Oct 25, 2007

I'm terrorist (P. I)

Finally; I decided to talk, I decided to tell the truth. To confess..

Before, I was denying that I'm terrorist, denying that Muslims and Arabs are terrorists. But denying is no longer useful. Truth is so clear, too obvious.

I say it loudly; I'M TERRORIST

I'm the one who must be put behind the bars, I beg you to judge me.

Punish me please.


That's true that they are the ones who came to my land where I lived for hundreds of years, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they are the ones who stole my land, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they are the ones who came by their tanks and guns, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they killed my mother, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they killed my sister, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they kidnapped my brother, but I still the terrorist.

That's true they tortured my father, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they declared their OWN state on my OWN land, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they demolished my own home, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they attack safe people, farmers, women, babies, kids and old women, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they are the ones who used cluster bombs and banned weapons, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that hundreds thousands of Muslims were killed by them, but I still the terrorist.

That's true that they are the ones who committed Sabra & Shatila , Qana 1996 , Qana 2006, Deir Yassin and Kafr Qasim , but only me still the terrorist.

That's true that they are the ones who daily kill civilians and children, but only me still the terrorist.
"I'm not against peace. Peace against me."
to be continued..



I believed that you could judge fairly the fundamental principles of:

Freedom of Religion for all citizens in all cultures.

This is the solid foundation for a lasting, world-wide peace.

Without It, Wars will continue. The Persian Grand Ayatollahs wish to dominate all; to bring back the Ancient Madhi Prophet. Do the Sunni Egyptians believe in the Persian 12th Imam? Can Egyptians accept the Persian as their Spiritual Leaders?

Was Sadat killing justified. Did
most Egyptians approve?

Americans wish to know more about
our Egyptian Friends. Your words, your thoughts are welcomed. You have too many pure thoughts to be a Terrorist. reb




Where are the other brave young Egyptian Voices?

Where are the Independent Thoughts?

We Hear Only One Strong Voice! That's not the best system, is it?




There are no strong young Egyptian voices that visit this blog; I can only assume they fear reprisal.

Without The Freedom To Speak, they are like the wrapped up mummies that seek the tomb of the unknown martyr. They are dead men walking!



Nature Cell Biology!
@ Institute of Science reb



Reb offers you,

The poetry of...

Emilio Karim Dabul


See History Post, October 29, 2007


Is Freedom of Religion, and Freedom
of Speech, respectfully offered,

considered a 'revile'?
We have just posted a new article;

The title is "Patriotism". It immediately
received comments, Without Any Hatred.
That's the best kind of comment; No 'reviles'.

You are most welcome to comment
there, mohamed. We honor Freedom
of Speech, and Pure Thought...with Goodwill For All Men & Women, Equal in God's Eyes. reb



You hang a Terror-hat on One Branch of an Olive Tree.


Through the generations, when has there ever been a sustainable government there? It is a tiny speck of land, ruled by various nations, kings & dictatorships, over many generations.

Now, Iran wishes to rule it, with
Hamas Bloody Hands! Puppets on a
Shia string! Hatred & Blood-shed! Those poor, defenseless people. They strap bombs on their own kids, give the parents "blood-money".

Allah Akbar...What's next?

Let us all agree to plunge the world, six billion people, into nuclear chaos over this tiny speck of land. Isn't Hatred Wonderful? Stir the pot. Let's keep it boiling for a few hundred more years.

Allah Akbar.
Let's turn all clocks back-ward
1400 years. Allah Akbar.

"Goodwill For All", & Hatred, like
all religions do, give the Popes & the Ayatollahs power! A fine set of fundamentals to feed to ignorant
people, that ignore the lessons of History! Bring on the 12th Imam!
The Great Madhi "Prophet"! Right?

Kill & maime more generations!

Allah Akbar!
I cry for the children. But, I am not a terrorist. Terrorists are the good guys, Right?

Come on, Mohamed, Say Something Intelligent, I challenge you to think! The Cat Got Your Tongue?



Sixteen hundred years before...

Mohammed the First, there was a
Great, Nineteen Year-Old King!
His subjects gave him a Golden Face! Tutenkahmen!

This was Long Before Jehovah God, Allah God, Zoroaster, Abrahim, Izaac, and Ishmael. Oh, yes!

Did King Tut Worship The Sun God,
Moon God, the God of the Waters, Fire God, the God of Thunder, Lightning, & Rain? Or, Snow Man?

Another Two Thousand Years Before King Tut...

there was the Hindu God, BRAHMA, with Shiva & Vishnu, and my favorite, Hanuman, the monkey god!

Question: Are any of these gods worth suicidal murder? Your future sons & daughter should study these things at a top University! Who are these bold old men with funny hats that dare offer celestial virgins...to brute killers?

I want to know about these things.
The Positive, and the Negative!

Why would anyone be proud to label
himself...A "Terrorist"? reb


Now We See that thousands of young
kids are "training" in Pakistan to strap on the bomb vests in Italy, Portugal, France, and Britain. (Some are only fifteen years old).

