Apr 22, 2007

ALL are terrorists!!!!

South Korean people is a terrorist people!!!

Why not?!!!!
'One' of this people killed 32 innocents, he
shooted them randomly, he didn't care for their families, their children, oh, he
suicied also. What a barbaric ... 'people'!!!!!

No, it's not only the Korean people which consists of killers and
terrorists; their constitution also invites for killing innocents and

What is this stupid conclusion, right?!!! That's right that he is a killer to do that, but this don't mean that his people or even his family are bad guys, but this is only one, and the bad deed of 'one' don't mean that all the 'group' which he belongs to are bad. This don't mean that the background which he came from invites to badness.

So, why when some of those who kill and destroy and attack innocents and children under Islam name, and claim that they are Muslims do that; the world shout then that ALL Muslims are terrorists?!!!! That's not only what the world acuse Muslims of, the world accuse Islamic resources that they invite for killing innocents and enemizing the world?!!!!!!

We must be fair and just when we judge others, we must judge by our own minds and have our own points of views not the views which our politians and media wants us to have.

By the way, what was his religion?!!!!
Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim, Zawahri is a Muslim, Zarqawia was a Muslim, .... were Muslims. So what about the religion of Cho Seung-Hui?!!!!

Sorry for all victims' families, Sorry for South Korean people to be accused of being terrorist.


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


You have been silent for 20 days. I was afraid the cat had gotten your tongue.

As for Cho Seung Hui, may he roast in hell, although he was a mass murderer, he was also seriously mentally ill. He was a young man who shunned human contact until this last act which were the type of human contact to be avoided most.

Was he a terrorist? I think not only because terrorism seeks to achieve an end. The word "end" in this context means "purpose" in the sense of something that is ongoing. I suppose this point is debatable.

As for Cho Seung Hui's religion, it is known that he mother, like many Koreans, is a devout Christian and Cho was violently opposed to her religion.

Of course Americans do not now think: "Cho was Korean therefore all Koreans are mad dog killers."

Nor do we think that all Muslims or Arabs or Chechnyans are terrorists.

I do have another question for you, one which I believe I have asked before but before I ask it again, I have asked myself the following question: "Why do people in America periodically walk into schools or shopping malls and start shooting people before killing themselves or being killed by police?" It seems in this country, such events happen 2 or 3 times a year.

Of course I do not know the answer other than they were mentally ill or filled with hate or both.

As for my question to you, it is: "Why do people in Iraq, in what seems to be a daily occurrance, go to ploice stations or schools or markets and blow themselves up with explosives with the purpose of killing as many innocent people as possible?"

Obviously they are filled with hate. Are they too mentally ill?
Whereas when a mass murder occurs in the America, there seems to be no relationship to religion.

The common thinking in America is that when Iraqis blow themselves up with explosives they are all Muslims; and believe that blowing themselves up is an act of martyrdom which entitles them to spend eternity is paradise served by 78 houris.

So we do not believe all Muslims are terrorists. Actually, we believe most Muslims want the same things we want out of life.

But you have to understand, Mohamed, it raises questions when none of the people blowing themselves up are Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or animists.

So, I am just wondering about the answer to my question.

I also have a request. At least one person who responds to your postings does so in Arabic, a language that sadly I can neither read nor speak. Would you translate?

Mohamed said...

Hi My guest

No, the cat hadn't gotten my tongue, even if it did; I still have my hands to write ;)

The reason of my silence is that I have my studies, and also I just don't like your way of discussion. I think that you close your mind, you don't want to hear me.

Any way, I will assume that you'll change your way, and start hearing me, and reply your questions.

Who talked about Americans?!!!

I think that most of Westerns make this conclusion. Just because I'm Muslim, so that means no doubtly that I'm terrorist. Just search about terrorism on Google and find in same pages how many times words of Islam, Muslims, Qur'an, ... are in the same page.
Just say the word Jihad and see what will happen, may be you'll be arrested.

And a simple thing that shows that Westerns think that all Muslims are terrorists; majority of them think that Jihad means terrorism; and it's known that ALL Muslims(I'm telling you this fact) love Jihad, so as a result ALL Muslims are terrorists.

As for Cho's religion; actually I don't care, as his crime comes out of a problem in himself not his religioin, but my point is that when a person kill by the name of Islam, he's firstly Muslim and fianlly Muslim, but when any other person from another religion or phiolsophy kill and destroy he wil be Israeli or American or Hindi or South Korean..etc. Did you hear a Jew killed or a Christian destoryed or a Hindu burnt?!!! Impossible.
This is a clear indication about the Media war against Islam to deface it.

That's the pleasure to trnaslate for you what he said;

In his comment on 'Against law'; he said that;
'You're right, they have double measure'

On 'Do you support terrorism'; he said that;
Actually several persons aim at proving the accusation of terrorism on Islamic religion, that's only to show Islam by a specific image -sure not good- and then mix papers and change facts and finally add some understanding based on their own view not its truth and origins and then prove on it the accusation of terrorism..but they're in fact wrong.

I didn't understand your questions in this comment.
I'll see if I can reply your previous points in last comments as soon as I can, I'm having my exams in a month and I think that it may be hard to reply before that, but I'll try.

Till next time,


Mohamed, April 30, 2007

Of course, you will need the extra
time to catch up with me.

Study the Evolution of Law from the
days of King Hammurabi. Sharia has contributed some positive things.

Other cultures have also made some
great contributions. You may have some difficulty acknowledging that fact. Peace.




Mohamed, May 09, 2007

It is encouraging that you permit
other voices on your Weblog. The U.S. Laws allow all people to (a) share ideas, (b)to speak without fear of ugly retribution from the government, (c) to peacefully assemble.

A multiplicity of religious sects
is the Greatest Blessing of All Our
Laws. No single religion can dominate the majority, oppress them, stone them, publicly cut off
a hand, publicly whip women, or cut off the head or hang someone if they freely choose a different
religion or church!
Read Our 1st Amendment! A law student might be impressed.

This Freedom, written in 1776, has given a young nation the Fertile Soil...

for people from other cultures to come here, to work hard, read all books, to write, and create new thoughts, to Invent New Things. To explore new possibilities, to fly over land, or out into Space, to Walk on the Moon, and for the Hubble Telescope to find a galaxy far, far away.

You & I can thank Bill Gates, a young student, for the research & development technology that allows us to communicate via satellite half way around the world.

Inventor Seeds Germinate Quickly In Freedom's Rich Soil!

We would not secretly hide this treasure; we prefer to share our Freedom Formula with other cultures
in the hope for a more Peaceful World. reb



mohamed, May 15, 2007

We have so much to openly speak about! Could you indicate when your
test period ends?

Please do record your early date for continuing our chat (on the Gen. Patton post). Thank you. reb



June 01, 2007

mohamed speaks on his own weblog

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