Jan 9, 2009


To supporters of Israel,

Please don't bother yourself trying to find some thing to justify the bloodshed in Palestine - Gaza. Israel is just defending itself. They are achieving success against the source of terrorism. They are working for peace.
216 children>> No, they will grow up to be 'TERRORISTS'
89 women>> Not at all, they are wives, sisters or mothers of sisters. They will bear children who will grow up to be 'TERRORISTS'
Few medical crew members>> They are giving help to the 'TERRORISTS'
Tens of destroyed homes>> They are where 'TERRORISTS' live.

Congratulations for you ... 'TERRORISTS ARE GONE, PEACE IS COMING'


To All Free Men and Women of This World,

Another failure for International organizations, another evidence of how policy can affect humanity. Council of Security is incapable of stopping the killing of
 hundreds of civilians, obvious violation of international resolutions and conventions and KILLING OF PEACE. The killer is equaled to the killed and the occupier is equaled to the resistant.

216 children are killed, 89 women are killed, more than 1500 of children are injured and more. All that is not enough yet for International organizations to move, to condemn the killer, the killer keeps equal to the killed.

We must ask now; WHAT IS TERRORISM?
Is it killing children? Is it using banned weapons? Is it bombing homes of civilians? Is it using weapons causing cutting of arms and legs of civilians? Is it cutting life principles from thousands of civilians? Is it, is it, is it?!!!!!!!!!!
No body is brave enough to answer. But I'm brave, YES. That's exactly terrorism. If individuals practice that, then that's it's individual terrorism, if groups practice that then it's group terrorism and if states practice that THEN IT'S STATE'S TERRORISM.

Terrorism is not resisting to live, but terrorism is killing life. Terrorism is not protecting children, but terrorism is killing them. Terrorism is not fighting to protect your land, terrorism instead is occupying lands. Terrorism is not trying to share life with others, instead terrorism is trying to live alone.

In 14 days there are;
-776 Muslim Palestinian are killed (half are civilians, 216 child, 89 woman)
-3150 Palestinian are injured (half are children, severe injuries; cutting of arms or legs, breaking skulls, etc)
-12 ambulances were targeted by Israeli air fighters missiles
-6 of medical crew members were killed -2 schools were targeted -14 mosques were targeted by Israeli air fighters missiles
-People's Assembly in Gaza was targeted
-The Islamic University was targeted
-Medical crews are incapable of providing help to the injured because of being targeted by Israeli air fighters -Israel strike today after the prayer of Friday (All Muslims pray today in the mosques, which means more civil victims)
-Olmert declared that they won't apply the 1860 UN resolution which invites to a ceasefire

All that, and Israel is claiming that they are; "Defending themselves", "Not targeting civilians"!!!!!

I wonder; if they do target civilians, would the number of children that have been killed would be different?!!!


Mohamed said...

America is sending arms to Israel, when Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza against children and women!!!

What is the message?!!


Hamas & PLO-Fatah, Shi'a & Sunni kill each other in sad Palestine...

Shi'a & Sunni in Pakistan (today) are killing each other! Are these not muslim brothers?

Perhaps we should ask the War-Protest Groups in Europe & USA to explain it; they know everything!



Where Are HAMAS Leaders Hiding?

"Correct, sir! They are Under Shifa
Hospital in Gaza City, sir!!!"

Mohamed said...

On the TV, the Minister of Internal Security of Zionistic entity was asked; "What is your response about the claims that Israel commit war crimes in Gaza?"
He at once answered back; "Can you see Hamas leaders hiding in Shifa hospital wearing cloth of doctors?"


I don't know how to comment!

Mr. Ralph,

I respect the fact that you're older than me, but allow me to say .... What are you talking about?!!!

Is that how your Media justifies killing children?!!! Because Sunna and Shi'a kill each other in Palestine?!!! -By the way, there is no Shi'a in Palestine.- Because Hamas and Fath kill each other?!! So, Israel is a peace dove that want to prevent that 'brutal' killing, by .... killing their children?!!!!!


I believe that there is a piece of humanity inside every human, I don't doubt the existence of that piece inside you, Mr. Ralph. This piece of humanity inside you must show you what is happening on the ground. More than 920 are martyrs at the moment(250 are children, 90 are women, 65 are elderly, 12 are of medical crews), more than 4300 are injured(with cutting legs or arms), 18 mosques were targeted, ambulances were targeted, 2 UN schools were targeted(UN employees assured that there were no rockets were launched from them), civil homes are destroyed, etc.

I will NOT discuss at the moment if Israel has the right of "self-defense" or not. But I'll discuss how should Israel "defend itself".

When they target combats inside their homes among their families, do you think that that Israeli pilot using his F16 targeting that home doubting or 100% sure that the family and neighbors will be killed or injured?

When they use banned weapons causing burns or cutting legs and arms of children, can you call it self-defense?
I saw on the TV a 10 years old girl that had her two legs cut from above the knees. She said she was playing on the roof when a missile fell, and she lost her consciousness. She was asked what are your dreams; "To be a TV herald"!!
I had tears in my eyes.
Another younger boy lost his eyes.

Tell me, how can we call these as "Self-defense".

