Nov 25, 2008

Let them live

Now it's not about the right to domain or to own that piece of the land or to go back to where they lived for years and years. It became about the right to live. 

People in Gaza are dying under the terroristic siege of Israel. No food, no electricity, no medical aids, no clean water, no going out, no going in. It's not because of the rockets of Hamas, the truth is clear now. Hamas stopped their rockets, but Israel continued its terroristic siege against the people of Gaza. Yes believe me, it's not a siege over Hamas, it's not a siege against the Palestinian resistants; it's instead a siege against the children of Gaza, against the babies of Gaza, against the old women and old men of Gaza, against the students of Gaza.

The situation in Gaza is going worser and worser because of the siege which has been forced by Israeli government a year ago. They are closing all the entrances to the Gaza stripe, they prevent every medical aid, and they prevent food supplies and gas trucks to pass. This caused electricity stations inside the stripe to stop, so electricity is cut, and water stations can't work, so the water is no longer clean. They also prevent medical aids, so patients in Gaza hospitals are facing death. In addition; premature babies will die soon because their artificial womb can't work without electrical power. Bakeries in Gaza started using the wheat of animals because human wheat is over.

We hate you Israel. We hate your ugly face which don't see the hungry children and and the dying babies. We hate you not because you're Israel, but because you caused the pains to 1.5 Million human being who did no thing to you. We hate you because you don't let human live.

There are few demonstrations which have been made in few countries, some government and organizations demanded Israel to end the siege, petitions have been signed by thousands of people, ships from Europe went to Gaza. Regardless of all of these things; there are official international silence and freeze towards Israeli terroristic policy. In a different situation when an Israeli soldier has been taken away aids have been sent to Israel and international decisions and announcements were released, but when 1.5 Million Palestinian are forced to hunger and to face death and fear there is absolute silence!!!!
What happened to the world? To that far policy affects and controls the human feelings that every one has in the depth of his heart? Shame that policy and shame everything that make us see the oppression being practiced against weak and innocent human, and our reaction is just to ignore or watch .. or help the oppressor.

When the siege remains. Then there is a necessary question that must be asked specifically at this time; If peaceful way don't work to save the lives of 1.5 Million innocent souls, so what about force and fighting to achieve that?
I keep the answer to myself, but I ask you to answer regardless of who is under the siege and who is forcing the siege. Try to express yourself neutrally only this time.



There are decent, kind, loving, and tolerant people on both sides in this unhappy land of Palestine.

On Both Sides, Mohamed.

There is only ONE solution. Two equal states, living in harmony, respecting the culture, the religion, and the historical background of the other. Loving thy neighbor, Mohamed.

Camp David came close when Israel went the last mile to appease the PLO, and Yasser Arafat admitted that it was a most generous offer!

Why did he not accept it? He told a confidant in secret...that he would be dead in 24 hours if he had agreed to that Peace Plan!

Hatred from Shiite Iran, and also from the Saudi Royals... hatred of the JEW is too deeply embedded in the history of the Islamic Culture, it's very deep, very long-lasting, of the six million in tiny Israeli, surrounded by 600 million muslims!

Peaceful co-existance is possible between these blood-brothers of Abrahim, but only when most of the common people reject the 'hate message' of their "holy" Imams.

The world will have a very long 'waiting period'. A New Leadership, with new ambitions, replaces the old leaders.

Demonizing the "other guy", Gives the Power To Evil Intentions. It's an old, old, old story. reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. Ralph,

Sorry, but, what are you talking about?!!!!!!!!!!

The people in Gaza are dying, and we're talking about two states solution!!! There is a necessary and urgent need of an immidiate ending of that stupid unresonable terroristic siege against 1.5 Million innocent human. Will that be by peace, will that be by force? Not important. But these souls must be saved first, then every thing can be discussed and argued.

But any way as there is a little hint for you; Do you love Bin Laden who -is supposed- killed 3 thousands of Americans?!!!!
I know the answer; you don't just don't love him, you instead HATE him and hope that he'll be killed.
That's the same with Israel. They killed thousands of children, women, elderly and smart youngmen with cold blood. They cut many many olive trees and destroyed many many farms(the ONLY living source of poor Palestinain farmers). In addition, they demolished thousands of Palestinian homes across 60 years. They forced a whole people 10 Million Palestinain (not only 6) to be refugees on their own land and on other lands. Can you imagine the fear Palestinains faced when they were pushed into the sea to run from the war Israel forced on Arabs?
So when I hate Israel it's not unjustified, but instead it's justified by a history of oppression against my brothers.

My dear friend, personally, when I try to judge something fairly, I put myself in the same place of the other side, and this really help me. I did it to know that those who were killed in the bloody 9-11 attacks were just innocent employees and citizens. And for your knowledge, that wasn't my persepective at the first. You can make this, make yourself in the place of a Palestinian, it may help you.

Thanks for commenting.

I'll try to answer your questions about Sadat, Mubarak, etc soon.