Is Mohamed Proud Of Them? Sorry for them? Will their Imams join them, blow their bodies up, for Allah's Pleasure?

I don't think so! Let the babies do the dirty work. Isn't Teaching Hate...Just Wonderful? Hah!

Who needs math, science, law, history, comparitive religions?

Just teach them To Hate Jews! reb



On September 6th you asked,

Why didn't reb put it on
Your (Mohamed) Post?

Answer: Because, there's no Action
here. No Fine Egyptian Minds! No
Discussion. It's like talking to
a wall. "Freedom of Speech" is a
waste, for the Closed Mind! You have
nothing original to offer.

Just 1400 year-old thoughts..."Reviles".
I wish you well; grow up! reb

Anonymous said...


Blank Blank Blank


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Anonymous said...

Notice the sudden shift? From a
reasonable law student to a "Terrorist"?

This guy's dead, or in prison.
That's my guess. Hope I'm wrong.



CNN.com/world, Monday, Nov 19

Saudi Lawyer In Rape Victim Plea

A Saudi Arabian human rights attorney attempts to defend
a gang-rape victim.

Loses his license to practice law.
Victim gets 200 lashes, plus six months in jail.

Abdulrahman appeals; no word yet
from King Abdullah. Is this a sample of Sharia Justice? Or is it only Saudi Justice? reb

Emilie said...

"Surely, it is a danger and threat when the teachings of Islam are hijacked by extremist, intolerant and fanatic people. Then, the beauty of the teachings will be a threat not only for non-Muslims but for Muslims even. Let us pray that the real Islam which has a lot of respect to other faiths, prevails for the betterment of humanity". Quote from a Muslim scholar.
Our young blogger is not dead or in prison. He is the son of prominent professionals who live well (two homes, stays at 5-star hotels, travel), are highly educated, and devoutly Muslim in a majority Muslim-run Egypt that is relatively safe for everyone except when some fanatic goes off the deep end (just like here in the US).
He is just a very young, idealistic man who is as steeped in his religion as our born-again evangelical Christians. You can't tell such fundamentalists anything. It is their way that is the only way, right?
What happened to him recently is that his idealism has led him to be obsessed by what is happening in what he feels is his back yard to his brothers (Arabs and Muslims). He is incensed at what he perceives to be the only important injustice going on in the world right now, and he has lapsed into sarcasm and self-victimization. He will not strap on a bomb or even pick up a rifle on their behalf, however. He is just tired of the media reports that constantly seem to hammer his beloved Islam, and of his own media that constantly hammer into his head that Israel has no right to exist in what some claim to be Palesinian lands, and he can't seem to realize that it is the trouble-makers in the Islamic countries and elsewhere that need to be reined in before more Middle Eastern countries get mired in violence.
I pray that our young blogger will some time start to view the world in the big picture and learn of the violent history throughout all time and find out how some countries came under Muslim rulers.
Islam, like Christianity, may seem like the road to peace by its followers, but Allah God remains above all the violence and injustice. I am weary of the claims of such organized religions and remain an agnostic in the land of the really free.

Port Orchard, WA



I've read your comments, and you are a sharp observer of these sad
multiples religions that first install a set of fundamental values, then isolate the 'true believer' from all other faiths.

The next step is to (a) victimize themselves, then (b) demonize one or two groups (or nations) as their targets for hatred, and the rest is easy. The teacher has trapped another soul for Christ or Allah.

I learned these fundamental steps many decades ago; the final step is to create genuine hatred!

The Ugly Politicians in the USA have learned these same mind-games, use very similar tactics & strategies; they form "Peace"
Alliances, Environmental groups, &
Anti-War Rallys & Parades! Their victims become self-righteous dupes & puppets of the instructors!

The "Power of Suggestion" was seen in Ivan Pavlov's experimentation with dogs in 1898! He shocked the scientific community with his discovery.
Adolph Hitler used it to enslave a nation of educated people, in the 1930's. His Target for Hate was a tiny minority of helpless Jews!

Now we are witness to these identical methods in the USA, with Billionaire "Peace" Foundations! Their target for Hate is the G.O.P. Big Money is creating a Vast Army of Hate Puppets!

I fear their Power, I know their methods. It's as old as the hills!
They now use Radio, Tv Channels, and the Internet to lure victims.
They "buy" brainless Hollywood Celebrities, Musicians, etc

Across the ocean Ahmadinejad knows
these Pavlovian Tricks; he is very
smooth, very smart. He is drunk with power & self-importance. He wants a Nuke!

That's why I blog; I will spend my
remaining months, or years exposing them & their devices to entrap the mass audience. These Are Truly Evil Men.

Learn More About Them; I invite all
Thinkers to comment without fear of
exposing a true identity. Your first name is enough. Thank you.
P.S. You are correct; No person knows about Creation, or a Creator. All they have is ancient writings and stories about prophets & their violent history of the sword & shield. Sad. reb