Jan 22, 2008


Who are we cheating?!! Is that ourselves?!!
What peace are we waiting for?!!
Peace will never come through terrorist raids against unarmed children. Peace can't be reached by killing innocents. Peace is not by blockade of a people on his own land.
I believe that Palestinian-Zionistic conflict is one of the most issues where facts were completely changed, rights were losed, the invader has been described as the good guy, the one who has been invaded has been described as the bad guy and the terrorist who must be killed without any mercy.
I said it before but I'll say it again and again. The story is;
*Zionists came by tanks and heavy weapons to the land of Palestinains.
*Zionists killed, demolished, cut trees, raped, destroyed, stole, etc ALL to reach their goal; DECLARING ISRAEL STATE.
*Palestinains refused that. Decided to resist.
*Palestinians were called 'Terrorists'
*Israelis were called 'Self-Defenders'
So, what peace are they waiting for?!!
I wonder after all that how we don't give Palestinains the right to present their souls for their freedom and dignity, how we support the conqueror and ignore the rights of the conquered. How Palestinains are called as terrorists to fight against Zionists, and Zionists who came to the land of Palestinains by tanks and airfighters are called as self-defenders. How this happened?!!!!! How facts have been changed?!!!
'Don't kill me and say I want peace. Don't shake my hand with your hand stained by my brother's and sister's blood. Don't stay on my land and say let us negotiate. Don't dream of one inch of my land.'
Everyone of us isn't ready to be under the control of a foreigner or an invader. Everyone of us isn't ready to give one inch of his land to an invader. Everyone of us is ready to give his\her soul for the freedom of his\her stolen land. We give ourselves this right. And wonder when Palestinian people practice the same right and even call them terrorists. Shame everyone of us!!
The world is silent when Israeli state and Israeli army terrorize a people by putting them in one place and genocide them. No reaction have been done.
If we get back by the memory only two years ago when only two Israeli soldiers have been taken away, and Israeli state attacked for that Lebanese people!! Was the world beside or against Israel?!! What America send for Lebanese?!! The answers are known; the world gave Israeli state the green card to do what it wishes against Lebanese people, America send missiles and rockets to Lebanese people through Israeli airfighters!! ALL for taking two Israeli soldiers away. But when Israeli state imprison a people on his own land, prevent any outer community, prevent any medical and food supplies, prevent help for hospitals in Gaza full of injuries, cut electricity, attack them daily by raids i.e. starving Palestinian people the world is silent.
Where is the logic here?!!
Why when Israeli state kill there is always some justification?!!
And when Palestinains fight for freedom and defend their lives and lands are called 'Terrorists'?!!!
Somebody answers me!!!
That's clear now. It's not about who have the right or who is being oppressed. It's just blind support to Israel whether being oppressed or oppressing.
And for amazement; this is happening exactly after Annapolis conference for peace!! So is that the peace which will be given to Palestinian people?!!! Then we don't need it. Keep it for youselves.
I won't wonder then that Palestinains will do every thing to own their own lands and be free of invasion. A great salutation for you Palestinain people. Great Salutation for Palestinain people in Gaza. Keep immovable, don't break down, light is in the end of the tunnel.
That's right Amr Mousa, peace is dead. It won't be alive again until the invader goes away.


Anonymous said...


Hanas/Fatah Are Not,

"Unarmed Children" It is the
author that twists, spins, and
distorts THE TRUTH. r&r

you hate jews - that's it

Mohamed said...

I hate Jews?!!

From where in my posts you took that feeling?!!

Any way; a people is dying because of the terrorist Israel. I don't care then when innocents are being killed who is doing it.

Anonymous said...

Palestine has never had a government,

or a king, or a dictator, or a president of the people, by the people, for the people. Never!

They have always been Ruled by Invaders;
Now they have Hamas & Fatah. They
Kill each other. It's What They Will Always Do, to hold Temporary Power. The Madrassa teach Muslim Babies to Hate the Pigs & Monkeys. They tie bombs on the dull student.
Not on you, you are too smart. You
know 72 virgins are a Great Lie.

Give them Gaza, watch what they do.
In ten minutes they will set up the
Rocket Launchers to throw at the
"Innocent Monkeys & Pigs", the Hated Jew. You are behaving like a non-thinking
Puppet of Ahmadine-jabber-wocky!

You Are Blinded By Hatred. You are
the Continuum of Hatred. You are
Hamas & Hezbullah. You are not an
Enlightened Egyptian. You never will be that. Somebody has Poisoned
Your Mind Long Ago, and a Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.

