Feb 1, 2009


Finally the bloodshed in Gaza has stopped.. (However there were in 29-1 a rocket launched from Gaza that killed no body, and an Israeli air raid causing 2 killed and 18 wounds including 11 child.)
So far the following numbers brief the situation;
1330 killed
   - 418 child
   - 108 woman
   - 88 elderly
   - 14 of medical crews
   - 230 cop man
5450 wounded
   - 50 % are children & women
   - 90 % of the wounds were affected by White Phosphorus
   - many of the wounds have "a never-seen before injuries" as described by doctors
   - many of the wounds will suffer from permanent physical disability
20,000 civil homes were targeted (4000 are totally destroyed)
27 mosques were targeted (All totally destroyed)
4 of UN buildings were striked (including 2 schools causing the killing of 40 civilians)
35,000 Palestinians are currently homless because of the destruction of their homes
When 40% of the killings, 50% of the wounds are children & women and the majority of the rest are not martyrs. When there are many civil homes and mosques that were striked. When there are UN schools and warehouses were striked. Can we keep calling it as 'WAR'?!!
Read the following words of witnesses and survivors from the raids and Israeli occupation forces assault, then we can judge.
In Hay Al-Zaytoon South-East of Gaza city, forces of Israeli occupation gathered tens of the Al-Sammony families in one house. Then they striked it continuously for 10 minutes!!  Nayeb Al-Sammony narrates that the house turned into a blood lake, some of them died at once, some kept bleeding for hours and were dead at last. He said that Isreali forces prevented ambulances from reaching to them. He says that he lost his wife Hanan, his daughter Hoda and his 60 years old mother Rezka!!    Haytham Dababesh a doctor in Shifa hospital says; "What happened in Hay Al-Zaytoon was a collective execution by a cold people!!" He adds that the reception section in the hospital was incapable of treating with all the 70 citizens who reached all in the same time.
Dalal, a 13 years old girl who lost all her family members, the father, the mother, her sister and her two brothers who were all younger than 7 years. She survived because she were in her grandmother's home when her family's home was striked. The only thing that was left for her were photos and clothes of her family, and .. her cat. She said on the TV when she was crying; "What did I do to the Jews to kill my family?"
The mosques in Gaza weren't just targeted by F16 and helicopters, in addition the Israeli soldiers committed insulting things like; peeing, writing offending words on the walls, tearing Moshaf (Books containing Qur'an) and walking above them. All that before demolishing them by bulldozers.

In Gabalia where Nazar Rayyan a Hamas leader lives with his family, the home was striked by Israeli air fighters causing his killing and the killing of 15 of his sons. They all were extracted from under the destroyed home as dead bodies.

The survivors from the first day raids against police stations say that the main reason for the high number of civil victims is that the Israeli air fighters striked the same place twice; once in the first against the station, when citizens gathered at the striked place the air fighters striked again!!
The doctors who were in Gaza hospitals describe that they never saw or imagined wounds like what they saw in Gaza before. They say that Israel is testing new unknown weapons against Palestinians. They say that there is a weapon that force doctors to cut the leg or the arm of the wounded. Another weapon causes severe burnings. They say that they can see an enterance of a splinter, but they didn't find neither anything inside the body nor an exit hole. They describe that the internal parts of the body (lungs, liver, intestine, etc) are like "dough" that you can't realize anything from the other.
They describe the effect of the Whit Phosphorus that when the wounded arrive to the hospital he is "corroding", it keep penetrating the skin, the flesh to the bones, it turns all that into "coal". This don't stop until the burns are isolated from the oxygen. The most important features of Whit Phosphorus is that it keep burning as long as oxygen is available, breathing it for a long time may cause cuts in the mouth and breaking of mouth bones. The effect of the WP as described by Mr. Peter, the Head of Weapons Unit, Legal section in the ICRC; "This weapon is capable of causing horrible and painful injuries, or a slow and painful death".


