Dec 19, 2007

Understand, Love

Did you see that before?!!!



Muhamed says, "I swear, I'll do my best
to show the real face of Islam".

Today, December 27th, Pakistan lost
a strong and brave patriot. Benizar
Bhutto died from an assassin's shot
to the neck and chest. Then this crazed idiot immediately blew himself up, killing 20 citizens.

An Ancient Kill-Culture has done it again, and its tribal people will form into competing groups,
and they eagerly plan new assaults, more killings. It's a very old reality, in this insane and violent part of the world.

Kids with rocks, teens with
automatic rifles & RPG's, Mullahs
with Nuclear Rockets, & Hadiths.

Who can change it? The politician,
the lawyer, the military general,
the religious fanatic or Madhi Prophet?

>Choose: Radical or Peaceful Islam

Those who ignore the mistakes,
the brutal lessons of history, are certain
to repeat the Insanity & Violence.

Arrogance breeds Insanity! reb


Mohamed, Thank you for your comment
on Our Post. Here is my answer:
"Our Universe Is Complex. Life on this planet is incredibly complex!
No individual, or group of people know everything. No Religion Ever Conceived Knows Everything. None!

Religious Crazies Make Outrageous CLAIMS, and some believe it. Some Claim that they talk directly to a
"Creator God". Still others Claim To Receive "Devine Revelations". Others say that they get a 'good feeling' and inspiration from This Prophet or That Prophet.

The Roman Catholic Pope CLAIMS that
he is "Infallible" in matters of
Faith & Morals! Such Wild Arrogance! He Claims To Be The Vicar of Christ On Earth! He wears a funny hat, and expects his people
to kiss his Gold Ring, and bow down to him. Rubbish!

Others (including this editor) have serious doubts and suspicions about these ancient writings and beliefs, and their Attendant Claims!

We Are Threatened with hysterical chants, with Beheadings, with Torture, with Eternal Hell-fire in the After-Life. We are branded as "Evil" people...Kafir, or Non-Believers, for questioning, and expressing the need for Caution.
We Admit, that we have little or
no knowledge, or clear evidence of a "Creator-God". Some accept the title "Agnostic", meaning "Don't Know", and others, observing all of the Historical Violence over the
Centuries, throw up their hands in disgust, and say "There Is No God!"
How can they possibly Prove That?
These are the hated "Athiests".
Mohamed says he has "The Truth". Should I listen to this 19 year old, that believes he has the Key To All Knowledge? Sorry, friend. reb


DECEMBER 31, 2007


I, Mohamed Fadly...Hereby Resolve,
to begin this New Year with a totally
fresh, new idea!
To Stop Preaching, Open the mind to
listen to the views of others that
have a different perspective, perhaps
from a higher mountain-top.

a) I Resolve, to stop hating Jews!
There are so few of them now, that
they cannot possibly pose a serious
threat to world stability.

b) Get down on the floor, ask Allah...
to Reveal the Truth about Your
Jewish Brothers. They are not Pigs;
they are Human. They have family
just like you have family!

c) Resolve: To Listen To the Voice
of Reason; Reject the Chaos of Hatred,
and Pray Each Day For More Understanding,
for a Better World Tomorrow.
Look In The Mirror; Not One Is Perfect...
None Of Us Are..."Holy".
Happy New Year, 2008! reb

Barb said...

That was confusing, Reb, as to who said what. Did Mohamed say he was going to stop hating Jews because there are so few that they don't represent such a great threat anymore??? Who is telling who to ask Allah about the Jews? Was that from his blog here? I don't have time to look --this is a run by visit --but I shall return.

The motivational speaker said right things--but not ALL of the right things. Very Christ-like. The scripture quoted is very like the Old Testament, "male and female created He them" "In OUR image," --a paraphrase almost. And yes, God by any name is love, justice, goodness and beauty--not this vengeful Allah having people kill each other for unbelief.

Jesus Christ came to fulfill "the Law and the Prophets" --He is the Truth. He said He didn't come to condemn the world --because the world is condemned already to death--no, HE came to SAVE the world. As for vengeance, God said "vengeance is HIS, HE will repay" --so we don't need to be getting even all the time. Instead, we go to war to stop tyranny --not to advance it--not even to "get even."

The Devil's deed was the deceit of Mohammad and all the Muslims who believed his angelic inspiration named Lucifer, the Angel of Light who deceives. The MOrmons' inspirational angel was of the same source.

