solved!

Is that a threat that we must consider! Or .. you think that it's OK that for your Israeli friends to use nuclear bombs. You did it before!!

Mohamed said...

"If An Ignorant Hates The Truth And Ignores It.. Then The Fool Sees It But Doesn't Understand It."

Anonymous said...

The BBC Reports...

Egypt's Highest Muslim Authority, Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi says:

That he will issue a religious edict against the growing trend for full women's veils...the niqab.

A Step Forward for Egypt; one giant leap backward for Iran, when they continue to enrich U-235, and ignore the NPT - Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

India/Pakistan *** al Queda/Taliban

Please let this old man know when the 'moderates' are listened to in the Middle East. That will be the
very best news of this century!

PEACE means PROGRESS For Every Nation On This Earth! reb

no_slappz said...

mohamed, what is your position on the state of Israel?

Do you believe in a Two-State Solution to the troubles between Israel and the Palestinians?