It's the time now to study history to realize if Israeli entity really want to achieve peace with Palestinians and to share them the same land peacefully, or instead it want to dominate them. There are some facts that may settle this question; the first thing is how Israel has been established on a land where there were a people already living, the second is how Israel always kept violating International resolutions; started by the partition plan 1947 and ended by the 1860 CS resolution 2009, the third thing is the big difference in the numbers of victims between Israelis and Palestinians, the fourth thing is the continuous Israeli expanding and the continuous building of new settlements on the lands of Palestinians.

We must ask ourselves now if it's only the right of Israelis to "defend themselves" or it's the right of Palestinians to fight back when there is excessive power used against them killing and wounding thousands of children and women, whatever the justification for killing those innocents. We must ask ourselves if a terrorist is a nationality & religion, or instead acts & crimes. We must ask if Palestinians and Israelis have equal rights of life and land immunity, or it's only the right of Israelis.


Mohamed said...

Once after a battle, prophet Muhammad saw a killed woman from the enemy side, he was very angry and he said; "She would never fight."
Qur'an says: "Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors." 2:190
This verse clearly says that it's ok for Muslims to fight against those combats who fight against them, but it's not allowed to kill children and women of the enemy.

Can we call these teachings as the most peaceful teachings?

Mohamed said...

One of the main evidences that Israel do NOT respect Palestinians and will never accept establishing a separated state is two remarkable incidents;

1. In 2006 Israel imprisoned Abdel Aziz Duwaik the President of the Palestinian National Authority, he was beaten severely in the prison and held in unsanitary conditions. He should be now in the position of the head of the state because of the termination of his period.

2. When Israel decided to cut Diplomatic relations with Venezuela, they ordered the Venezuelan diplomats inside Israel to leave, and they ordered also the Venezuelan representer in front of Palestinian authority to leave too.

We're talking here about imprisoning the head of Palestinian National Authority, and interfering in the internal job of the Palestinian authority!!

Do this tell us about a happy future with Israel?!!



In Advance of my next two Posts, please notice the following in
"Palestine Vs Israel"...

Acknowledgements: - (02/16/09)

In Advance Of The Next Two Posts,

"Roots Of The Gaza Conflict" and "Now They Call Me Infidel" by Nonie Darwish, I wish to acknowledge a deep gratitude to several people:

Firstly, to my wife Nell of 57 years, for her uncommon tolerance & patience with my 'magnificent obsession' with this three-years long Informative S/H Weblog.

Secondly, to Mohamed Fadly's kindness, and also his boldness, sincerity and generous comments here, responding to my queries relating to his Islamic Faith, and his studies of Sharia Law.

Next, to the authors of contributed interviews & articles, esp. to Frank Gaffney, Jamie Glazov, John Perazzo (plus many others), and to the great courage and firm resolve displayed by the Arab-American author/lecturer...
Nonie Darwish*.
*All of these four (above) were found in countless hours in researching...



Mohamed, That Egyptian Lady Author,
Nonie Darwish, who received her early education in Gaza as a child,
has Two Posts on Snake Hunters Blog, and I'm almost certain that you have a different perspective.

You may have as much space in our 'comment section' as you need (on either post) for your response; she has a few quotes from the Koran that you may wish to verify. Your friend, reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I appreciate your kind invitation to your blog. But I'm afraid not to be welcomed by a real intention of discussion.

I tried to obtain answers from you about your perspective of what I consider as Israeli & Zionist terrorism, but all my efforts were in vain. You always told me about the Palestinian "terrorism", but you never answered my questions about Zionist brutal crimes against Arabs. I'm afraid to be faced by the same thing.

Only if I felt that my words and my time on your blog is appreciated, I'll come, comment and express my view.



Mohamed, thank you.

Let me assure you that your efforts, viewpoints & your comments are greatly appreciated, for you are much closer to the real terror experienced by a people sadly living under the brute conditions of war...

therefore, it's logical to say that your opinions and your perspectives must have far more credibility and value than my own.

I Know WWII better than most people
now living; I was there, saw the dead and injured bodies; those memories are vivid Now. It's not necessary that I read about it, or see the film.

You Know Your Egyptian Culture & Your Laws, And What Percentage of Muslims Wish to Dominate All Cultures, All Religions...With Brute Force & Suicide Bombs, and...