None of the Bible's writers were inspired by angels --but by the Holy Spirit of God. Satan, a fallen angel, is the father of lies --and that's what we have in Islam and why it remains so dysfunctional as a religion. Because it can't get at the root of the problem which is man's sinful heart.

A Muslim friend of mine recently went to march around Mecca in hopes of atoning for some of her sins --what a vain hope --and what kind of God asks you to march around a man-made place to atone for just some of your sins? Not our Jehovah God of all people --Not Jesus Christ who paid for ALL our sins on the cross. We are saved by faith in Him, His sacrifice --and we are FREE from sin and death --and we sing with the saints of the ages, "HALLELUJAH" --fOR THE lORD gOD OMNIPOTENT --REIGNETH --HALLELUJAH, Hallelujah! --For unto us a Son was Given!"

All truth resides in Christ Jesus alone --and Mohammed detracted from Him by contradicting the Scriptures about His role as the Son of Man, Son of God --our only Saviour. We are saved by faith in Christ --not in Mohammad's version of Christ as a mere prophet. Jesus was more than a prophet --the only begotten Son of the Father.

From whence does Mohammad get authority to change the history about Christ's death and resurrection and the meaning of His Messiahship?? from an angel visitor? He needed to be suspicious of the source of an inspiration that would contradict Christ's own claims about Himself --calling Him a prophet but not the promised one of Israel who would atone for the sins of the world --"the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." That's the POINT! Abraham was given a lamb to substitute for Isaac on the altar --and so the Jews always sacrificed a lamb thereafter --until Jesus --the prophet John the Baptist said of Him, "Behold, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." No more trips to Mecca need be made. They are futile as atonement --because atonement was finished on the cross. We need only believe in that Savior and His saving sacrifice.

Aren't the Satanic verses the ones about which Mohammad allegedly questioned the source, himself?

Pardon me if I sound brusque --I am impatient with falsehood that has done so much damage to its followers and others.



You are Talking to a Muslim, not a
Nazarine or a Baptist. He is looking at Allah's Cloud in the Sky, and he just smiles and tolerates your christian rantings; he's heard all of that before.

Sorry lady, you are attempting to
lift a 1000 lbs with one finger,
when you preach about Jesus. To him, the Carpenter's Son was just another prophet, nothing more.

Don't you understand that? reb

Barb said...

I certainly do understand that he thinks Jesus was just a prophet --but it is spiritual deception.

Where are Mohammad's good fruits? after all? Taliban vs. Afghanis--
Pakistanis vs. Pakistanis and Indians --sunni vs. Shia --Iraq vs. Iran-- Turkey vs. Kurds--Palestine vs. Israel --Israel vs. all Islamists --Al quaeda vs. everybody --Islam's attitude toward the Western Infidels -- and I don't begin to know what's going on with African Muslims.

How can he keep his head in Allah's clouds??

Anonymous said...


Jesus was a Jew, is still a Jewish prophet, revered by them. He is theirs, the Bible is theirs, and it and the prophets were high-jacked by the Christian cult and Islam. The passages that are claimed to have been prophesies for Jesus were really about what was happening at that time and they could have meant anything.

The Jews don't believe Jesus was the Son of God anymore than the Muslims believe that. God has no sons. God is One, He is a jealous God who would have no other gods before Him.

The Jews don't believe Jesus was the Messiah because the world as we know it did not end when He died as "prophesized". We are all still waiting for a Messiah.

It was the temple priests who made many inventions in the Bible to further their ambitions as the followers of Jesus and Mohammed did later. The Jews and the Romans kept the Scriptures around for thousands of years or you or the Muslims wouldn't have anything to write about. The basic idea of one God and the Ten Commandments are inspiring, but after that it is all invention. The Infinity of God is so much more than your narrow views of Heaven with your pearly gates and mansions and 72 virgins and soft pillows that are no more than desires for the continued gratifications of the earthly pleasures you have learned and that you wish to selfishly continue forever for yourselves in your limited view.

You have dug your heels in in your beliefs as much as our young friend here has in his. How presumptious of you to criticize Muslims for their "spiritual deception" when you are just as deceived. Your mind is as closed, your preaching methods as intimidating, your views limited to what your cultures have taught you. God only asks that we repent of our sins, as many of the great personages in the Bible did, and one of the greater sins is the belief that you are holier and more in God's grace than someone of another belief. What a surprise you have coming. Vengeance IS His!

Port Orchard, WA