Jan 22, 2008

Palestine under attack

Target: Killing the strong will of Palestinain people.
Tools: Blockade of Gaza, isolating Gaza from any outer communication, cutting medical supplies for hospitals in Gaza, cutting electricity, cutting fuel and food supplies, continuious raids on Gaza.
Responsible sides:
*Israeli state as the first criminal
*American state as the first partner
*Silent peoples of the world

Results: Killing, destruction, death of tens in Gaza hospitals, darkness covering Gaza.
Reactions: NO REACTION

After these continuous raids, killing of children, women, old and youth, blockade and isloating of Gaza, cutting life principles to Gaza, etc will we keep seeing Israel as the dove peace which aims by all its heart for 'peace' but its about Palestinains who don't want peace?!!

Will we blame Palestinains to attack Israeli army back?!!

No. I still have the enough dingnity and the enough freedom to condemn that. I'm not afraid of Israeli entity, I'm not afraid from American state, I'm not afraid of terrorists of that world. I'll say it loudly; ISRAEL IS THE REAL TERRORIST.

The real terrorist is who decalred a state on another land through killing, displacing and destruction of another people. The real terrorist is who killed thousands of children, old, women and youth. The real terrorist is who displaced a whole people ONLY to live on his land and in his homes. The real terrorist is who killled and killed and killed throughout 60 years.

The terrorist is not who refused to surrender to invasion. The terrorist is not practiced his normal right of self-defence. The terrorist is not brave youths who sacrificed their souls for the freedom and dignity of their land.

Until when Media will keep naming who is being attcked, killed and invaded as the terroist, and who is really attacking as the oppressed one?!!
Until when will we keep repeating what Media tells us?!!
Until when will we keep with the oppresser against the oppressed?!!
Until when will we keep beliving lies, and disbelieving facts?!!

Gaza right now is being attacked by Israeli entity through its army, Israeli army daily make raids against Gaza, electricity is cut, hospitals are full of injuries because of terrorist raids and need emergency help, tens are waiting for death because of severe lake of medical supplies cut by Israeli entity, food and fuel are cut i.e. GAZA IS DYING BY ISRAELI TERRORISTIC CRIMES and the world is silent.

Yes Palestinains. It's your brothers and sister, mothers and fathers, friends and neighbours which you're losing. But by these terroristic attacks against you, Israeli entity is assuring your right of self-defence, assuring that they are the oppressor not you.

Keep immovable, don't break down.


Anonymous said...

Snake Hunters says,

The Persian History displays a great
'Build Culture', with Darius, 600 B.C.

The Modern Shiite indicates a
'Kill-Culture', with Sheik Hassan Nasrullah,
and his "Party of God"
in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Builder, the Destroyer! Beirut
is now a destroyed gem. Oil Wealth
has the potential to build or burn.

Witness Dubai, the new gem of the
middle east.

We Learn Nothing From History.
What Fools We Mortals Be!

Ahmadinejad & Khameinei Are Fools
That Have OIL, yet prefer Hatred.

And You, Mohamed; which path does the Egyptian choose? Think! reb


As you must know, I don't have much remaining time to read all the good parts contained in the Quran,

I'll be 83 in February. But Mohamed
Fadly has an adult lifetime to research History, and compare the major beliefs and varied systems of government. Fascinating things.

You might enjoy looking into a book
where the author knows the muslim culture & your holy book quite well. It's quite different from your own views. Very different!

The title: Infidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is very well known in Acadamia, a recognized scholar!

And sadly, some radical muslims, that live & die with just Hatred in their Hearts (you've met them) would deem it a privilege to Stone Her to Death. They have never experienced the joy of Freedom of Speech & Thought, or Understand the blessings of True Liberty. A budding scholar needs many degrees
of perception & perspective.

Since you welcome people of other
cultures to voice an opinion on your blog, it occured to me that you might wish to order her book, study it. Think expanded thoughts, viewpoints other than your own.

A Refreshing Break from your Single
Issue, Palestine. Oh yes! reb

Barb said...

Mohamed, in 1948 --this area of Palestine/Israel was going to be divided between the two --but the Palestinians refused the division--though they didn't have a gov't/nation per se at the time, did they? So they fought israel and Israel won. Is that right?

Historically if a war occurs and one wins, they get to be the boss. That may not seem just, but that's how it has been throughout the eons. But Jordan was eventually given as a Palestinian state. And recently Gaza was given as part of Palestine as a peace gesture --and the bombers just moved up to the new border. right? Did I already say that?

I know you think justice will never be served until Israel has no home land. You want them scattered all over the earth --or under the control of Palestine --that can't even choose one gov't for itself --but always has these radical factions and a civil war going --while they are trying to eliminate Israel at the same time.

Well, STOP! Focus on the land you have and develop it. Develop commerce. Seek foreign investment and aid for peaceful ventures. Work for a good life for children. Work for openness between Israel adn Palestine where the people can go back and forth freely between nations as in Europe or in America and Canada.

If the American natives who were here first kept trying to be a separate nation and fighting Washington D.C. and all their neighbors --what a mess the US would be in and what a mess the native americans would have. As it is, the ones who retain their separation on the reservations for them, stay in poverty. those who get an education and assimilate into american mainstream culture, are succeeding.

Make family life, peace, education, business ventures, family support, honorable work your goals --and stop trying to wipe out the Jews. Forgive and forget the past inequities you perceive --or you'll never move forward. (By YOU, I really mean the Palestinians.)

Barb said...

It seems to me that Israel is giving Gaza some problems because their people left Gaza as a good will gesture but the Palestinians kept on the offensive. Is this not true? Is it not true that Palestine intends to keep attacking Israel as long as Israel exists as the gov't there? As long as Palestinians are not in control of Israel? I think I'd be tempted to defend my borders, too, if I were Israel. Because these people will not QUIT!


"East is East, and West is West,

And ne'er the twain shall meet"


Religion is The Terrible Wedge!

Ignor~ance, Is The Master. reb