Nov 15, 2005

The Right Islamic Religion rules

*Islam loves Peace...and considers terrorism as a big crime as ISLAM is a message of construction not destruction

*Islam values woman and set laws to protect her rights(Among these rights is:the right to life, the right to learn; the right to earn, own and dispose property; the right to choose a husband; the right to a marriage gift; the right to retain her maiden name; the right, as a wife, to her pre-marriage standard of living; the right to be treated equally; the right to seek divorce; the right to inherit; and the right to a final will)

*Islam protects woman virtue,honor also her body;as she is a precious diamond

*Islam refuses intolerance but follows the flexible way and mental speech as "THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION"
a QUR'AN verse 2:256

*Islam respects Human Rights

*Islam teaches equality between women and men as Qur'an said:"…Whoever does good, whether male or female, and is a believer, will enter the Garden (of Paradise)…"
a QUR'AN verse 40:39

*Islam orders his followers(Muslims)to ask for material science as Prophet Mohamed said:"Ask for science whether it's in China"

*Islam follows the to earth education

to be continued...

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Lizze said...

Lets hope that everyone gets hear and believe in these words. The whole world needs it.

Very beatiful pictures you have taken.