Nov 12, 2005

For terrorrists acting in Islam name

I want to tell you that I and all Muslims are ashamed of your doings….you're defacing Islam picture in whole the world(specially in the West)……Your doings aren't justified by any mean…If you said that you're revenging of who came to your homes,took your land,killed your sons and wives and destroyed your houses…I'll say that you can fight the enemy and the enemy is not a man doing his religious rituals in a Church or a temple,not also a man working in his workplace and not also a safe man in his house…as our prophet(Mohamed)ordered us not to do any of these doings in War time…..The only justified fight is against soldiers and armies and who fight against you-I dare to say that-………As it's your right to protect your lands...And "Defending a people about his land isn't terrorism" And another point;is what happening in Islamic countries like(Sharm El-Sheikh,Amman and Saudi Arabia)…..Are you killing your brothers?!!!
IF you said:we're not targeting Muslims;we're targeting bad men from other countries….I'll remind you that our great religion told us that when a foreigner come to our lands peacefully however his religion,nationality or ideas;he is safe as he is on our lands……….and another thing;Is it a wise work to kill 30 people because you're targeting one man?!!!


Bassem said...

I want to thank you for this Great, not only great but marvelous Blog...
As You noticed of course my complete absence from my blog which has nearly the same aim of your blog,
Really, I am very busy with my university Studies.
I hope I add new topics and help you in ur greatful aim defending Islam and Muslims All over the world.
I want to be positive and help you, and I am serious in my words but Exams are falling from the sky on my head and Engineering university is hard specially the Preparatory Year which approxiately gathers most of the specifications.
Hope you complete with no backsteps.
Your Brother

Mohamed said...

Thanks Bassem,
I hope that the blog really achieve it's aim.

You have to keep in touch with me on my e-mail:
to provide me with new topics as I really need a Muslim besides me.

May Allah help you in your studies,exams and whole the faculty.