Oct 15, 2008


Today is a very special day. More than 7,500 bloggers around the world are uniting the topic, we're talking today about 'POVERTY', everyone from his unique viewpoint. As for me, I'm talking from my background as a Muslim.

I was planning to talk in detail about Zakat, the Islamic solution of poverty, but because of being busy so I'm going to review the system of Zakat quickly.

2.5% of Muslim's yearly funds. Every Muslim is required according to Islamic Shari'a to pay it every year to the poor. It's a religious duty on every grown up Muslim who has the specified amount of money, and it's very awful for a Muslim not to pay the Zakat when he is capable of paying it. 
Zakat can be considered as a system of rearranging of wealth distribution in community. It maintains security, welfare and justice among people.

If we imagined that the funds of Muslims at the moment are approximately Milliards in the year, then we're talking about Millions every year of the Zakat. Those Millions can make miracles. They can feed Millions, they can heal thousands, they can secure homes for hundreds.

I hope that the system of Zakat is applied in all the states of the world, whether Islamic or non-Islamic states. The world would be much more different.

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Mohamed's concern for the less fortunate poor, the elderly and the innocent is heart-warming; another reason for liking this man.

We have many denominations of christians that share in those altruistic feelings here in the USA. They are always helping fight AIDS, Malaria & Hunger in Africa.

In most parts of the world it's SELF!

Has Mohamed heard of The Salvation Army? They have a One-Word Slogan:

"Others!" reb