Apr 2, 2007

'Against law'

EU considers the problem of British sailors 'against international law'.
'Arresting' 15 sailors from an army is against law!!!!!
What about killing civilians in Lebanon?!!!!
What about using internationally banned weapons against armless kids?!!!!
What about random killing practiced against Palestinian civilians?!!!!
What about declaration of a state on another independent state?!!!!!
What about Sabra and Shatila?!!!!!
What about Qana 1996?!!!!
What about Qana 2006?!!!!
What about Kafr Qasim?!!!!!
What about Deir Yassen ?!!!!
What about killing Eman Hajjo (4 months)?!!!!
What about killing Mohammad Al-Dorra (12 years)?!!!!!
What about targeting bridges, roads, hospitals, water stations, civil habitation buildings ...?!!!!
Wasn't all that against international law?!!!!!   We aren't talking here about 'arresting' 'soldiers', but we're talking about 'killing ' 'civilians'.


The Loop Garoo Kid said...

OK Mohamed, let me give you some advice if you are going to be a lawyer. Imagine the following:

You are in the World Court defending the government of Iran which the British government has accused of illegally detaining 15 British sailors and marines.

The British government is represented by an attorney from the EU.

The EU attorney stands up and gives his opening statement.

Now it's your turn;

"Your Honor, may it please the Court. I cite the massacres and shellings at Sabra and Shatila in 1982; of Qana in 1996 and 2006; of Kafr Qasim in 1956; and of Deir Yassin in 1948. I also remind the court of the deaths of Eman Hajjo age 4 months and the eath of Mohammad Al-Dorra age 12 years."

The Court, after an awkward pause:

"Mohamed, the Court is aware of the regrettable events and occurrances that you cite. This Court, however, is concerned with the current case involving the seizure of 15 British military personnel by the government of Iraq. The events to which you refer have no relevance or precedential value to this current controversy. I admonish you keep your arguments and citations relevant to this case. It is in the best interests of your client, the government of Iran."

I previously accused you of living in the past and being unable to move forward. Case in point. There is an international incident, as yet unresolved, between two sovereign nations.

In response to that situation, you cite past incidents that have no relevancy to the issue at hand, but are either attacks on Israel or protestations about the plight of Palestinians.

There was a tsunami in the Solomon Islands. Villages were destroyed and people died. I am quite sure your response is: "What about the killing of Eman Hajjo age 4 months? What about the killing of Mohammad Al-Dorra age 12 years?"

You coppish?

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Happy Easter, Mohamed. Christ is risen. A terrible beauty is born.

I thought I might share portions of an Op-Ed piece by David Brooks that appeared in today's Sunday New York Times newspaper. Mr. Brooks wrote about a conference he attended in Jordan, co-sponsored by the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan and the American Enterprise Institute, a conference, Mr. Brooks found both "illuminating and depressing." The idea was to get together Americans and moderate Arab reformers to talk about Iraq, Iran, and any remaining prospects for democracy in the Middle East.

Mr Brooks wrote: "As it happened, though, the Arab speakers mainly wanted to talk about the Isrtael lobby [in Washington, D.C.]...

We Americans tried to press our Arab friends to talk more about the Sunni-Shiite split, the Iraq civil war, and the rise of Iran, but they seemed uninterested. They mimicked a speech King Abdullah of Jordan recently delivered before Congress in which he scarcely mentioned the Iraq chaos on his border. It was all Israel, all the time.....

But there was nothing defensive or introspective about the Arab speakers here. In response to Bernard Lewis' question, "What Went Wrong?" their answer seemed to be: Nothing's wrong with us. What's wrong with you?

The events of the past three years have shifted their diagnosis of where the cancer is--from dysfunction in the Arab world to malevolence in Jerusalem and in Aipic [the American Israeli Political Action Committee].....

So we enter a more intractable phase in the conflict, which will not be a war over land or oil but a war over narratives. The Arabs will nuture this Zionist-centric mythology, which is as self-flattering as it is self-destructive. They will demand that the U.S. and Israel adopt their narrative and admit historical guilt. Failing politically, militarily, and economically, they will fight for moral superiority, the kind of battle that does not allow for compromises or truces....

What we have is not a clash of civilizations, but a gap between civilizations, increasingly without common goals or means of communication."

I thought to myself: "What Mr. Brooks describes closely resembles Mohamed's posts; my comments; and his non answers to my questions."

