Apr 16, 2006

a Question

what do you know about ISLAMIC Religion?!!don't hesitste;leave your comment..I really really care .... (Please leave a contact way;I may reply you)
Comment as quickly as you can as I'm going to delete this post after just 50 years:)


Lizze said...

Not enough is the honest answer - but that includes for ALL religions. It is difficult to see where the lines are between religion and culture.

What do you know about other religions such as Buddhism, Scientology, Christianity or other African religions?

The majority of the world will not take the time to understand Islam. I have no reason not to believe your words that you are peaceful – my question to you is: what are your religious communities doing to deal with the elements that are acting with violence in Islam name?

My view is that the world probably be a better place if there were no religions at all with the assumption that people would not see themselves as the “chosen ones”. So many wars have done because people/rulers see themselves as better then their neighbour – in all kinds of religions.

I was browsing on Blogger for random blogs and your blog as an appeal and I like what you are doing.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dear ISLAM is a religion, honestly I respect Allah for that matter any religion, Faith and God, but dear friend why is so much hatred been spread particulary in Muslim World in the name of JIHAD they talk of War of Religion is JIHAD is this not violence is this not what they are teaching to uneducated youths to Fight for JEHAD in islams name, why my friend why just because you hate somebody will you say fight against the world for it. On the controrary ISLAM sacred religion is earning a bad name coz of this please do not spread violence terrorism hatred fights wars in the name of JEHAD otherwise what you feel today as you wrote in your blog will be destiny of all muslim dominated nations. May THE DIVINE ALLAH, whom I respect from the bottom of my heart, teach you all what JEHAD in real terms means its---PEACE

longinous said...

nothing... as I care.

explain, i have nothing against Islamic religion, you want to believe, you are free (for me) to do that, you want other believe (in your religion), again no problem, you (not you as YOU, you as anyone who believe in some religion) PRETEND other believe in your religion, in your god (for me all gods are the same, not important theyre name), in what you think is important, than NO, in this case I have some problem.
Not start to say "I never pretended other to believe in my religion", maybe you never did... until the time you will start to call anyone who don't believe in Allah "Infedele" (don't know how to traslate this).
Religion is not the answer, is only an intricated question without answers.
If you don't want to reply me, or if you think I'm out of head ora something similar, well, like that is my humble opinion, this is your, not the truth.

bye, it's a pleasure to talk about religion with you

longinous said...

"...the goal is to lead you to the truth..."

This is the religions'wrong point of view.

religions aren't true, the "holy bible", like the "corano", didn't came from heaven as a fax from various gods, they were written by men, only men, not god, not prophets (what are prophets, instead? are they men or not?), nothing superior at all.
Islam, Catholicism... what is the difference between these two religions? both have one (false) god, both have one book full of (invented) stories... if I want to read a story with some gods, I prefer to read the Silmarillion, for me is the same thing... maybe better The Silmarillion, at least I don't have to consider "holy" what is written inside.
Open your eyes, World, and start to consider that from the beginning of the time never existed a god, until we (men)
decided that the sun was a god, an then the nature, the trees, finished that, we invented our own gods, the greeks, the romans, the egyptians (i like the rapresentation of Bast).
God was born with the men, by the men, without men god shouldn't exist.

Bentes said...

That's a complicated question.
First of all: If someone asked me if I would like that there was a God, I would say: Yes. It is very reassuring to know that there is some entity very powerfull that punishes the bad people and protects the good. That would be great!

But I don't know if there is any God or not, so I just act according to my conscience.

I believe almoust every religion say the same: be good to one another, don't hate, don't steal, don't kill. And that is the good side of religion, the educational side, where it teaches how to live in society.

In the other hand, the greatest attrocities have been commited in the name of religion. Wars, murderers, exactly going against what those religions preatch.

So what makes you guys look bad is exactly the enormous amont of religious fanactics who are very very dangerous, as any other kind of fanatic. They can be a danger to themselves, or to others.
So I guess it's a problem of every religion instead of islamism or christianism, it's the bad interpretation that people make of religion, and the stupid things they do in the name of it, when all they say is "be good to one another".

Bentes said...

guess I commented the wrong post... ah, well, it's my opinion on every religion so... :)

Mohamed said...

I'm with you that majority of religions invites for all what is good..but you looked to fanatic that aren't the source of religion as source of religion is to be peaceful..but bad followers deface it by their bad doings..
But to have a religion(like Islam and christianism)is to have a protocol that organizes your life from all sides..and there is a big difference between to have a protocol and not to..as it has some kind of binding for good things..but if you left yourself for yourself you will be some times good and alot of times not good as man by nature wants what is bad that appeases his appetences;all of that because you don't have a protocol..

And what about God;you're right that there is some entity very powerfull that punishes the bad people and protects the good(and I'm happy that you thought about it)..He is ALLAH who is the most powerfull and the only God who created the Universe..
If you thought about it;How all these things(sun,moon,stars,animals,mankind..)
been found in life?
They must have a creator that created it and know what is good for them so ALLAH sent his messengers telling us about him..

Think about it calmly and neutral..

Mohamed said...

bentes replied:

First: I didn't say that there IS a God. I said that I wish there is one.
I won't say for sure that there is a God, or that there isn't. I'm agnostic.

Second: I don't like the idea of having my life organized by others or by a religion.

Third: You say that people without a religous protocol only do bad things because that is the way of men. I don't agree with you. Great attrocities have been commited by people who follow a religious protocol. Now I don't follow any protocol other than my conscience and my notion of Good and Bad.

