Mar 5, 2006

a Clarification

On thinking about discussions were made between me and some of my visitors;I thought that they may misunderstand concept of freedom under Islamic state;so I intent to clarify it..

Freedom under Islam means to do all what you want to do whenever you don't harm yourself or others whether physical or incorporeal harm.And when you find a wrong thing about someone you are ordered-not a grace from you-to direct him to the right way but not to hold a microphone and disclose him or direct bad swears,but you should advice him in his ear,then you should use the good language not the lowest one to tell him about his fault or wrong moral.
And what about rulers of Islamic state,you should speak about faults of them and critic them freely taking in consideration that however he was wrong he is our ruler whom we chooseed;so he should be respected,and the ruler from his side should welcome this criticism and change his faults.

And a word for who claim that we don't have in Eastern world freedom in speech..I say that in the East you're free to talk about faults of you ruler and critic him so freely..etc but you have two ways after opening your mouth:you may go to jail and the other way is to lost your life on hands of unknown persons. ;)
I see that the Western world surpassed us in the West in this point..and I read in a newspaper a word saying:"..the Western freedom at political level is very useful,but at social level was misused.."

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