May 27, 2007

All the same, or not?!!

All kill..

All destroy..

All use weapons..

All have some kind of justification..

So, the question is; Are they all the same?!!!



mohamed, June 01, 2007

You have found the time to post your rather narrow views in May!

I have waited patiently for your
summary to my precise questions.

You insist that you are Too Busy to
Answer Now!

I am beginning to have doubts. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


=For some reason, although I cannot find where, I though Mohamed said his exams were over on June 18 so I have satyed away as I well remeber the pressure of taking those exams. He also deserves a few days of R&R when he is finished.

I was going to ask him a question and will take the opportunity to do so.


Let me preface my question by stating that reb and I do not believe all Muslims are terrorists or all terrorists are Muslims, although Islam has a helathy market share in that regard.

And, both of us are mindful that occasionally in the United States, someone like Cho Seung Hui goes insane and commits an horrendous act of violence.

Every day, however, we hear or read about some Muslim in Iraq or Afghanistan or Israel blowing themselves to smithereens together with a many innocent civilians as possible, most of them Muslims. The suicide bombers are invariably Muslims. So my question is: Why do Muslims become suicide bombers? It seems be expressly against the tenets of your faith.

Mohamed said...

I don't like your way of speech.

I don't lie, for the simple reason that my religion orders me not to, and also I don't have to lie because if I don't want to argue with you I can politely and simply tell you that, so your doubts are useless and are built on false reasons.

If one of us must doubt, so I think that it's me who must doubt, what do you think?!!!

I'm a Muslim and Qur'an teaches me; "O ye who believe! fulfil (all) obligations..." 5:1
So, when I say that I'll reply after my exams, then I'll reply after my exams -if I still alive-.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Neither reb nor I have accused you of lying.

I understand very well how busy you are with exams. Take your time responding.

My impresson is that you would never become a suicide bomber; that personally, you believe that suicide bombing is an abomination; and that any casual reading of the Qur'an would prohibit suicide bombing.

So I am not looking for a citation of chapter and verse from the Qur'an to support the idea that one should not make war on innocents.

I am interested in any explanation you may provide as to why Muslims engage in suicide bombing, a parctice that seems limited to Muslims.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I trust exams went well. So, please explain about the suicide bombers.