Oct 15, 2007

For the sake of environment

You love forests, trees, flowers, green plants?!!
You love singing birds, beautiful animals, lakes of water, green grass?!!!
So, you're one of those who love nature.
Then let me say to you that I'm so sorry for you. Sorry that you're going to lose all these beautiful things very soon. Green trees, colorful flowers, singing birds, clean air and clean water are going to be in few years things of the past. May be sons of today will say to their grandsons; "Dear, in our childhood there were a thing called trees in our countries, I may show it to you on TV"
It's not a joke, not an assumption. It's just the truth, the bitter truth.
Man cut trees, kill animals, destroy their natural home, pump harmful gases to air, pour poisons and chemicals in rivers, create radiations, drop his wastes in seas, waste his resources in wars, manufacture new viruses, use harmful chemicals in soil, pollute his drinking water, bury nuclear wastes under ground in developing countries causing earthquakes and risky diseases, use unsafe genes in his food, .. and more more.
What is he doing?!! He's just killing nature, killing his home, he is just SUICIDING.
I invented a law which I strongly believe in; 'Whenever there is man, there is destruction'
A call for every human, every responsible man, every company, every factory, every organization, every government;
Stop polluting our environment
You must have some role in that;
As an ordinary man; through your rubbish in its right place.
As a mother; teach your children how to love their environment.
As a citizen; vote for those who will care for nature, demonstrate for environment.
As a law man; set legislations to stop polluting environment.
As a factory owner; get rid of your factory wastes the right pro-nature way.
As a member in the government; work for the sake of environment.
As an organization; make studies, advice governments, inform people how to care for their environment.
If every body knew his role, did it. The world will be clean.



Very commendable; very positive! reb



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Before accepting any new Immigrant
as a Citizen of the United States of America, they must first be required to Sign and Swear A Solemn Oath To Defend With Their Lives, Our First Amendment Principles of...

Freedom of Religion,
Freedom of Speech, Press, and Thought, And The Right To Peacefully Asssemble.

Only Two Groups may wish to object:

a) Some Muslims may insist that there is...
Only One True Religion,


b) Jehovah's Witnesses

have, as a Matter of Church Doctrine, refused to don a military uniform in the Defense of
Our Precious Liberty, For All.
If You Cannot Defend It...You
Do Not Deserve It. reb



If any person wishes an English Translation of the Arabic word


Go to: www.danielpipes.org/article/990

Peace & Goodwill reb


Your Environment is splattered with the blood of your own Shahid,

Your Martyrs! But not a single drop of the crafty Imam. He must
stay here, and teach about Hating Pigs...and Monkeys!

Abrahim, the father...

Isaac, the Jew, blood brother of...

Ishmael, whose sons will someday
be Wahhabi. He will be a 'wild donkey' of a man! Hatred rules the desert land. Curse their mustache!

There will be ever-lasting trouble
until the end of time, sayeth the Angel of the Lord, Allah willing, sayeth the Imam.