Jun 28, 2007

An image about trinity

I don't want to create a discussion with Christians, nor I mean to insult their beliefs. But just I found this image on the Wikipedia and I have a simple comment on it.

If we made it like a math process, then;

If God= Son
and God= Father
then Son = Father

If God = Son
and God = Holy spirit
then Son = Holy spirit

If God= Father
And God = Holy spirit
then Father = Holy spirit

And we can extract from all these conclusion one conclusion that;
God = Father = Son = Holy spirit

I wonder then that Son is Father and in the same time they both are God and Holy spirit.

So the question is; Is the problem about the image or the belief itself?!!!

Again I repeat it, I don't mean to insult.




I assume that you did well in your Legal Tests, and we can now continue with our enlightened chat.

My "HAMAS' post has light traffic where you and I can question & discuss many facets of politics & religious beliefs without too much
interferance. As you must know, Christianity has splintered into many sects in the last 2000 years, and from what I understand, aside from Hamas/Fatah and Shia/Sunni violence in Palestine and elsewhere, there are also significant splits in Islamic Thinking. Some thrill at bombing All, even women and children, and
taking innocent life, and other Muslims believe just a strongly that this a terrible perversion, and this type of ugly violence is forbidden in the Qur'an.

How do the Sunni Egyptians think on this Important Question? reb


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


The day after tomorrow is the 4th of July, the day Americans celebrate the severance of their bonds to their lawful king, George III.

It is available on-line and is, in my opinion, the most eloquent secular document ever written.

Read it and let us know what you think.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Dear Mohamed,

I hope you are nejoying your vacation. Wish you were here.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Gone Fishin'?

mido_6000 said...

i am really interesting in that blog more than the photos one.you think bad of me.

but i want to ask you if this picyure is true and if they realy believe in it or not.


Mohamed said...

Hi Mido,

Why I may think bad of you!!!!

Actually I don't know if they really believe in that picture or not, but I found it on the famous Wekipedia website (You know it?!!) as an image explaning their belief in the Trinity. Then I think that it's their belief.

May I ask a question;
انت بتكتب انجليزي ليه؟!!وللا انت من "يوروب" :)

mido_6000 said...

hi,many people ask me why a write english and they thought that i am proud of that,i write english only because i write it more quickly because its letters is more bigger on the keyboard,if i want to write all that topic in arabic i will take a few days searching for the letters on the keyboard so i write english only because it is more quickly.

i hope you understand me.