Aug 5, 2008

Just a scream

-When Zionistic entity is insisting on building the West Bank barrier violating the CJ decision that it's illegal, forcing thousands of Palestinians to live in isolated areas, expropriating lands of Palestinians, isolating them from their work places and schools and cutting olive trees that lived for hundreds of years.
-When they insist to assassinate life on Palestinian lands.
-When they insist to lock children and women in their prisons.
-When they insist to force a siege against Gaza and kill Palestinians in Gaza stripe however Hamas stopped rockets.
-When Zionistic government insist in building settlements in Jerusalem and demolishing homes of Palestinians.
-When Zionists keep misleading 'their funders'.

Then let's stand only one time in our lives beside the justice against the opression and try to understand and reveal what is made to keep the oppresser powerful and the oppressed weak, and what is made to make the most powerful states in this world pay Milliards every year for 'the security' of a tiny entity and ignore a whole continent starving.

Do this make you amazed like me?!!


Mohamed said...

Israel wants to transform an old Palestinian tomb into a cow farm!!

They don't think that it's enough to kill Palestinians, but even after their death they're chasing them.



The Lord Hath Decreed...?

Or, is it modern man that speaks,
Claiming To Represent The Lord?

Many Religions, large & small, all Having The Same Audacious Claim...
for many centuries. Obedient followers grant them Power!

Popes & Grand Ayatollahs are men, not Gods! I am skeptical of these claims, and the blood & suffering and wars, that follow these CLAIMS.

A Multiplicity of Religions may be
the Only Solution; Freedom of Speech, Thought, Books, Newsprint; Television, and Computers.

Freedom to pursue any peaceful philosophy, or religious inquiry, or beneficial science or industry, poetry, music, medicine...and Law!

We hold these truths to be self-evident & fundamental..."That All Men Are Created Equal..."

Read the U.S. First Amendment; Study it, think about it, before you reject it. Find a single flaw!

Your friend, reb