May 10, 2008

Opposite benefits

When the homes of a people are transferred into another people's homes.
When the coming of a people means the evacuation of another people.
When the good thing for a people is a bad thing for another people.
When the safety of a people mean the terrifying of another people.
When the happiness of a people is sadness for another people.
When the joy of a people is a disaster for another people.

We must be completely sure then that there is something that is not working properly.


Anonymous said...

To Mohamed and any who reads this blog,

Mohamed has a keen grasp for the obvious. Nevertheless, Mohamed, your anlysis fails to reach th eobviuos conclusion. You should study more history and less law.

Here is the lesson: War is always bad for the losers, especially in the short run. Read history. The losers of wars have lost their lands; have lost their freedom; and sometimes have been completely wiped out.

Mohamed thinks this is wrong. Mohamed is a fool. History is neither wrong nor right. History merely is. Mohamed wants to rewrite history. I say to him: "Mohamed, take a tube of toothpaste. Squeeze some out, a little or a lot, it makes no difference. Have you squeezed some toothpaste out of the tube yet Mohamed? Okay, you have? Now put th etoothpaste back in the tube. Now do you see that you cannot re
write history?"

If you wish to be happy, Mohamed, do not waste your time tyring to put the toothepaste back in the tube.


The Loop Garoo Kid


Loop Garoo,

Mohamed Wishes Not For Happiness; he obviously has other motivations that guide his young life.


Mohamed, Greetings! I would direct
your attention to Snake Hunters June 1st Post.

The Title, "A Mullah Reality Check" by Amil Imani, an Iranian/American.

It would please me greatly if you would rate this author as...

Fair, Good, Very Good or Excellent (or perhaps, X Very Bad).

We have 'Free Speech' in the USA; your opinion is valued here in Anerica. We enjoy looking at both sides of any coin. You are always a welcomed guest.

Your friend, reb

Mohamed said...

Ok my friend.

I accept your invitation, and I expect that I'll be respected and is welcomed by real will of the talk not only wasting time to reach the goal of exchanging different views.

Just give me some time to finish my exams.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

The video made me cry.
These children are innocent-what is their crime?