Which Muslims Are Offended By This Violence, and want "Freedom of Religion" for All People on Earth!

You have never stated your own position, or the views of most Egyptian citizens on that important subject, yet you know the answer better than I, because...

You Are There!

Now, I would like to know if you believe those Two Posts by Darwish
are Accurate & True, or whether you believe she is a "Moderate" Muslim, or and "Infidel", or is it all simply contrived Hateful American Propaganda? Are the Koran quotes accurate, or are they false?

Whatever your answers are, they will not hurt my feelings (I have a thick skin). They will help me to provide a Solid Informative Blog, with All Views Open for Critical Review.

Author Darwish & Mohamed Fadly Help To Illustrate Two Sides of a Very Complex & Dangerous Dilemma.

If you wish to continue, consider our Snake Hunters Blog as your Open Forum, Your Public Bulletin Board...say anything that pleases you. That's Real Freedom of the Press, American Style!

Your friend, reb


I am reminded of the british soldier/poet Rudyard Kipling's famous phrase "East is East, and West is West, and Ne'er the Two Shall Meet" when discussing the dilemma now facing this world in the Nuclear 21st century.

My Egyptian Friend Mohamed seems totally focused on Only Palestine, and the "unfair zionist occupation", plus the injustice of
"zionist terror" incidents, while ignoring all Muslim Terror Incidents. Where is the balance?

I'll say this much: War IS Terror, and Nuclear War Is The ULTIMATE TERROR. I'll admit that there is grim terror from Both Sides.... that's BOTH SIDES, MOHAMED.

While Friend Mohamed is focused on
tiny Palestine, friendly "reb" is
very busy juggling China, Russia, North Korea, Hamas, Syria's Hezbollah in Lebanon, and most recently the SWAT Valley in Pakistan, where the new government has seen fit to Accomodate a Violent & Suicidal Taliban, granting them control there of nearly 5 million of its citizens!

In another 'hot spot' the IAEA has suddenly discovered that IRAN now has enough enriched uraniam to produce one Hiroshima-type bomb. Now, just what does Ayatollah Ali Khameinei plan to do with that thing...put it atop one of those new long-range missiles? How soon does he REALLY want that Madhi Prophet to reappear? Hmmm.

How concerned (terrified) is Egypt & Saudi Arabia with this news?
Is my friend Mohamed simply unaware of these troubling events, because of the close proximity of the Gaza Situation? Is Mohamed reluctant to address the two Darwish Articles because she is only a woman, and females
are regarded by some in the muslim culture as having little value, or any real importance, regardless of their education or intellect?

I know that I value my own link to
this post, for it is better to have open & honest discussion, than
to sink slowly, spirling down into the Abyss of another World-wide Conflict.

Now, may we continue? reb


Mohamed, Here's Some Good News...

I have just Posted Your "Link" On Our Snake Hunters Weblog, in the hope that it will be easier for our readers to reach your "Understanding Islam" Blog. This should result in more traffic to your fine Post, thusly more comments for both weblogs!


Since your own focus is mostly centered on Palestine & Gaza, I have searched for hours for articles that are tuned into this location. The most impressive author, from my perspective, is the Egyptian author Nonie Darwish, because her early schooling was in Gaza, she is (or was) a "moderate" muslim, and she writes very well.

I Did Not expect you to agree with her views, but for you to offer a counter-balance, and a totally different set of values from her personal life-experiences.

Two Heads are often better than One; opposing views can be rewarding, and very enlightening.

We Need More Light, less Heat!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mohamed:
Like many christians in Europe I was angered and saddened by the destruction and killing in Gaza, but I think that the Palestinian people could try a different method of resistance to Israel.
Shooting simple rockets at Israel achieves nothing, it is like the children throwing rocks at tanks. It gives Israel an excuse to use violence and a chance to justify their actions in the western media.

Consider what Ghandi succeeded in doing in India or Martin Luther King achieved in America using peaceful protests and civil disobedience. It is hard to do when there is so much anger, but it may be more successful in the long run.

Peace, Rory.


