Dec 28, 2008

'Merry Christmas to Gaza'

230 KILLED, 700 INJURED <=> ONE DAY!!!

No, it's not war. It's genocide.


Anonymous said...

Just think Mohamed. It never would have happened if Hamas had not launched Qassam rockets into Israel.

I guess the guys launching the rockets did not care much about their fellow Palestinians.


The LooP Garoo Kid

Mohamed said...

Mr. Garoo,

My problem is that I 'just think'.

Rockets that do NO THING. And the response 300 killed (including 50 civilian), 1650 injured, targeting the university of Gaza, destroying 2 mosques, destroying the only fishing harbor of Gaza. Hospitals are incapable of treating with the injuries.

So I ask you back to .. 'think'!!

If we support the right of response and self-defense, then we assure at the balance between the aggression and the response back.

Please study this website intensively;



Mohamed, Please place January 1st
Comment, and your new LINK of the
Gaza Photos...

on my January 1st Post.

Great conversations on Gaza! We now
have TWO PEOPLE, Mohamed & The Redhunter (Friend Tom) talking...

that Have Intimate Knowledge Of That Troubled Area!!! reb

Barb said...

You speak of the right of self defense --of a David against Goliath, Palestine against Israel.
(A reverse of the historical Jewish story actually.)

So your point is that Palestine has a right to keep fighting and bombing and never quitting? What do you expect their powerful neighbor to do to do in return, in order to get Palestine to QUIT! and seek peaceful relations?

Do you expect Israel to just ignore Palestine's bombs?? Palestine wants them GONE and under their authority. It's not going to happen. Palestine will not quit bombing unless they are forced to quit.

the Bible predicts what is happening now --all the world against Israel --except maybe the U.S. And a last battle in Israel before the return of Christ to rule. There is a lot of prophecy yet to be fulfilled, but the marvel is that trouble over Israel was predicted 2000 years ago and earlier in the O.t. Israel endures despite all attempts to kill the Jews.