Jan 30, 2009

What Israelis believe in!!

These are the images of what Israeli soldiers wrote on the walls of a home in Gaza..

hmmmm.. Do Israeli people really want peace?!!! 



Does a combat trooper want peace? Is that your question? Does his scratching on a wall have any real significance? No, I don't think so.

He lives...minute to minute, one hour at a time...reacting quickly to dangerous incidents...so that he will survive...today. He doesn't allow himself to think about tomorrow.

Peace, what is that? Please do explain it to the kid in a combat zone. reb


Hello once again, Mohamed.

You may wish to check my Feb 1st Post entitled "Egypt's Double Game" that deals with the complexities involved with your nation's brave leader Husni Mubarak in attempting to broker a peace agreement in Palestine.

It's a dangerous game, considering what happened in 1981 after the efforts of Anwar Sadat to be an "Honest Broker for Peace".

Your opinions are always welcome.

Tom the Redhunter said...

I'd write this stuff on your walls too if you fired rockets into my country.

Graycrow said...

How did a redneck cracker like you ever learn how to operate a computer?

moonlitetwine said...

The first thing I notice, Mohamad, is that the soldiers were well educated. I mean, I don't think English is their first language. Guess you can never know!?!

As for Snakehunter's comment about trotting through the mind of a soldier. Certainly, even in sports there is the idea of beating the other team without letting up.

However, I have always, for some reason, had a silly idea, that one doesn't really have time to scribble hate messages on the walls of the enemy during a battle.

Very strange, the way these soldiers perform battle. Did they take time to make tea or coffee, too?

Urban_Underclass said...


I would be inclined to describe the events in Gaza more as a punitive expedition than a battle.
The Israeli Defence Force make me shudder. I can imagine them not only making cups of tea and coffee, but also going home for some nice dinner before returning to the task of sniping at and lobbing phosphor bombs on unarmed civilians.


Mohamed said...


You wondered if a soldier have the time to scribble hate messages on the wall during a battle!!

In fact they have time to do more. They have the time to take photographs WITH THE BODIES OF PALESTINIANS!!!!!!

You don't believe?!!

Just see the next image;

They killed that Palestinian man, then those two soldiers waited for their third partner to photograph them with their "prey" with big smiles on their faces!!

It's so disgusting.

Most of people who live in the West don't understand the Arab-Israeli conflict, they see only a distorted part of the image. Most see it as a normal armed conflict between a "legal" "state", and "a bunch" of "terrorists". But the truth is so different.

Israelis believe that this land, all of it, belongs to them. They aren't ready to accept any existence of any other non-Jewish on it. All claims of two states solution and peace are just political tricks to hide the real target. To occupy all of Palestine, declare the kingdom of David, rebuild Solomon's Temple in the place of the holy mosque of Al-Aqsa.

The settlements that are being built, the expropriation of Palestinian lands and homes, the hundreds of tunnels being excavated under the holy mosque of Al-Aqsa to weaken the soil beneath it, changing the names of streets into Jewish names, are all just tools to achieve the big goal of Israelis.

If you're interested you can surf the web about Israeli beliefs. Or you can read some posts on this blog;
Why An Israeli Kills?!!!
Yes, Israel has a right to exist



Mohamed said...


I agree.

It was a revenge.

Killing 1330 Palestinian (half are children), and wounding other 5450 using internationally banned weapons causing skin and flesh of Palestinians to melt and their legs to be cut, after months of a full siege over the whole of Gaza.. All of that has nothing to do with war.. It was genocide!

Palestinians aren't the terrorists, the terrorists are the ones who steal lands, shut the mouths, kill life. That's terrorism.

Defending your own land and your own family isn't terrorism, but instead an honorable thing to be proud to die for.

Urban_Underclass said...


I totally agree with your sentiments in the last few comments. I personally believe that the Israelis covet the whole of Palestine. Breaking their own tenth commandment that came from Moses:
You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor


Mohamed said...

In that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying: 'Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates; Genesis Chapter 15: 18

That's their great goal.

From the Nile to the Euphrates.

They occupied Sinai in Egypt 35 years ago, but we freed it in 1973.

They will be back soon to Egypt to obtain their "covenant"!

moonlitetwine said...


Yes, I have seen, too, young girls painting their names on missles, the will soon be used for harm and killing.

To say, "War" is not appropriate, really, if so much time is taken to write on walls and whatever else is done. "Conflict," the same thing.

I was not aware, that Egypt would be made unsafe again. To me, it is one of the most respected places in the world.