Jul 29, 2011

Somalia Catastrophe .. plz do whatever you can!

Millions of people are facing forthcoming death because of hunger in Somalia. There are organizations like UN and Islamic Relief who are trying to help them, but they need fund. You can help them by your money.

Qur'an says:
"And they feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive,-" 76:8
"Alms are for the poor and the needy, .." 9:60

Here you're contacts for organizations who need money to help Somalian people..

Somali son yılların en kötü felaketlerinden biri ile karşı karşıya
Yardım için : طرق المساعدة :: Support ways 
Kuwait الكويت Khalid Al-Masry5599-5960 

London, UK 

United kingdomPhone: 0044161248 4156Fax: 0044208608 855Cell phone: 0044785581 3191Email : /info@wamy.co.ukAddress: 46 /Goodge Street,London W1T 4LU
Virginia United State 
United statephone: 0017038206 656Fax: 0017036712 377Cell phone: 0017036069 968Email: /info@wamyusa.orgAddress: 4212 /King St Alexandria VA. 22302

Saudi السعودية
الهاتف المجاني 8002443300. رقم الحساب في مصرف الراجحي SA2580000319608 010028468, ولا تنسوا ألاتصال على الندوة بعد تحويل المبلغ لإبلاغهم بأن عملية الإيداع موجهة لحملة الصومال

مصر : Egypt 
لجنة الإغاثة الإنسانية بنقابة أطباء مصر – حساب رقم261363 بنك فيصل الإسلامي فرع القاهرة. 
أو 20737/3/1 بنك قناة السويس – فرع الدقي لصالح الصومال.
Human Relief Committee of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate Bank account Numbers 

Islamic Relief Worlwide

التبرع النقدي و العيني 42 ش القصر العيني – دار الحكمة – القاهرة أو من خلال أفرع اللجنة بنقابات الأطباء الفرعية.For Cash and goods 42 Al Kasr al Einy StreetDar el Hekma, or through any office of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate 
For Direct donation please callوللتبرع المباشر اتصل بالأرقام 01527826831 – 0190147007 – 0119831657، وأكّد أن التبرع لصالح صندوق الصومال.

For Other Countries please donate through this UN link or send the event creator a private message 
لباقي الدول لباقي الدول الرقأ التبرع عبر رابط الأمم المتحدة التالي أو الرجاء إرسال رسالة لمؤسس الصفحة


Mohamed said...

If you are a Muslim you can pay your annual Zakat amount to Somalia, like my family did.

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Anonymous said...

Joe Doakes says,

If I am not a muslim, am I allowed to contribute something to help the starving people in Somalia?

Thousands are dying. These people need food & clean water, milk for the children.


Mohamed said...

Whoever you are, you can contribute if you want.

Islamic Relief Worldwide organization collected and is collecting donations, UN is collecting too and they both have already sent help, but they still need more help over there.

Please visit this:



Anonymous said...

Sir, My wife and I saw a photo of the sad plight of those Somalia people, and we felt it necessary to give something, but shouldn't the people with great wealth be asked also? The saudi people have much money, and I think they should help these people too.

Thank you, goodbye. Joe


Mohamed said...

Your name is Joe?!!

I thought your name is Ralp.. mmmmmm, anyway, Saudi rulers launched a campaign to donate for Somalian people. Your news agencies want to wash out your mind and convince you of many lies.



Anonymous said...

How about helping the victims in Sudan?