By the way, yesterday marks the the 13th anniversary of the beginning of 100 days in Rwanda in which Hutus slaughtered 800,000 ethnic Tustis and moderate Hutus. That is 8,000 per day, Mohamed. It makes the massacres you recently cited seem small change by comparison.

And, so long as we have your position on Israel somewhat clarified, how do you feel about the Arab Janjaweed militias in the southern Sudan?

شباب روش طحن said...

أنت علي حق أنهم يكيلون بمكيالين



You are kind to Post your honest opinions on our weblog. As a Law
Student, I am impressed with your
choice of study. Law can be a noble
profession for all societies.

You certainly know that the First Written Law came from your area on
this planet 1800 years before Jesus, and your Quran acknowledges
Him a Great Prophet. King Hammurabi
had the early beginnings of Law to build his great kingdom. We can all view the granite stone at the Louvre in Paris today. It had great
Rules Governing Conduct, and some
tough enforcement dictated hands &
heads be cut off, but it was also the start of modern civilization.

Law, like Religions Evolve. None are perfect, but too slowly they reach for improvement. Some of our
Reverands Claim they already have
total knowledge of God's Creation, and don't need improvement! How very arrogant they are to believe that Creator has chosen them alone.
We tolerate their foolishness. We do not cut their heads off. They are exposed by their own ignorance.
So try to understand, some seek power & wealth. It's the penalty we
readily pay for Freedom Of Thought.
It serves the greater good.

Jesus taught law that opposed Moses
stoning of adulterous women, it was too harsh. Are men less guilty?He told woman to "Go, and sin no more". Some believe that they are Sinless Teachers. They even teach murder/suicide to their babies.

Some places still murder women with stones, and whip them in public, and they still cut the throats of young girls that
have been forcibly Raped, to keep the family honor! Of course, you know about "Honor Killings". Grim stuff tolerated by many in your area of this planet. Different old cultures, different religions. All
seem to come short of the glory of God/Allah. Some "holy men" teach murder/suicide and hatred to young students before they can read! We label it 'Cultural Differences' and
we shrug and ignore. Now, science has given man the tools to destroy
all life! We are no longer willing to accept other cultures notions.

They wish to kill us as devils, and
infidels. It's a serious problem, and we must confront an older kill/culture that threatens all people that wish for Peace. Man has
always had wars for 5,000 years. The tribal wars have now escalated to World Wars...Nuclear War Is now very possible. The Persians are a
threat to Sunni/Wahhabi. Now the Saudi want Nukes to limit Iran's
abiity to Wipe Them Off the Map.

Fatah/Hamas kill each other. Sunni/
Shia kill each other every day in Iraq. The battle of the Ayatollahs?
Hezbollah, Party of God? I don't think so! Your generation has the moral obligation to try to avoid crazy insanity. Leadership says Kill, bring on the Madhi. Young people in Iran say NO! Enough of this crazy kill-culture, and religious posturing!

Your comments are valued. Do you have an answer on how to stop this?
I don't think Allah would allow these nutty people to speak for Him, to destroy His Creation.

Print this, before you comment. Frame answers carefully without help from older heads. They have proven their Incompetence! Perhaps
young Egyptian & young Iranians can help us with a fresh approach to this complexity.

Jesus was Gentle Teacher/Prophet.
Many throughout the world believe
His Wisdom to be The Way, the Truth, and the Light. Many Jews today believe Him to be their Messiah! There is much discussion.

Some leaderships teach their young
to hate with cartoons before the young can read a book. What will he
be when he matures into manhood? A Shahid, or Shaheed? A killer? Or
perhaps a Lawyer or History Major.

The Roman Church thought the Sun orbited the Earth, and threatened
Galillio with Death, when his charts and telescope revealed a different view. Over the years the
religious scholars have heated arguments about their notions of a
Creator God, and there is War, and
great suffering of the Common Folks, and their children. They are forced to pray, five times each day. Most nations do not force prayer; they do not have a
Mutawah, a Piety Police & Public Whipping of Women. Most encourage
their women to get an education to double capacity for greater good. Many societies are judged by how they respect & admire their women.
No nation is perfect, not yet. We have criminal minds that reject Law
and Order, we lock them in cages, so they cannot create more trouble.

Some are criminally insane, like the Korean student Cho. Our legal
system was not forced to deal with
him, he (like many insane) commit suicide.

Perhaps it's the young Egyptian, Iranian, and American that will solve this puzzling dilemma. It's
your moral obligation now to deliver us from Evil Ways...the old ways. reb


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