Nov 3, 2007

I'm terrorist (P. 2)

"I'm the terrorist?!! How I'm the terroist when you've taken my land?!!"
One of the things which I really don't understand till now, and really don't find any justification for is the double measure policy which the western governments and in some times their peoples practice against Islamic and Arabian issues.
If a Palestinian youth attacked Israeli soldiers he is a terrorist, but if an Israeli soldier killed a Palestinian child it's a must that there will be some justification; by fault, self-defence, being near of 'the bad guys' which Israel fight against, have a school bag on the back which is suspected to contain 'weapons', bla bla bla.
However a Palestinian was in his homeland when he has been invaded by Zionists and what he is doing is to be called 'Self-defence'. On the other hand; what is called Self-defence from Israelis is not to be justified at all because Israelis are the ones who started it, the ones who came to the land of the innocents and invaded, killed, stole and raped.
I wonder when I see the one who is defending his land is called a terrorist, and the one who invaded the same land is called 'Self-defender'.
I really swear by Allah that I can't got it.
Zionists came to Palestine from every part of the world?!! True.
They established their own unlimited state with no borders?!! True.
Where?!! On Palestinian land.
Palestinians accepted that?!!! mmmm
Let us see; Palestinians are the ones who lived on that land for hundreds of years, fathers, grandfathers, grand fathers of the grandfathers on the same land, so we must be interested in their point of view about the important question; Do you agree to live under a state, where you'll live as second-class citizens, your homes will be taken, your trees will be cut, your farms will be burnt, your kids will be killed , your mothers will be killed, your sisters will be raped, your brothers will be killed, your fathers will be killed or kidnapped (you may have the choice) and 'WE' may 'give' you a part of 'YOUR' land ?!!! That's so simply what Israelis aske.. oh sorry; I mean what Israelis did with the Palestinian people. 
I ask another question for the Palestinian people; third of your land, or the whole of it?!!! Do you accept to condescend of one inch of your land?!!
A Stop here please; If we asked any member of any people that question; if we asked an Afghani, Canadian, Chinese, American, Iraqi, Egyptian, Australian, Somalian, English, Tunisian, Saudi, Brazilian, Chilean what would be his answer?!! Will he say; Yes, but give me one Million Dollars?!! Will he ask for one Milliard?!! It's just one inch. Or he will say; take my soul, then take this inch?!!
Here my dear visitors is the problem. A western won't accept to give one inch of his land, but he is so amazed that a Palestinian sacrifice his life for his land freedom, he is so amazed that a Palestinian sacrifice his life to throw the ones who invaded his land away, amazed that Palestinians and Arabs and Muslims don't accept an Israeli state on Palestinian land. A western is amazed that a Palestinian fight against Israelis, but don't have a problem to see a Palestinian youth or old women be killed by Israelis soldiers and settlers, don't have a problem to see an Israeli soldier killing a child emotionlessly, don't have a problem to see a Palestinian home be destroyed or a tree be cut, don't have a problem to admit the legality of Israeli state however knowing about its bloody history, however knowing about the fact that Israel has been established on the land of another people without a permission from them. A western will call a Palestinian 'a terrorist' when he sacrifice life for his freedom, and will call an Israeli soldier killing a child, using banned weapons, attacking civilians as a 'the one who was defending himself' but he just exaggerate some. By God; who started it?!!!
The story in brief is;
Zionists came to Palestinian land.
Zionists declared their own state on Palestinian land.
Zionists killed, destroyed, cut, burnt, raped, assault, discriminated.
Palestinians refused to accept that and decided to resist forever.
Zionists were named as 'Self-defenders'
Palestinians were named as 'Terrorists'
These events are completely true, but where is the logic in this story?!!
No way we can say; 'Hamas is killing Israelis' before we say; 'Israel invaded, stole, destroyed, killed, raped, burnt, broke laws, used banned weapons'. When Mr.A kill Mr.B we must discuss how Mr.B scratched Mr.A's arm during killing him, right?!! Palestinians didn't go to the land of Israelis and started killing them, but Israelis did that and stole the land of Palestinians.
There is no thing more to be said but one fact, the fact that Palestinian people did not give up fighting and resisting against Israelis since this invader state has been established on his own land till now, they never put down the weapon. So there is no justification for any thing from Israelis. Occupation will never be legal.
After every thing; I'll still the one who is guilty. I'll be always the terrorist, not the one who attacked me firstly. He is defending himself, I'm terrorist.
Note: not all Westerns are the same, but there is many who support Palestinian people and know that resistence is their right against Israeli state.

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Palestine Wants Their Land?

Where Is THEIR Palestine Government? They've never had one! They are Shia Persian & Sunni Arab, and they kill each other, every day.

Do you say Hamas & Fatah are
the Government? Or are they really
cut-throat brothers that hate
each other because of religion
differences ~ Both Want Power!

That's why there will always
be wars & killing...And You Will Always
Blame The Jews! None Of You Are
Perfect. None! That's why wars go
on for a 1000 years. No Statesmen/
Lawyers, just religious crazies...
and the innocent die. Ugly men!

Wake up, get a grip on reality, have a respect for Law!