Self-defense never justifies using banned weapons like white phosphorus and cluster bombs. It never justifies targeting homes.




Mohamed, When I suggest that there IS a Shi'a Presence in Gaza, you must know what I mean!

HAMAS "Leadership" IS FUNDED & CONTROLLED By IRAN (Shi'a)...also,
Hezbollah in Lebanon. They are told WHEN to Fire the Rockets, and when to be silent.

That's Why There Can Never Be A Viable, Cooperative & Peaceful Governance In Tiny Palestine, with a Unified Leadership. Two "Hate-Parties" cutting each others throats...in public!

The same story is true in Pakistan.
Two 'Entities" are killing each other; and you will notice please...

NO 'Zionist Devils' Are There, To Take the Blame!
No Safe Place In Gaza, Or Anywhere Else, In Israel.

Even in Far Away India, or in North America, there are No Safe Places, with magical formulas, when Leaders Plan The Next Phase Of War to DOMINATE OTHERS! reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Maybe you misunderstood me when I said that there is NO SAFE PLACE IN GAZA.

I meant that you don't know when an air fighter will hit your home, or your neighbor's. That you don't know when you go to the mosque to pray for Allah if the mosque will be attacked or not.
I meant that you don't have any shelter for your children to hide from air fighter missiles.
I meant that you don't know if that gas that fall from that air fighter if it's poisoned or not. If that bomb is white phosphor or a cluster one.
I mean that you know that no thing will stop your enemy, NOT children or women on the way, NOT international resolutions, NOT human law, NOT worshiping places, NOT medical crews, NOT international organizations places, NOT ministries.

Did you suffer from that? Are you suffering from that?

Is your home destroyed at the moment? You don't know where to go? You can't trust going to a UN school to be your shelter because you're not sure if it will be striked or not? Did you lost your four children? Did your little beautiful daughter -who dreams of being a TV reporter- lost her two legs in a missile?

I don't know. I hope you didn't\don't face all of that.


Mohamed said...

To all my guests, please check these links;




Anonymous said...


Two points only. Initially, all of the civilians who died in Gaza are not martyrs. In fact, none of them are martyrs. The definition of a martry is "One who chooses to suffer death rather renounce religious principals" and secondarily "One who makes great sacrifices and suffers much in order to advance a belief, cause, or principal."

The civilians who died in Gaza did not chose to die. Nor did they chose to suffer.

They are innocent and they are dead but they are not martyrs.

Secondly, I will not become involved again w/ your circular, specious, and spurious arguments about the legitimacy of the state of Israel. The last time I checked, Israel was a country while the Palestinians have no country--yet.

For a variety of reasons, the two state solution is the only solution. For this solution to be realized, several things must occur. There must be some some political reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas. In addition, Hamas must either cease to exist or renounce its charter which is based upon the killing of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

Just ask yourself this question. Would any of the dead, maimed, and wounded childrens depicted in your photographs be dead, maimed, or wounded if Hamas had not fired missiles into Israel?

More later.

The Loop Garoo Kid

Mohamed said...

Would any of the dead, maimed, and wounded childrens depicted in your photographs be dead, maimed, or wounded if Hamas had not fired missiles into Israel?

For the first time a worthy question to start a real discussion.
Congratulation TLGK..

Just give me few days to search the history to answer you.


Mohamed said...


I told you I'll search for information to answer your question, and that's what I found. found that Hamas was established in 1987. I found also that there were many Israeli massacres against Palestinians before that date.
Here you're some numbers;
1947> Sheikh & Hawasa villages> 30
1948> Sa'sa' village> 60
1948> Qantara train> 36
1948> Kafr Husaynyya village> 94
1948> Deir Yassin village> 260
1948> Al-lud village> 250
1953> Qalqelya village> 70
1953> Qebya village> 69
1954> Makhalin village> 17
1955> Gaza stripe> 39
1956> Gaza city> 56
1956> Khan Yunis> 20
1956> Rahwa village> 15
1956> Kafr Qassim village> 67
1956> Khan Yunis> 275
1956> Rafah city> 111

A quick clarification: The first number is the year, the second section is where the incident happened, and the third is the number of the civilians killed. I didn't mention the wounds and homes demolished numbers.

So, in answering your question. Whether Hamas existed or not, whether it launched rockets or not Zionist entity will cause martyrs, wounded and maimed among Palestinians.

Please search about Haganah, Lehi and Irgun Zionist terrorist groups. When they made their first bombing of a train or a market. Did Hamas existed when they existed? NEVER. However they did what they did.

Waiting for your "brave" response..


After All The Words Have Been Said And Written About, And There Is Nothing More To Add, We Must Then Come To An Honest Conclusion Of The True Motivation Of The Two Warring Sides (Entities):

Tiny Israel: Survival!

Giant Jihadi Groups: The Total Destruction Of Tiny Israel!


All the words are just Biased PROPAGANDA, so take your choice.

It's Goodwill, and Meaningful Cooperation for a Better Tomorrow


A Continuum of Hatred, The Needless
Maiming & Killing of the Innocent, and An Ugly, Non-Stop WAR.

"Holyier Than Thou" Leaders seem Far More Intent on Acquiring Power

than in searching for honest solutions.