HOW ABOUT THIS...my zealot "peace-nic" pal from Wexford, Ireland, Hi Rory!! (Reb knows just a bit about this rascal; don't let him scare ya...with his rusty AK-47. He might try to tell you that he knows where you live, if you irritate him!


Tom the Redhunter said...

There will be peace when Palestinians are wise enough to 1) Reject Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad and start true democracy movements, and 2) Turn their energies towards bettering themselves economically instead of building rockets and digging tunnels.

Until then, Israel would have to be nuts to give them a country. We have seen what happens when Israel pulled out of Gaza - First Palestinians went on looting sprees, then Hamas murdered the Fatah people, then they turned their energies towards war with Israel.

The people of Gaza got what they deserved at the hands of the Israelis. They elected and supported the fascist terrorists of Hamas.


Tom, I understand your feelings, but the Average Citizen in Gaza today has no option but Hamas or Fatah; they must be guided by the businessmen of the Middle East... shown the possibilities of building a great Investor Program.

Just magine what is possible with those beautiful sandy beach-fronts, IF Dubai, EU, the U.S. & Israeli Investors were assured of a Peaceful Gaza, they would quickly flock in there, turn that Gaza 27 mile strip into a real...
"Gem of the Mid-East" with busy Trade centers, Great Hotels, Shopping centers, and Recreational facilities...Peace & Prosperity like Beirut, Lebanon WAS, before Syria & Hezbollah Negatives!

Drop that 60 years of Hatred & Negativity my friends; Adopt a Positive Attitude, and Study War No More! Get a new mind-set!

The Blessings of a Free Society Equals > Liberty & Justice For All!

That's Christian, Muslim, Hindu & Jew, working for a better tomorrow.

It's a possibility; think about it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Reb, good to see a few positive and humourous comments from you :-)


Mohamed, Take a Hard Look at the Raw Unemployment Numbers:

Israel - 7.3% - Palestine - 23.0

Pal.West Bank - 18% - Gaza - 34.8%

Suggestion: Bring in the Business Planners, Architects & Engineers, the Heavy Equipment Operators, Cement Mixers & Skip-Loaders, etc Reserviors & Dams, Water Pipes Lines for those new Hotels, and the available Human Resources... give these potentially dynamic people some real hope for stability with permanent jobs;

carpenters, electricians, welders,
brick masons, glazers and tile setters, plus the office perssonel, etc Then you will begin to witness a genuine 'Change You Can Believe In!'

Construction Will Replace Destruction; Negative energy will
just fade away, and the entire population will develop a new Mind-set, with the Possibility of a Real Future, for themselves, their families, and for their neighbors!

That's what made America a Great Nation...a New Spirit, a Clean Break from Old European ways. It all happened a short 230 years ago.

Accentuate the Positive, and you'll
Eliminate the Negative, and That Will Require New Leadership.

Younger People like Mohamed Fadly Can & Must provide that badly needed leadership with a "Yes We Can" Attitude. reb



How Many Jobs Would Be Created...

with New Power Generation Plants & a new Power Grid, with new Transmission Lines, and Water & Sewer Pipelines, with some Light Manufacturing for local consumption. Visualize a new Tourist Influx Spending Their Money (!) on
Luxury Accomodations...Wow!

Swapping CONSTRUCTION, for the Old
Destruction, that's the ticket!

Creating a totally new healthy & prosperous society out of the war rubble; a New Day Dawning, with bold new ideas for the future. Yes!
Of course, that means giving the boot to a crude old leadership. reb

This comment has been removed by the author.

Here we see an open invitation...

for 'Real Discussion'. In the last few days I have submitted several positive suggestions which, if they are implemented would put an end to the grinding poverty for all Palestinians, with their sad misery, and the ugly 'Holy War' that has plagued the region for six decades.

At last, the prospects of Full Employment, an End To The Long War,
an end to the suicidal bombings, intolerance & "Jew Bashing".