If you do good or bad doesn't depend on your religion, but on yourself. I try not to harm anyone by conscience, not by being affraid of being punished.

Awful things have been done by people who have and have not a religion and protocols. So, I don't think that is the point.

You believe in your God, and I respect that. But I am never 100% sure about anything, I can't be. And when someone says that is 100% certain of something I believe is someone that doesn't have an open mind to change. Someone that doesn't concieve that other might think different or that they might be right.

What you are so sure that you KNOW, every follower of every religion say the same. They KNOW they are right.

Please don't take me wrong, I'm not saying that you are wrong nor that you are right. I just don't know.

Now I am the one who asks you: think about it calmly and neutral.

Mohamed said...

Hi bentes,
I'm happy that you want to know..and I won't take you wrong.
However I 100% believe in ALLAH,but the dialouge is open;that what Islam tells me as in QURA'AN(our Holly Book)ALLAH said:"Or have they taken for worship (other) gods besides him? Say, Bring your convincing proof.."
I'm not saying that you believe in a another god...

I personally wonder of people who don't know that there is a God and Day of Judgement..I think that these truths can be reached by contemplation in the Universe and its complicated system and asking themselves:Will be bad men-who abuse weak men-die without weak men take their rights?!!and on the other side..what you gain of being a good man?!!Alot I think in your life that you-bentes-must know,and the most important thing is being respected by others and yourself..but what after death?!

You said that your conscience leads you to the right and do good and leave bad and it's right..but don't you feel sometimes with coolness?!!In fact I personally feel sometimes that..but when I remember paradise I leave this coolness and be active in my worships..but who don't have a religion what he rememders?!!

and what about you are good not because you are not afraid of punishement..the element of recompense is a must in all systems of laws..and if government don't set laws;what will organize people deals?!!and that is the task of religion but it organizes people life from all sides(social,moral,personal life,...)
and in the absence of Law in the old age,infinitive wars were made..
and because there are already laws in states..If there weren't recompense element but left people for their consciences;what will happen?Few good people will do laws in the best way(However it will be difficult),but what about others?!!
As you need a protocol to organize your deals with others(in the picture of Law);you need a protocol to organize your life from all sides(in the picture of Religion)

To be under authority of a God is a nature in people..so people who have no religion worshipped different created things like Fire,Cows and alot of things..
but Islam tells you that who must be worshiped is ALLAH the most powerfull and merciful and who created all things..and also tells you that ALLAH don't need your worshipping but it's for your sake..

and I don't said that"people without a religous protocol only do bad things"...as I know that there is alot of people that don't have any religion but have good morals...

In the end I want to know what you meant by "think about it calmly and neutral"

Bentes said...

I like this discussion, will answer to you later because I'm preparing my final presentation for tomorrow. But you have some good points there.

Take care. :)


Iustus said...

Check out http://fairigi.blogspot.com.

Kinda does in most of your arguments.

Steven Crisp said...


Thanks for the visit (I assume a random stop) to http://justun-doit.blogspot.com/ and the comment. I hope you checked out my other blogs for other pictures (try http://reflectionsofbeauty.blogspot.com/ if you like).

I did a quick perusal of your blogs as well. I enjoyed your pictures too. As for the religious discussion, I truly find it fascinating. And would love to have some extensive discussions with you, but perhaps it would be frustrating because I believe true dialog can only occur when people have an open mind. If one already “knows the answer”, and is only trying to persuade, it really isn’t a dialog — it is either a debate, or it’s proselytizing.

I come from a Christian background, and really like some of the teachings of Christ. But in my opinion the church got in the way. I couldn’t accept the principles of holy war, crusades, or the inquisition. I have similar problems with Islam and Judaism, and frankly, any religion that requires “blind faith” in a holy book. Because it removes the possibility of real dialog. “Mine is right and yours is wrong” is how wars begin. (You can check out Sam Harris’ book “The End of Faith” for a grim recounting of atrocities committed in the name of a people’s faith.)

So I have moved away from “religion” and toward “spirituality”. As you say on your blog, there are truths to be found in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. You accept that, it seems, because of what is written in the Koran. I suspect therefore that you will have problems with teachings of Buddha, Krishna, etc. or anything not from the Abrahamic religions. That is too bad, because I believe those sages had a glimpse into the ineffable as well, and we can learn a lot from them as well.

The interesting thing about Buddhism (Buddha’s teachings, rather than the subsequent religions dogma) is that it is inherently experiential. He implored his followers not to believe it because it is passed down from him, but to try it and experience it for themselves. If it works, great. If not, that’s OK to. You’ve perhaps heard the expression “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

So anyways, just wanted to say “hi”, and thanks for the visit.


Anonymous said...
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Mohamed said...


I'd like to say welcome;This is our nature Muslims,But the 'Welcome' must be for a person who worth it,and look to yourself you don't have a system which tell you not to use bad words,or to respect others beliefs,instead it orders you to direct false accusations to -specially-Muslims,In one word you don't worth whether the welcome or to waste my time with you.

And if you wonder that it's the religion of peace,make sure that your peace is different than ours;our peace is not to harm who don't harm us,it's not like American peace which means :'Safety for Americans(and for nations besides it),killing for non-Americans(mainly nations which don't accept its crimes)'

Oh,I'd forget to tell you that you're so buzzard.And let me ask you is your nick name starts with 'X' and ends by 'r'?!!!!! ;).Please don't insult my intelligence.

Any way,'Your words represents your environment and ideology of your life',this is a life rule for me.

I'll delete your comment not because I don't believe in Freedom of expression,but I believe in ethics and well-presented opinion.