Allah, in His Wisdom, gave you a Brain, So Use It! Build or Destroy?
You are young. The old theocracy must wrinkle and die. Old Holy Men
Die, but not soon enough.

Barb said...

To have peace, people have to start with the here and now --and not the ethnic rivalries of the past --not the past wars and battles waged.

Your conflict with the Jews goes back to Father Abraham --and after that the Israelites warring with Caananite tribal groups --all nomadic peoples in what was to the Jews their "promised land" --a homeland for them.

The history of the world is about warfare over territory and homeland claims. The British had spread their control to much of the world --including Palestine/Israel. They offered to divvy it up between the two groups and Palestine refused. But they got Jordan as their own land. Recently Gaza was given to them by Israel as a peace offering --but you know they will never be satisfied until they've made the same mess of Israel's territory as they've made of their own. As soon as they got Gaza, they just moved their bombers to the new border to lob their bombs over into Israel which had ceded the land to them.

The Palestinians won't quit. If they can get control of Israel, they will start warring with each other --just like almost every other Islamic nation--continual strife and civil war.

For goodness sake, when will you learn that forgiveness and moving forward are the keys to peace???? there is no other way.

too many of the world'd people believe that Jews were given Israel by God. And many of us know that the last battle is coming in that place--but it wouldn't have to be if the Muslims would QUIT war-mongering. and seeking revenge. But Biblical prophecy suggests the Muslims will never quit --because Israel will be the scene of the battle that brings the end of the world as we know it --and the reign of Jesus Christ upon the earth.

Unfortunately, a Tribulation period comes first. Keep your eye on the sky!!

Barb said...

You wrote, "Why when Israeli state kill there is always some justification?!!
And when Palestinains fight for freedom and defend their lives and lands are called 'Terrorists'?!!!

Did Israel vacate Gaza as a peace gesture? Did the Palestinians move to the new border and start throwing bombs over? Yes and Yes. What should Israel have done about it? Nothing?

Barb said...

If you think of Israel as invader and not entitled to any state at all, that's how you justify what Palestine does. But Palestine is not on the defensive but on the offense. Then Israel smacks back at them, and you say it's not just. Israel would quit if Palestine would --but the Palestinian terrorist elements won't quit because they don't think Israel has any right to be a nation in their historic homeland at all. They are holding a grudge that goes all the way back to the nomadic history of the region --when the Jews went after what they considered their "promised land." Many miracles got them there and they had a mighty kingdom for awhile --until Babylon defeated them. And then they were in captivity and Rome dealt the lethal blow in 70 AD. They have been scattered ever since. After the horrific genocide of the JEws by Germany, the UN gave them their homeland --offering to establish a Palestinian state as well --which the Palestinian Muslims refused. Yet, it's not as though they had established a nation --since the Brits were in charge and the UN decreed a division.

I've read before that the Palestinians claim they were thrown out of their houses --really? or do you just mean that their properties became part of Israel's governmental jurisdiction--not that they were evicted. That was my understanding --that private property rights were observed.

Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and murdered their one Christian bookstore owner recently --leaving behind his pregnant wife and children. What is wrong with people who behead? who would strap bombs to their kids? Who kill a Christian bookstore owner for proselytizing? how can you defend such barbarous obstinancy over this little region of the world and against Jews and Christians whom your text books still refer to as apes and pigs.

Where is this Islamic love?

Barb said...

I refer to Gaza above --but I mean the Gaza strip, don't I? Israelites vacated this land as a peace gesture --and it only proved that nothing will placate the Palestinians. they will never recognize Israel's right to their only historic homeland --yet, Muslims occupy many nations in the region and Palestine as a chance to be another one. Why can't they take care of the borders they have now and work for prosperity, safety and peace of their people? You pat them on the back for their futile and counter-productive obstinancy.

If the rest of the Muslim nations decide to use nuclear power to destroy Israel and the US and other western nations who recognize Israel's right to exist, they will destroy the rest of the middle eastern nations with it. We are headed for the Biblically prophesied Battle of Armageddon in Israel. As Christ's Apostle John wrote 2000 years ago, in the book of Revelation, all the world will be focused on Israel --and the world as we know it will end --but then Christ is to reign for 1000 years.

Meanwhile, Christians focus on the spiritual kingdom of Christ --that is NOT of this world, He said. We are to repent of our hatred for our enemies and other sins and live by the Law of Love for God and love for our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus was asked, "Who is my neighbor?" And he told the story of the Good Samaritan. The Samaritans would be the forerunners of today's Muslims, I believe. Loving the neighbor is the same as loving the enemy.

Peace will only come through God's Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ --it has not come through any other ideology or man. It starts now in the hearts of believers.