Dec 22, 2005

30 Days for the Muslim Calender..

After 30 days Muslim world will celebrate the new year.The opportunity is that our Prophet Mohamed emigrate his mother land(Mecca)and travelled to a twon called Al-Madina;all that because his tribe(Quraish)didn't believe his message he was sent by from ALLAH and said about him that he is lying,wizard and lunatic and also stared agonizeing him and his followers..

The Muslim Calender consists of 12months..the beginning of every month is known by the moon;if crescent appears in 29th day so it proves that the next day is 1st of next month..but if it didn't appear it proves that next day is the last of the month..


Lizze said...

Mohamed - have a good 2006!

Lizze said...

Okidoki - plz feel free to tell me when 1428 start and I will wish you a good 1428.