Dec 18, 2007

When freedom equals reviles!!

I received on my blog a comment of an American blogger. The comment was; I am curious. What's the punishment in your religion to name a pig after your greatest Prophet.
It was an invitation for me to check his post My Turn - Pig Muhammad

First of all let us have some words about 'Freedom of expression'. Ways of expression are many; by words, by criticizing, by arguing, by reviling, by directing accusations, by acts, etc. I believe the absolute freedom (of any thing) is a destruction, there must be limits of every freedom. The absolute freedom which I mean here is the freedom to do any thing without considering any thing including rights of others. It's said that; 'Your freedom ends where freedom of others begins'. So what I'm talking about here is that freedom is not assaulting others by acts or words, is not hurting others in their emotions, is not insulting beliefs of others, is not reviling. Freedom is not throwing a stone on the glass of the window, but instead freedom is facing the other side. Freedom of expression is; 'I think you're bad, and here you're my evidences'. Freedom is; 'There is some thing wrong, let's argue about it.'. Freedom of expression is not; 'You're ****. Good bye!!' There is a big difference between both of these ways. The second will lead into hatred and crash. The first will lead into understanding, filling the gaps, and reaching the truth. No doubt that understanding will lead to love and cooperation. And no doubt that there is huge difference between both ways of 'expression'. We never can make them equal.

After clarifying how I see freedom of expression. It may be important to tell in few words the story of the 'teddy bear'.
A British teacher called Julian Jebons works in a Sudanese school, she asked a student to bring a teddy bear, when they voted to the name of the bear the 23 student voted to the name; 'Muhammad' which is the name of the most famous student in the class (and sure is the name of the Prophet Muhammad), and she agreed. She has been accused of insulting Islamic religion by Sudanese authorities.

The question which must be asked here is; What is the fault this teacher did?!!
With a simple analyze of what happened we can reach following points; 1)the kids were the ones who choose the name, 2)the name of Muhammad is the name of the famous student, 3)those kids are Muslims and are supposed to love the prophet of Islam Muhammad, in addition 4)this teacher is a British non-Muslim. Following these points we can reach one fact; Mrs.Jebons did no thing wrong.
As being British and non-Muslim she is supposed not to know that it's not accepted in Islamic culture to name things by names of human. On the other hand; the kids may have choose the name of their friend not the prophet, and even if they choose the name of the prophet this means that they love him not want to insult him, they must be only guided that even if we love some thing we mustn't use names of human specifically when they are prophets to name things. I think that she must be released at once.

A last word about freedom of speech. If we restricted freedom of speech in reviles and insulting then there is some wrong in our way of thinking. If we expressed our freedom of speech by reviles, then we are far away from civilization. Again I say it; freedom of speech leads into understanding and love not to crash and hatred. So I'm inviting the American guy to be free enough and share me a calm discussion, where he will show me the reasons why he hates my prophet Muhammad, and I'll show my reasons why I think he is the best man ever. That's the way of civilized peoples. And I'm sure that we will reach understanding and love together.



Mohamed, I know this young man. He is 15 years old, and knows very little about Islam, or muslim culture. He's a Christian, and really meant No "Reviles", No Insult to you.

He is horrified that young men and boys are tricked into becoming violent Shahid, killing themselves for any religion, or instructor. To him, that is Inexcusable! Where are the Muslim Parents, to protect children from these Evil Teachers? Are they all insane? You see?

Yankee Doodle is very passionate about "liberals" that attempt to
destroy our Government, our Laws.

I saw his remark about pigs. It confused him, and why the British
Teacher was in Danger From Mobs that threatened her life! All this
hatred over a stuffed toy! He has much to learn about our cultural differences. We all must know More.
That's why I asked you to learn WWII History. True History, Not from your Imam, but from Chinese
and Japanese Books, or European Books...True History Scholars.

Your Imam is not qualified to teach these things. He hates Jews,
and Americans as the "Great Satan".

Russians helped defeat Nazi Germany, and Many Innocent Russian
Died. The USA helped the Russian in Europe; they did not help us in the Pacific, in No. Africa, in Italy, or in the Invasion of France. That was the greatest single battle in World History, on the Normandy Coast! I was in Italy in WWII, I was 19-20. I know war history very well.

Think back, who told you these Lies
or Mistakes about WWII? Do you remember? The Truth will set you free! All religions are both Good & Bad. That's what I've learned in 83 years. Much goodwill, reb


The Truth

During the 'Bronze Age' there were
many who claimed "Devine Revelation", and groups formed, "holy men" sprung from these various groups, and with them...Always Violence!

We have witnessed Roman Catholic
"Infallibility" leading to mass persecution of Jews & Heretical 'non-believers'. Roman Vs Protestant violence in Ireland, Protestant Vs Mormon killings in the USA, Hamas and Fatah killing each other in Palestine, Sunni Vs Shia in Iraq, Wahhabi Vs Persian, etc. Always Hatred & a Love For
Violence! Always in the name of a
Benevolent Creator!

Each with their own special brand of "Truth"! Is it any wonder that we see skeptics among the educated class that has searched the history of all the radical groups?

Is The Creator Pleased With These Imbeciles? Mohamed seeks wisdom, so tell us what you think about these abuses, all this violence, and Claims of Devine Knowledge.

Will it end with Nuclear War? Who Among Us Is Pure, Gentle, & Kind?

Is the rich man happy with his pile of gold? No. He wants more.

Is the Grand Ayatollah happy with his power over people? No. He wants
Total Control! Kill the non-believer, the Kafir, the Infidel,
and the Jew! "Wipe Him Off The Map!"

Not The Leadership! They are always Drunk-With-Power, Vanity and Abundant Violence, More Tears,
And Sadness. Always.

Will the gentle & pious fellow with the microphone, someday admit, I AM A TErrorist! Follow me, or DIE! I'll cut your head off!

Is This Truth, or just "Reviles?"
The research continues. reb

Mohamed said...


We discussed for months previously!!

You are not welcomed on that blog.

Anonymous said...

How is stating accurately the words of Qur'an and Hadith "reviles"?

Your intellectual dishonesty does not reflect well on your religion.

Of course, neither does the truth.