Your friend,

Mohamed said...

Mr, reb,

I'd like to ask you a question and I hope that I find some answer.

Do you think that when Palestinains in Gaza ask for milk for their children, is it a kind of welfare that they don't deserve?!!

Mohamed said...

You know Mr.reb,

It's Israel who force us to hate it. It force children to be hungry and kill them. What is the normal reaction for that?!!

Japan attacked your militant Pearl harbor and you hated them enough that you used a destructive weapon killing 0.5 Million human. You saw it as a ... what so... justified act.
And you're blaming us that we just hate them!!!!

I say it again Mr. Ralph, try to put yourself in the place of us and in the place of Palestinians, you may change your mind.

In our great holy Qur'an we've a most great and fair rule. The verse says; "O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do. " 5:8
So, even if you see Hamas as 'terrorists' and that they must be eliminated, try to prevent that hatred from making you tough on the 1.5 Million civilians.

Your friend,


Thank you for your reply; I wish it were on my S/H Post, where more
of us could witness your honest emotion! What am I talking about???

A few short days ago, I said that...

"Tomorrow, somewhere on this planet a terror bomb would ignite,
killing innocent men, women & kids"

Would that terrorist bomb come from Christian, Jew, Agnostic, or Muslim Leaders? Well, of course...Tomorrow Is Here! Nov 26, 08.

Today it's MUMBAI, India. 90 Innocents Die, 200 more with terrible injuries. The "Kill-Culture" Strikes Once Again, from a little known branch of Pakistani
(Taliban) Islam...the name is unimportant...the Sunni "Base" of al important.

Once Again, those 'holy rascals' (The Leadership) send their suicidal crazies to kill more innocents at three 5 star
luxury hotels far away, and seek innocent hostages from those "bad" British & American tourists.

But All My Friend Mohamed Fadly See
are the "Innocent Women & Children
of his muslim brothers in Gaza!!! Mohamed feels the pain, Nowhere Else! Only Palestine

This old man wants milk for all innocents Palestine, in Madrid, in London, in Mumbai, in Bali, in The Phillipines.

Freedom of Religion (!) to look everywhere among the stars for a Creator. None are Infidel, that Search for Truth, in my eyes! It is Islam that seeks to Force its Sharia Law on the World, with suicidal killers, NOT the UNITED STATES of AMERICA , my good friend Mohamed! Not the USA.

We have 'freedom for all religions' written in our First Amendment; it's a Superior Law for All Citizens on this planet. Read it...Think Deeply On It! Go To Your Allah In The Privacy of your room; Beg for Enlightenment!

History records many Gods, but there is only One Creator!

Now, please reply on my blog, my good friend Mohamed! reb



I just went back to S/H blog to check the date of my comment...

"When A Bomb Explodes Tomorrow" will be a muslim bomb...How did I know that?

It was November 19th; can you explain it? This is Nov 27th. reb

Anonymous said...

snake hunters sez,

Four point five billion years ago
this planet was a fireball of melting magma circling the sun; there were no living things.

A billion years later the crust had cooled, and water vapor appeared, oceans evaporating from sun-rays, formed clouds, to sprinkle on the land. Huge lizards
were at the top of the food chain.
They all died 65 million years ago when a giant meteor collided with the earth.

Some life-forms survived.

100,000 years ago the planet again teemed with life. Humanoid forms with large brains came down from the trees, walked upright on hind legs! They formed into groups & tribes! They grew edible food, and saved some of the seeds for planting.

They had a Sun & Moon God; a Fire-god, plus a God of The Waters! Also Thunder & Lighting Gods, plus Pele, god of the Volcano!

Then about 5,000 years ago, man was ready for the next step...

One Day, a very inventive guy assembled a group, and he told them
all about a 'Chief God', a Creator-God!!! This guy was the "First Holy-Man", and a Great Deceiver of Men! He had great respect & power.

Popes & Grand Ayatollahs followed,
grabbed power over the innocents.

This was the beginning of the Age of Mass-Delusion! reb

Anonymous said...

Hello reb. It is nice to meet on neutral terriory, although as I wrote that, it occurred to me that this is not neutral territory but enemy territory. Before I continue, I hope you enjoyed the holiday, reb.

Meanwhile, the world has taken notice of th events in Mumbai as have I. So I thought I would revisit this useless cesspool of demagoguery, to see if for once perhaps Mohamed Fadly had done the right thing. Even though I knew it was a fool's errand, I nevertheless thought I would drop by to see if Mohamed Fadly would employ his blog to shout at the top of his lungs: "The terrorists in Mumbai are not true Muslims! I, Mohamed Fadly denounce terrorism! Do not judge me, Mohamed Fadly, a true believer, by the acts of insane criminals!"

Of course what I found was: "We hate you Israel."

