Mar 17, 2006

Western justice!

About 6 months passed since cartoons have been published,a lot of reactions have been made in a lot of levels like Islamic level,more than one Church refused them,political level..and absolutely role of Media is to transfer what happen!
And to be honest they did their role very good..They told Western peoples about burning embassies and flags and the person who invite listeners to kill the Danish journalistic..and all what Islam refuse and don't represent it.But when Muslims do what Islam order to do,you don't know what happen to this Media,but you notice that they become silent.

I consider this silence as a war against Muslims to deface them and to show them as terrorists,atavisms,illiterates,hate others,warpath..etc.And for who don't believe;there is more than one proof about this war:
*The misleading of truths by Media.
*If you're watching American films and watched The Mummy,Independence Day..and a lot of nameless films,you'll see how Americans show Muslims.
*Killing innocent Muslim brothers in Palestine,Iraq..etc.
*Guantanamo,Abo Gharib..etc.
*Allowing who don't represent Muslims to talk in Media,and prevent who actually represent them.

Any way there is countable newpaper who did a good thing and talked about Muslims efforts in Denmark,and here you're the link

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