Please, let there be Peace!
Mohamed...I'm disappointed that there has been no response from you, so I'll continue on with a Final Appeal, with a few more suggestions...
Once the "Deep-Pocket Investment Groups" are reasonably assured that
there is a lasting peace, that mutual respect & goodwill has at last replaced the old hatreds, the Billions in Euros, Lira, Reals, Pounds & Dollars will be available
to Palestine's Banks For Their Modernization, we'll quickly see the improvements! Imagine a 35Km Public Transportation Line running parallel to the coast; a dredged-out Deep-Water Seaport with an adjacent Luxury Marina near the Egyptian border; and the busy Multiple Runway 'Gaza International Airport' to attract tourists!!!

This Can Become Reality, not just a fanciful pipe-dream. I'll ask Mohamed once again..."Why Not?"


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I can understand your perspective that a person close to an incident understands it more than those who aren't. But can't you see that you yourself violated that?!!

You blame me for describing the act of dropping two atomic bombs on two Japanese cities as a terroristic act. You told me that you know more about it than me because you are close to it, you advised me to read about it to understand.
But when you talked about Palestinian-Israeli conflict you described Hamas as "terrorists"!!
I'm close to this incident, I know more about it. Did you read about the history of the conflict?

About my focus on the conflict with Israel on that small speck of the land I would make a post or a long comment soon. Wait for it!!

I appreciate your suggestions for a bright future for this part of the land, but unfortunately the down-to-earth facts are very much frustrating. They are just beautiful dreams that all of us hope to be achieved.

Your friend,

Mohamed said...


Thanks for your comment.

In my personal view I think launching these "humble" rockets toward Israeli militant targets has two important goals.
The first is to send a message to Israelis, "Palestinians did NOT YET accept your occupation."
The second is to make Jews around the world stop coming to "the promised land", and even those who came from Russia, America, Canada, etc to Palestine to go back to where they really belong.

The two goals are achieved!

Note: Israel do NOT need an excuse to kill the children or to attack schools. Read the history of the massacres committed early from 1920 until now to know it. Deir Yassin, Balad el-Sheikh, the Egyptian school Bahr el-Baqar, Qana 1996, Qana 2006, Kafr Qassim, Khan Yunis, etc are examples of the Zionist Israeli brutal history against unarmed people. Search for information about them.


Mohamed said...

"The people of Gaza got what they deserved at the hands of the Israelis. They elected and supported the fascist terrorists of Hamas."

The bloody price of democracy, no?


Democracy, Mohamed? The Only Options Available To The Palestinian Today is
Hamas OR Fatah, that's it!

Snake Hunters has suggested a third
choice...Freedom from grinding poverty, escape from sixty years of
endless bloody fighting, with Economic Freedom for all citizens.

Building a future with solid capital investments; diminishing the long-held ancient hatreds that began centuries ago, and not with 1948. That's a myth.

It's Bold Truth that Iran's "Madhi- based" Terrorist Leaders like the Hamas & Hezbollah...fear to
think about, or openly discuss, lest they be called a "Traitor of Islam."

Ahmadinejad needs a "Little Satan" to continue with his bloody war;

he needs the 12th Imam "fairy-tale"
to inspire his followers to continue Aggressive Jihad! Without the Jewish target, he is just a dancing puppet, with Ali Khameinei
pulling his strings.

Of course, that's because I don't believe in the supremacy of Kings, Dictators, Popes, Or any Grand Ayatollahs; they all have funny hats, but that doesn't work with people born into Freedom, and the unique idea of Liberty & Equal Justice For All Men, and Women too.

For most of the world, these are just men, just men Mohamed...that too often opt for War, to build their Power-base.

It's the common family that's the real victim, and I've suggested Meaningful Change.

It means a setting aside your own cultural heritage for a small bit of time; enough time for serious thought, away from the threat of ridicule and shame...and that's really a 'Tough Nut To Crack!'... isn't it?


Heart said...

Assalamu Alaikum Wr.Wb.
1. Thank's if u really want to become my brother, I have 3 brothers but they never care about me and also for visiting my blog,http://joliereve.blogspot.com but I beg u please do not mention my name in ur comment,ok?
2. Forgive me for my mistake in wrote ur blog name, I'd corrected it
3. I miss ur photos about peace, smiling children and beautiful environment there.
me in Indonesia.