Mar 28, 2007

Plz, define terrorism

My guest 'The Loop Garoo Kid' thinks that terrorism is so easy to be defined and he quoted its definition from American Heritage Dictionary, I oppose him and think that there is not a real definition for this word, especially by American administration, which made itself a 'Fighter against terrorism'.  For that reason; I'm publishing this post to show my point of view about 'Terrorism definition'.


If American Heritage Dictionary know what 'Terrorism' means, then America itself don't.

As you quoted the definition from this dictionary, then, let us see; "The use of terror , violence, and intimidation to achieve an end". 

In last Lebanese-Israeli war; Israel did that; Killing hundreds of children, their mothers, their fathers, their grandparents, destroying their homes, destroying infrastructure, targeting civilian positions, using F16's, using internationally prohibited weapons, ....and all of that against armless civilians.. hmmmmm.. Let me think for a moment!!!! Killing!! Destroying!! Banned weapons!!!!!!!  Against civilians!!!!    Can this be put under the word 'terror', or 'violence' or 'intimidation' ?!!!!!  What do you think?!!!   I think that this isn't only violence, terror and intimidation, but it's barbarism, aggressive, massacres.       ' achieve an end'  Israel aimed at revenging not putting an end.    So I ask here; did we hear that  THIS (only a 4 letters word that sums up the whole war between Lebanon and Israel by all its consequences) has been described by American administration as 'Terrorism' or at least 'A bad thing'?!!!!!!   Sorry, but I didn't hear that.


There is also many other examples to prove that American administration don't know what terrorism means; I mean many massacres that Israel committed against children, women or civilians and not a word from America that it's terrorism; like attacking  Baher Al Baqar school in Egypt killing 30 children in 8 April 1970,  Deir Yassin massacre in 9 April 1948 when 250 of children, women, old men, old women, villagers have been killed,  Qana in 18 April 1996  where 106 civilian have been killed (Notice here that America used its Veto to stop any condemn to this massacre) , Qana in 30 July 2006 where 55 civilians have been killed including 27 children and majority of women ....  and many many other massacres when Israeli war machine has been directed towards civilians and civil targets, and no re-action 'against' but only 'support' from American administration to these massacres.


Even in the war against Lebanon; instead of calling to stop the war; American administration vaunt to the world and said; 'It's not the good time to stop fire',  by another word; 'It's not the good time to stop killing children and targeting civil targets' .  In addition; it sent 'smart rockets' to Israel to use to kill civilians and destroy civil targets!!!


And if terrorism is so easy to be defined as you say, so why Iran to have nuclear technology is terrorism, and Israel and America to own nuclear bombs are .... are .. ar... (Did any body talk about that?!!! Or it's illegal?!!!!)


So, if American administration don't consider killing civil Lebanese and Palestinian babies and Egyptian students as terrorism, so what is terrorism for it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, I can say it; America didn't define what terrorism is yet, however it made itself 'Terrorism fighter'.  BUT, I can tell you what is the definition of terrorism for American administration; it's 'A word which can be used to describe those who are against American interests around the world, and to justify killing and destroying and declaring wars against third-world countries, and to gain the sympathy of your people.   It's not an objective measure, but a measure which is very flexible in hands of those who use it to fit their desires, and to justify evil, and to turn random killing and breaking international law into a noble task'.


By the way; both those whom America call terrorists (and they are really killers and butchers to kill innocents e.g 9-11), and also Americans are killing without any restriction. Look at 9-11, and look at American air fighters attacking Somalia; just two examples for random killing and infringement to international and humanical law. So, if both are committing the same crime by different justification; but lead to the same result which is killing innocents and destroying their homes.   So, the question is; what is the difference?!!!


And a last thing; I still don't believe that Al- Qaeda had the first hand in terrible 9-11 attacks.

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