Jul 6, 2009

Marwa.. The victim of "her clothes"!!

A former volleyball player and a successful pharmacist. 32 years old. And a Muslim woman. Immigrated to Germany aiming at obtaining the PhD in pharmacy and better life conditions. Marwa wasn't an extremist Muslim woman, in contrary she was a moderate example of Muslims, she had very good relations with her German neighbors. She was killed by a German Russian man!

The story started at the autumn of 2008 when she was in a public garden with her little child. When she asked a man swinging a little girl to share the Swing with her child, thinking that it's an image of good communication among the people in one society, he pushed her to the ground, describing her as; "A terrorist and a racist" because .... she was wearing the Hijab! After that accident Alex used to attack her, grabbing the Hijab over her head. A 750 € fine was imposed by German courts against him for that.

At the 1st of July 2009, in the court of Appeals, Alex W. stabbed Marwa 18 times by a knife killing her at once, when she was pregnant since 3 months later, then he wounded her 4 years old child, then stabbed her husband 3 times when he tried to protect his wife, an act that has been faced by a German officer by shooting the husband in his legs!!
Just imagine how the little 4 years child has felt. Seeing his mother stabbed 18 times, seeing his mother killed in front of his eyes, then his father stabbed 3 times then shoot in his legs!!

Why all of that? The Hijab? Is it logical that the way how a person wear be the reason to be killed?

It's racism, it's terrorism.



Yes! How indeed can any rational person justify such a mindless criminal act of that individual?

Or, was the monsterous behavior an
insane reaction to terrorist acts committed against his close family members months or years before?

For every action, there's an equal reaction.

We must also be alert & aware that the jihadist-trained mindset frequently enters a public market, a hotel lobby, a train station or an airport with the motivation to kill innocents, to cause a bloodbath...

and to instill purpose-driven terror.

Allah's Apostle said, "I have been made victorious with terror." (Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220).

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

You can't hold up but relating every bad and terrorist attack to the Muslims. Or, was the monsterous behavior an
insane reaction to terrorist acts ..

You said; For every action, there's an equal reaction.
Hmm, and do that apply for the Palestinians who reacted against the Zionist acts; a) Bombing of Palestinian markets, trains, hotels, etc (briefed into "Terrorism") b) Occupation of their homes. c) Raping Palestinian women and girls. d) Systematic displacing Palestinians out of their homes. Do you think the Palestinian resistance, that kept since the Jewish occupation until now without any giving up, as a reaction for what Zionists did? Do you?

We must also be alert & aware that the jihadist-trained ..
What about other terrorists? Is it OK for them to enter markets and train stations to kill women and children? We don't have to be alert & aware of them?
That German terrorist killed the Muslim woman by 18 knife stabs, injured her kid and husband INSIDE A COURT. Do you think it was OK for him to enter the court by a knife?!!
What about the Jewish terrorists who used to bomb markets, buses, trains, hotels and police stations? Shouldn't we have been aware of them?
Your words aren't balanced or just at all.

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Didn't I explain what the prophet meant by that Hadith? Maybe you have forgotten? Let me clarify it again..

Terror in that Hadith doesn't mean that Muslims make massacres and kill everyone on their way, or that Muslims are vampires who spill the blood of the enemy everywhere, so the enemy is afraid of them because of that.
But the terror in that Hadith is a moral feeling of terrifying inside the hearts of the enemies that they can't win battles against Muslim, a feeling that God throw in their hearts so that they can't fight.

I told you an example for that "Terror". You see the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Can you realize the obvious power hole between both sides?
*F22 vs ..(Palestinians don't have any air-fighters),
*Mirkava Tanks vs ..(Neither Palestinians have any tanks),
*Smart Rocks vs Local-Made Rocks,
*Most Recent Radars vs nothing equivalent.
Israelis can see every spot in Palestine, when Palestinians don't own any radars or small plans with cameras. But on the other side, can you see the excessive power that is always used by Israel? Thousands of tons of explosives, thousands of the most advanced technological F16, F22, tanks. Thousands of well-trained soldiers.

However all of that and they can't beat that unarmed people!! However they use all their powers in every battle!! Why? That's the terror they feel inside their hearts.
Just see in their last wars against Palestinians.. After destroying everything on the ground in Gaza, dropping hundreds of tons of explosives, using banned weapons (Phosphorus bombs, DIME bombs). Beside; all that came after months of a full siege. After all that; you know what happened when Israeli soldiers went inside Gaza? They achieved nothing, they ran away in front of Palestinian resistance.
Why? That's because Muslims don't make victory in their battles against their enemies by the power or the weapons they own. Instead they make victory by the support of God even if they're weaker in physical power. It’s not about the tanks or air-fighters, but God’s support.

Another example from the prophet's life is; in a battle that was very hard to Muslims to enter, they had very few logistic support, it was very hot in the desert, but they had to face the enemy because of the preparing of the Byzants to attack Muslims. After thousands of miles towards the battle ground, Allah threw terror in the hearts of enemy leaders and soldiers that they left the battle ground even without facing Muslims. When the Muslim army arrived there, they kept for 20 days on the battle ground, which was considered as enough as making victory according to war custom in that time, then they turned back to Medina. That was a victory made by terror that God threw inside the hearts of the enemy. A victory was made without any blood spilled. A good or a bad thing, you think?!!

Have a nice day,



Mohamed, Your story tells of one insane man's reaction to a symbol, the Hijab.

The Hated Jew reacts to fourteen centuries of hatred and humiliation
from many who call him a pig, or a monkey. (I would not like to have been born into a Jewish or a muslim family; it's too sad).

Terror-bombs continue to ignite around the world, thousands of times since 9/11, not just in tiny Palestine. That's the reality.

I don't have a solution.

I don't think the sadness began in 1948; the cultural clash of blood-brothers of Abraham is much, much older than that.



Mohamed. You have an admiring family's comment from Mr. JJ from Oliver Springs, see "War And Our Freedom" post!

Take your time, we are looking forward to your next discussion.


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Thanks for your notification about J.J. family comment. Their words really encouraged me!

I won't comment in detail for your words; The Hated Jew reacts to fourteen centuries of hatred and humiliation ... But in briefed words..

I think you're implying by mentioning the fourteen centuries to the Islamic history, right?
-I know that Jews were treated well in Medina, the prophet made a fair treaty with them just after his arrival there.
-They also were treated very well in Andalusia; that they were famous physicians, poems, merchants, philosophers, historians and even ministers.
-When Christians occupied Andalusia turning it into a hell to Muslims and Jews, the safe place which they made as their shelter was Morocco. And until now there is a percentage of Jews in Morocco, that give you a little hint that they were treated well.
-When Jews were really mistreated in Europe during the WW|, and annihilated by the Nazis, their shelter was the Arabian Muslim countries like Egypt. They were welcomed here and treated very well.
-You can see until now in Egypt famous markets with Jewish names, that were owned by wealthy Jews in the past, and later became a state's property. It's like Sidnawey.

Enough for now! We can discuss it later.

About the Muslim Women Under Shari'a (Islamic Law). I just finished collecting the resources. In very few days, I'll send the article.

See you soon,


Mohamed said...


You must understand that your presence isn't welcomed on that blog.

If you heard me three years ago, or in our last "talk" on Snake Hunters blog, I would allow you. But throwing stones, and putting lies and misguiding statements without clarification from me isn't good. I'm not ready to repeat myself.

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