Dec 30, 2008

Balance of response?



This Chart shows a terrible & needless loss of life, where the helicopter gun-ships & tanks and thousands of mortars and rockets fly, seeking out specific targets.

Who is to blame for the carnage?

Mostly, it is the innocent civilians that are among the injured and killed, filling hospitals and morgues, not the few professional troopers. Is it not the LEADERS that are the responsible trouble-makers of War?

Just like in a Criminal Case...Look for the motive!

When an enemy places his rockets near schools, or hospitals, or mosques or large apartment buildings, WHY? I think they do that knowing more innocents will die, more anger & frustration created, less blame for themselves!

Am I mistaken? reb

Barb said...

What if Palestine quit their bombing? Do you think Israel would continue to retaliate against a peaceful neighbor??? Is it not true that Muslims think Israel has no right to exist as Israel for the Israelites?