Shortly after I made your acquaintance, I told you that you were my enemy. Somehow, you thought that you could convince me otherwise, even though I have been in the business of justice since before you were born Mohamed. I can recognize when someone is not being straight with me. It usually only requires a few seconds if I am across the table from them.

So I will leave with today's lesson, Mohamed. When you fail to denounce Muslim terrorists, you endorse them. They wear your coat; they carry you name; they wear your face. They are you.

Someday, I, or someone like me, will see your face in a rifle sight Mohamed, or the lens of a Predator drone; or an Apache gunship. Then will I pull the trigger without remorse so that civilization might live and terrorism might die.

Until that day, Regards.

The Loop Garoo Kid


Do you see it now, Mohamed? The Loop Garoo does not seek a reasonable chat, nor a 'meeting of the minds' on current events for more fruitful discussion.

He makes a valid point or two, then follows up with threats! It's Loop's way, or it's No Way to Continue With An Enlightened, Refreshing Discussion. reb



The first recorded written law was during the time of King Hammurabi, Babylon, 1800 B.C.

The Next Law, the Ten Commandments, about 1200 B.C. with Thou Shall Not Murder, Steal, Bear False Witness, Committ Adultery, etc. Beneficial Rules Governing Conduct!

The Roman Law begins 400 A.D., followed by the Prophet Mohammed, and Sharia Law.
All of the Major Religions Claim "Devine Revelation" in one form or another, even including the Latter Day Saints (Mormon), and their Prophet Joseph Smith, in the first-half of the 19th century.
The Physical Sciences Are More Precise.

From Astronomy, Geology, Marine Biology, Paleobiology and Anthropology, Chemistry, Medicine, Mathmatics, Nuclear Physics w/ the Electron Microscope,
etc, etc, and the phsyical evidences are all there, including the fossil remains, believe them or not!
In the Old Testament, in the Book of Daniel, we find this prophesy:

'In The Lsst Days, Knowledge Will Be Greatly Increased'...(Radio, Tv,
Computer Science) man shall move "to and fro", (with speedy travel over land, sea, and in the air, with inter-planetary exploration far beyond earth's gravitational pull!) No person has foretold these things; they simply evolved over time!
And Older & Wiser Men Are Baffled
When Viewing The Inherent Evil & Wickedness, Of The Grim Violence of These Pious Holy Men...daring to point an accusing finger at others not in their tribe, village or nation!

And The Criminal Audacity and Mindless Arrogance of Youth.

What Zealous Fools, We Mortals Be!



Hello Again, Mohamed,

We seem to always disagree on the Major Source of 21 Century World Threat, when Muslim Bombs Ignite.

* M.F. - Tiny Israel, always likes the killing of those sweet, innocent babies in Gaza...only Jews are the monsters of war, not Hamas & Hezbollah (they love peace).


** S/H - Saudi Arabian Wahhabism wasting their Vast Oil Wealth to Build Mosques & Madrassa Worldwide, sponsoring the Muslim Kill-culture, The Brotherhood, C.A.I.R., sponsoring infiltration of nations everywhere to dominate other cultures & other religions...

Chopping Heads & Hands on Friday,

Ignore Family "Honor-killings"

Sponsoring Enemies of Israel

Teaching their babies to Hate Israel

Do All Religions Invent 'Devils' to promote their False Prophets (?) to Promote Their Own Fake 'Holiness'. Is That Possible, Mohamed? (We see ours on Tv in the U.S. begging the gullible for $1000"Seeds of Faith"...but they have no bombs; To many here, they are just "holy thieves", wearing robes & collars).

What would happen if a Mormon or a Baptist tried to build a Church on Saudi Land? Hah!

I think Mohamed knows!!! They'd use their heads for Bowling Balls.
See December 7th S/H Post. It speaks about Saudi Arabia...and their 'Grandiose Plan' For World Conquest. Could most of it be true?



Mohamed, your notification of my technical problem has been fixed;
Your name (in blue) worked fine.

Now, please go to 'Proclamation' Dec 7th Post, to answer the "Saudi Problem". Thanks. reb

Barb said...

I think some good points have been made here, Mohamed, and wonder what your response is.

We all agree that the babies should get their milk --but how do you justify the suicide bombings where babies are in markets and restaurants, at weddings, etc. --in the Trade center buildings. I know, you said you came to see those people as innocents, also --but you don't seem willing to acknowledge that Muslims are behind most of the terrorism in the world --not Israel. Israel would leave Palestine alone if they would accept the state of Israel --which pre-existed this nation of Palestine. Granted middle-eastern Muslims have always populated the area, but the Jews did since Moses led them there. The rivalry goes all the way back to Abraham.

The American natives and the later immigrants have managed to work together to build a fairly cohesive nation here --and we strive to get along, all the immmigrant and native factions --and there are many. E Pluribus Unum --From many, ONE.

Is it not true that Muslims hope to one day populate the whole world and have Islamic Law as the Law of the world? And that they don't care how they do it? by violence or majority rule? Correct me if I'm mistaken on this.