Nov 30, 2007

Solving problems (P.1)

Diplomatics are gathering in Annapolis to negotiate about Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Why don't we be positive?!! If they didn't invite us, why don't we invite ourselves?!! Why don't we have our own negotiations?!!
If we're going to solve this conflict. If we're going to reach the ultimate and the final solution; what are main points which can't be forgotten? What are points which can be condescended? What law which will be in force?
I don't know how to start it. It's too hard, it's not a simple case, and I'm sure that you know that very well, I'm sure that it's the most complicated issue in the Middle East and may be in the world, no body could solve it, many tired along its history but no one could, instead every time any body tries to solve it become more complicated.
Firstly I must tell my motive to write this post.
'When it's morning in your half of the Earth, it's night in the other half'. That's why I'm writing that. I believe that specifically in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict there is misleading and misguidance (darkness) in the West about its truth, they can't see it rightly. A side of the problem can be seen but other important sides are completely hidden. On the other side of the world; in the East we can see the full image. Away from reasons of that misguidance and why it has occurred, I think that it's important to reveal the full facts and to let the other side be enlightened. That's why I'm writing this post; I just feel that what I see as admitted facts like the sun are the like the darkness for the West. I want to scream; 'Palestinians are the oppressed side not Jews who occupied their land'.
To solve a problem we have firstly to know the history of it, the true history not selective history. I mean that the start of the conflict history is not; 'Palestinians are attacking continually Israelis', but the real start is; 'Jews occupied lands of Palestinians and declared their Jewish state on this occupied land in 1948 by the approval (not only silence) of the 'civilized' world'.
After that we have to remember back worthy and eternal stories of struggle of peoples of the earth; how they fought for their freedom, how they offered bloods of their sons for dignity, how they refused to live under occupation, how they refused to live under oppression.  My own people struggled to kick out British and French occupation, they offered their sons to free Sinai in 1973 war. People of Algeria presented  6.5 Millions of their sons since 1830 to 1962 to free their lands. Even Americans fought in bloody wars to have their independence and many were killed and finally they became independent of British authority.  And history is full of many other stories of peoples who fought against occupation, fought to defend their lands, fought to defend their lives, fought for their dignity, fought for freedom. All of us remember story of his own land and feel honor to belong to a people who had the dignity to fight for his freedom and who refused to give one inch of their land to the occupier by any price.
Next step after knowing how Jews occupied Palestinian land and declared their own state on it, and remembering stories of honor of peoples is asking ourselves; What made Palestinians terrorists?!!!
We have to find an answer for this question. History tells us how Jews occupied Palestinian land,  how they established their Jewish state 'Israel' on Palestinian land,  how they killed the young and the old, man and woman, baby and youth, boy and girl,  how they burnt green trees and beautiful homes,  how they destroyed,  how they committed inhuman crimes,  how they committed many massacres against Palestinian people,  how they killed villagers and students. These aren't poem. History proves all that. May be some don't believe me about this history, may some don't know about how Israel has been established in 1948 on the land which has been occupied by Zionists. Historical references are available every where, they can check them.
If this is history so; why we blame Palestinian people to fight against who did all that?!! Why we give ourselves the right of self-defence but blame them to defend their stolen land and defend their lives and lives of their sons?!!
Instead of encouraging Palestinian land in his noble war against occupation and oppression; we stand in the side of the occupier, we named Palestinians who fight to free their land and to kick out the invaders as 'terrorists'. So shameful!!
These are what I see as the most important principles if we are going to solve the Palestinian-Zionistic conflict. In a week I'll provide my perspective of the down-to-earth plan of solving the conflict.
Note: As a positive 'peaceful' sign of the Israeli entity during the 'Peace' conference there were air raids on Palestine causing killings and injuries!! We got the message.


Yankee Doodle said...

I am curious. What's the punishment in your religion to name a pig after your greatest Prophet.

Anonymous said...

Fadly Quote:
"If we are going to solve this conflict..." Wait A Minute!
You haven't heard from Lord-Ruler Of This World, Brother Ahmadinejad?

First, We don't bargain with the killers of innocent children! We
meet with them, to trick the fools.

He said, "First we are going to wipe the Pigs & Monkeys off the map,

then we'll kill all of the other
infidels like "Big Satan", then we
shall rule this world, and the Great Madhi will lead us all to the promised land of eternal virgins, honey-cakes, and peeled grapes, and roast young lamb, prepared for us by French Chefs,

and then we will gulp down...
Young Goat Eye-balls for dessert!

Sheharazad Nights & Camel Pies!
Allah willing, of course!

Sheik Abdullah Anon.



Re-read your words~your side of the
world has bright sunlight to see
Palestine Issue clearly, and...

Our side of the world lives in

The Truth? We both have EQUAL times
of Light & Dakness. Twelve Hours of
Light & Dark. To say that yours is
alway right, and everyone else is
wrong, multiples the problem. reb