Jul 20, 2007

I learnt from Omra ..

It was a great nice spiritual trip to Mecca!!
I learnt various lessons and meanings from this Omra than the one before.
Omra is a thing similar to pilgrimage, but is different in some things. It consists of 4 main things which must be done; Ihram, Tawaf, Sa3e and Halk or Taqseer. Ihram starts by wearing two white towels and praying two Rak'a (chapter of the pray) in specific places, after Ihram some things are forbidden like hunting, wearing clothes, ..etc. After that we go to Mecca to make the Tawaf which is going around the Ka'ba seven time. After that we go to Safa and Marwa mountains to make the Sa3e which is walking between them seven times; this is the same thing that Hagar (mother of Ishmael) did thouthands of years ago when Prophet Abraham left them in the desert alone, and water and food ended and Ishmael started crying, so she went to the Safa and Marwa mountains and ran between them searching for any water, she did that seven times, in the last time a flood of water came under the feets of her son which is known now as Zamzam well. After that to finish the Omra women cut a short piece of their hair, and men shorten their hair or shave all the hair.
Wearing two pieces of towels reminded me of death and how we all are going to leave life with no thing, and made me feel humility and broke arrogancy, and made me feel equity among all people whether you're rich or poor, Eastern or Western, Northern or Southern, African or European, ALL wear the same wear.
I learnt from shaving my hair the meaning of sacrifice; if I sacrifice my beautiful face for few weeks for God's sake, so why don't I sacrifice my money for the poor, my time to teach a word or to correct a concept?!!
As for the Sa3e it learnt me the greatest lessons; during walking between the two mountains (700 Metres) I get tired, however it's air-conditioned in the whole distance and there is no sun, I remembered then the great mother Hagar and how she ran in the same place under the hot sun and on hot sands, just to find water for her sun, I really liked her kind mother's heart.
When I imagine the full story of Hagar started by her runnuing across the desert ending by Zamzam water I have a great lesson; 'You must be positive and work and do all your best and every thing you can do, and then results will come much more better than you hope'.  She ran between the two mountains and climbed them seven times hoping to find some water around the area, and the result was a well of water under her sons feets which will still flooding for thouthands of years and irrigates millions and millions of people.
I hope to make it again.



Many genereations before Islam, there was a recorded history of Hagar & Ishmael.

"And the Angel of the Lord said unto Hagar, you shall have a son, and you shall call him Ishmael. He will be a wild donkey of a man, and there will be trouble between he and his brothers".

Is this story also recorded in the Qura'n? reb



Mohamed, Your words and attitude
here are those of an older, kind
person with goodwill for all men, women and children.

Sometimes I wish that you were my
near neighbor. Oh, how fine the conversations would be!

I had a Christian friend that was 'Salvation Army' person, worked many hours every day, as a Volunteer! He and his wife always helped the sick & the poor.

I once asked about his philosophy.
He answered with A Single Word, And A Smile. "Others!" reb

yasmin said...

thank u mohamed Ithink Islam is the true religion & we should study it all to reach the right& the truth every time I hear about it its amazing

Majd said...

i was touched by your sincere post,
i am going to mecca today and i wanted to tell you that your post helped me a lot, your have furthered my horizons,as well as u have made the scene clear for me.
for that i thank you, i will remember u today in my prayers when thinking of Hagar (radiya allahou 3anha).
and i hope u visit al Ka3ba again very soon...