Oct 13, 2007

Happy Eed

Happy Eed for every Muslim.
Today is the first day of Eed Al-Fitr (Breakfast feast). It comes after the fasting of the month of Ramadan. All Muslims around the world celebrate it and express their joyment in it. Some prefer to be in gardens, some prefer to be in trade centers, some other prefer to travel to other cities, others may like to make picnics. But two things are very special in this feast. First is the gatherings of families; all families in the feast exchange visitations. Second is the prayer of the feast; it's a very special prayer, and what really distinguish it is that big numbers of Muslims in every city or village gather in one big place to pray this prayer.
As for me I'm going to pray the prayer of the feast in 6:00 AM, then I'll have the breakfast with the family, aunts and uncels, then I may visit our relatives after that in close cities, and I may meet my friend in the evening. In the 2nd day I'm going to travel to the country to gather with the rest of the family. In the 3rd day I may travel to Cairo. May be after that I travel to Alexandria.
Any way; Happy Eed for all Muslims around the world, and may Allah make all our days happier and happier, and remove the pains of every one the world, and may Allah help our brothers in Iraq and Palestine, and feed the poor children in Africa, and make our world more peaceful and more clean.




Your thoughts & prayers are positive, for Peace, Clean-air, and Water. The environment must someday soon improve when scientists can give us a non-polluting fuel for Energy, to Replace Oil & Coal. It's hard to see or breathe in Beijing, China,
plus some other Big Cities Like Los Angeles. Smog!

Your Breakfast, what food is it?

My favorite in the morning is a Spanish Omelette filled with fresh tomatoes, diced green chilies, and
cheese; butter-fried potatoes, rye toast w/ fig jam; add a small glass of chili/tomato juice, plus espresso or arabica coffee!

(My old friend Albert(Pappy Greybeard)likes only fruit! He is happy with Ripe Bananas & Avocado, or just melon).



Anonymous said...

Hi, Reb,

I see Mohamed hasn't answered your question about what he has for breakfast, so I will answer for him. He once told me he has cheese, honey, milk and bread for breakfast and that for lunch he usually eats what his mother fixes since lunch is the main meal of their day. He mentioned dishes like Ful and Ta'amia and Koshari and an okra-based soup called Molokheyya Bamya. He also likes sandwiches from a local take-out place. His mother and sister make cheese sandwiches. I gathered they don't eat much meat and that meat is eaten communally when a whole animal (sheep?) is roasted at a feast. They also have lots of wonderful pastries. I assume they have pastries for dinner, as that is not their main meal. They probably drink sweet tea, and they never drink wine of course; Mohamed told me that it is bad because it clouds the mind. I guess we Americans like the clouding, huh? Most of us drink wine with dinner but in moderation, right? Here is a link to Egyptian food: http://www.epicurious.com/features/going_global/egyptian/intro

Reb, your breakfast sounds a lot like mine with the exception that I cannot eat bread or I will end up looking like a loaf myself since I am quite petite. Same with potatoes. We have been ordered to cut out the carbs since many of us have developed diabetes with our fry bread, etc. The native diet was so natural and healthy (and so yukky) until the Europeans brought us their wheat flour and butter to fry it in.

My breakfast consists of a "Spanish" omelet made with Pace's Chunky Salsa (tastes just like onions, green peppers and tomatoes) and cheese, and green tea instead of coffee (coffee is for lunch) and a glass of V-8 juice. I love pancakes, especially buckwheat ones with blueberries and slathered with butter and real maple syrup with a little molasses in it. I only eat those when we go out. I think I will try your rye bread with fig jam--that sounds good.

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