Nov 16, 2005

about ISLAM

You think that Islam is the Religion of terrorism?
You think that Islam is the Religion of atavism?
You think that Islam is the Religion of intolerance?

Want to know more about ISLAM!!
Here you are some trusted web sites talking about ISLAM:

Islam On Line
Islam Way
Discover Islam 1
Discover Islam 2


longinous said...

I think Islam, like any other religion, must be deleted, but is just my humble opinion

longinous said...

(first of all, i write in english very bad, so, please, be patient)
I think that, not because I hate muslim nor catholic, nor buddhisti.
I only hate the concept of "religion".
Why should I believe in some god?
why your god must be better than other god?
specular: why other god must be better than your?

I simply hate religions'concept, not religions themselves.

P.S. my english is terrible, I know, but iI study computer engeneering, not foreign languages, so, I repeat, be patient

Potatohead said...

I think Islam is being misunderstood. I respect the way muslims pray five times a day. I have loads of muslim friends. It is sad that because of a few black sheep, the entire flock is being tainted.